Biopol – the most durable and absolutely environmentally friendly flooring with excellent characteristics

Durability and environmental impact are frequently our top concerns when selecting flooring. Here comes Biopol, a ground-breaking flooring option that fulfills every need. In the flooring industry, Biopol is establishing new benchmarks thanks to its exceptional resilience and environmentally friendly composition.

The toughness of daily living is intended to be withstood by Biopol flooring. Biopol manages all of it with ease, whether it’s the wear and tear of commercial spaces or the continuous foot traffic in a busy household. This makes it a fantastic option for anyone searching for a durable flooring option without sacrificing quality.

The dedication of Biopol to the environment is what really makes it unique. This flooring option has the least amount of environmental impact because it is made of sustainable materials. In contrast to conventional flooring, which frequently uses dangerous chemicals and non-renewable resources, Biopol provides an eco-friendly substitute without compromising functionality.

Apart from its strength and environmental friendliness, Biopol has several other outstanding qualities. It comes in a range of styles and finishes to match any décor, is stain-resistant, and is simple to clean. Whether you’re remodeling your house or setting up a new office, Biopol offers a beautiful and adaptable flooring option that you can be happy with.

What is a biopole?

Biopol is the shortened term derived from the term "bio-polyurate." The engineers at Wineo (Germany), which has been producing environmentally friendly flooring since 1978, invented this composite material several years ago.

Crucial! Biopol is regarded as a market innovation for good reason—very few materials can claim to be produced entirely of organic, renewable raw materials.

The coating’s principal ingredients are:

  • rapeseed or castor oil;
  • chalk;
  • cellulose.

The biofield is free of hazardous chemicals, plasticizers, solvents, bisphenol A, phenol-formaldehyde, and chlorine. The producer uses natural materials to make EcUran polyurethane, which is entirely safe because it comes from natural sources rather than being artificial. Lamellas for flooring are made of polyurethane, and each one has a thickness of just 2.5 mm.

The initial thin layer of polyurethane and four additional layers make up each element.

  • decorative paper to give various textures, colors, providing beautiful design;
  • fiberglass creating a reinforced frame;
  • Another layer of polyurethane;
  • Fleece Tec-System-a special soft material that facilitates the laying of the coating.

When looking for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly flooring option for their homes or businesses, Biopol flooring stands out as the best option. Because of its environmentally friendly composition and resilience, you can enjoy high-quality flooring without sacrificing sustainability or long-lasting finish under heavy use. Biopol is a leading alternative among contemporary, environmentally friendly building materials because of its exceptional performance qualities, which include low maintenance requirements and a variety of attractive options.

Characteristics of the material

Biopol does not release any hazardous volatile chemicals when it is in its normal state. It is completely safe for human health, does not release any harmful gases when heated, and does not emit any odors even in the event of a fire. These characteristics allow biopol to be used safely for coating arrangements in hospitals, clinics, and children’s facilities, as well as in your own home. Biopol can be disposed of with regular household waste or put through additional processing.

Crucial! Biopol is distinguished by a very high degree of immunity to the action of common household chemicals, alkalis, and other harmful substances despite its natural origin.

Furthermore, he exhibits no reaction to mechanical exposure, does not scratch or push against furniture legs, and heals swiftly even when dents appear under excessive load. Biofields’ abrasion class is 43, which is equivalent to commercial linoleum and the strongest laminate.

Even for commercial, industrial, and public spaces, the material is perfect. Actual tests conducted by the manufacturer fully validate this: even after 25,000 drivers weighing 2.5 tons were placed in the warehouse, the material completely maintained its appealing appearance with not even the tiniest hint of wear.

Biopol has additional advantageous qualities.

  • elasticity, soft shock -absorbing ability, which makes walking comfortable for humans;
  • noiselessness when moving along the floor;
  • lack of burnout from ultraviolet radiation, preservation of color for many years;
  • long service life (several decades);
  • complete moisture resistance – liquid and dirt never penetrate inward;
  • additional soundproofing and heat -insulating abilities, improvement of acoustics in the room;
  • The ease of installation even by non -professionals, fast fastening due to the presence of a special locking connection;
  • Simplicity of care – the smoothness of the texture allows you to easily wash the coating;
  • possibility of disinfection;
  • hygiene, lack of mold and fungus even in wet rooms, as well as the impossibility of the appearance of persistent spots – they are all easily erased by a rag;
  • excellent compatibility with warm floor systems;
  • Lack of shrinkage, stability of physical parameters.

Biopol is a floor covering that offers a multitude of design options. It is executed in a range of color variations, adorned with a variety of wood types beneath stone. There are at least 14 "stone" shades in the manufacturer’s collection, including onyx, granite, and marble. The biofield is available in a variety of colors, including pastels and brights, and special coating models for kids, so you can match it to any style of interior decor.

Speaking of which, Decorators frequently suggest using biopoles for wall decoration as well, and this is a perfectly acceptable and well-balanced solution—especially for the bathroom, kitchen, and hallway.

Feature Description
Durability Biopol flooring is known for its exceptional durability, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
Eco-Friendly Made from natural materials, Biopol is completely environmentally friendly and safe.
Maintenance Easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep it looking new.
Appearance Offers a variety of styles and colors to suit any decor.
Comfort Provides a comfortable and warm surface to walk on.

Biopol is a highly recommended flooring option because of its remarkable longevity and environmentally beneficial qualities. Because Biopol is made to resist severe wear and tear, unlike traditional flooring materials, it’s a great choice for both commercial and residential settings. Because of its durability, it will look and work well for many years, offering long-term value and lowering the need for frequent replacements.

Apart from its robustness, Biopol is praised for its eco-friendly composition. Because it is composed of environmentally friendly, sustainable materials, you can be sure that the flooring you choose will help to preserve the environment. Choosing Biopol allows you to benefit from a high-performance flooring solution while also making a positive impact on the environment.

Moreover, Biopol provides outstanding qualities that raise the standard of any area. Because it comes in so many different styles and finishes, there are endless design possibilities that go well with any type of décor. It is a useful and beautiful flooring option because of its low maintenance requirements and resistance to common problems like stains and scratches.

All things considered, Biopol is the ideal combination of robustness, sustainability, and visual appeal. It is a wise investment for anyone wishing to update their flooring because of its cutting-edge features and environmentally friendly design. Selecting Biopol entails combining longevity, environmental responsibility, and quality into one all-inclusive solution.

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