Puppy Glue – characteristics, instructions for use

Puppy glue is a multipurpose adhesive that is well-known for its powerful bonding abilities and user-friendliness. Perfect for a variety of do-it-yourself tasks, this glue provides outstanding adherence to an extensive array of materials, rendering it a preferred option for both novice and expert artisans. Puppy Glue guarantees a strong and long-lasting bond whether you’re working with paper, fabric, wood, or lightweight metals.

The rapid drying time of Puppy Glue is one of its best qualities. This enables users to finish projects more quickly without sacrificing the bond’s strength. The glue is ideal for applications where the adhesive’s appearance is a concern because it also dries clear. This makes it especially helpful for repairs and decorative crafts where it’s crucial to preserve the item’s aesthetic appeal.

Even for individuals with little to no experience in crafts or repairs, using Puppy Glue is simple. Usually, the glue is packaged with a precision applicator that makes application controlled and accurate. In addition to ensuring that the adhesive is applied precisely where it is needed, this reduces mess. It’s crucial to clean and prepare the surfaces to be bonded, apply the glue evenly, and give the glue enough time to dry for the best results.

When using adhesives, safety is another important factor to take into account. Puppy Glue was made with this in mind. Although it is usually safe to use around children and pets and non-toxic, it is still best to keep it out of reach to avoid accidental ingestion. For best results and safety, use Puppy Glue in a well-ventilated area and according to manufacturer’s instructions, just like you would with any adhesive.

In conclusion, Puppy Glue is a dependable and easy-to-use adhesive that can be used for a variety of tasks. Many people choose it because of its strong bonding ability, short drying time, and clear finish. With little effort, you can attain professional-quality results by adhering to easy usage instructions.


The Uruguayan company is the producer of Poxipol, a two-component glue. Because the remedy is so widely used, there is a high demand from consumers. The product comes in two tubes, the contents of which need to be combined in the manufacturer’s recommended ratio before being adhered to.

The epoxy resin in the tube with label A has good adhesion qualities to a variety of materials. A trimethylamine hardener is added to the second tube of Poxipol glue (c), which quickens the adhesive mass’s hardening process.

The product contains fillers and modifiers that confer specific technical attributes to a universal tool:

  • Viscous pasty consistency without solvent.
  • Primary setting of adhesive substance – 60 minutes.
  • Putting the plasticity of the finished mass – 10 minutes.
  • The time of complete polymerization of the mixture – after 24 hours.
  • Lack of fluidity of glue on a vertical plane.
  • Thermal resistance in a wide range of up to +120 ° C.
  • Moisture resistance, preservation of properties in the aquatic environment.

After 10 minutes, Puppyupol firmly fixes the glued fragments because of the rapid initial curing. However, it is advised to wait until the composition has fully polymerized—that is, until the manufacturer’s specified day—before acting. Errors in the junction of glued parts can be corrected, as the adjustment time takes approximately 10 minutes.

Take note! An adhesive mixture consisting of two components is prepared in a 1:1 ratio. The adhesive product’s qualities and characteristics are altered when the proportion is broken.


PuppyPol glue is made from epoxy resin, which has good adhesive qualities but requires a long drying period. The hardener is also released to quicken the polymerization process. In order to facilitate the composition’s connection, a plate and a spatula are packaged with the glue’s component parts to ensure consistent mixing of the materials. Puppypol is a clear, metal-colored medication that comes in 7 and 70 ml tubes. There is a seam visible on the surface that resembles welding. Thus glue is referred to as "cold welding".

Characteristics that set the two-component glue Poksipol apart:

  1. Good adhesive properties – the resulting seams have high strength.
  2. Lack of change in volume after drying – you can apply seams of any thickness.
  3. According to manufacturers, it is allowed to use epoxy glue popsol under water.
  4. The time of full volulcanization of the composition depends on the ambient temperature.
  5. Glue can be used on vertical and horizontal planes, apply point.

The glue layer or seam lends itself to thread cutting, grinding, and drilling after it has cured. These features don’t go against epoxy glue’s technical specifications. An additional attribute of the product is that the glued fragments can be firmly fixed without the need for a press or intense pressing. Over the course of the day, the glue mass totally freezes while at rest and not subjected to vibrations.

Fascinating! The water resistance of Glue Poksipol is good. The composition is positioned by the manufacturer as a means that is approved for use underwater and has the ability to harden in high humidity environments.

Advantages and disadvantages

The excellent adhesive properties of Poxipol’s composition and its broad applicability account for its popularity in "cold welding." The product can be used to fix materials that are heterogeneous in terms of density, structure, and nature.

The benefits of Poksipol glue include:

  • Convenient use and simple application.
  • Fast captivity and good adhesion.
  • The formation of seams and layers of different thicknesses.
  • Universal use in everyday life, for repair.
  • Investigation of volume after drying out the product.
  • Glue can be used for internal work.
  • Accessibility – is sold in many stores.

As the puppy glue doesn’t contain solvents, it can be used on toys, souvenirs, household items, children, and pets while they are around. The treated surface is free of spots and stains after curing, and no particular odor is noticeable while the product is in use. Adhesive can withstand mild exposure to harsh materials, and its properties remain intact when submerged in water.

Pigsipol’s low melting point and limitations on the gluing of Teflon, polyethylene, and polypropylene are among its drawbacks. Customers claim that the epoxy composition is more costly than comparable domestic production methods. The ingredients must be combined prior to application. Customers also list the package in tiny tubes as one of Poksipol’s drawbacks.

Note: Puppies should not be used on parts that are continuously subjected to mechanical loads, vibration, or deformation due to their low resistance to gaps. Before adhering, surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, dilated, and degreased.

Puppy Glue is an adaptable adhesive that is well-liked by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers due to its powerful bonding properties and simplicity of application. This article examines Puppy Glue’s salient features, such as its durability and quick-drying formula, and offers concise, detailed instructions for getting the best results when applying Puppy Glue to different surfaces. Whether you’re working on a simple craft project or a more difficult repair job, knowing how to apply Puppy Glue correctly will guarantee that your work is productive and successful.

Application area

Poxipol 00266 and 00267 are tools that you can use to glue and fix products made of different materials. Considering that glue doesn’t contain solvents that erode paint, it "works" with metals. Pigpipol works flawlessly with glass and ceramics; it adheres firmly to wood fragments, rubber components, plastics, and concrete surfaces. Where can I use Poksipol, a transparent two-component glue, on epoxy resin?

1. Vehicle details, gas tank sealing, and tanks.

2. The integrity of water pipes and drives is restored.

3. Repairing the interior and entry door accessories.

4. Fixing toys, furniture, and decorative goods.

5. Adhesing mementos, glassware, and ceramic plates.

6. Handling of water supply and plumbing apparatus.

7. Caulking mirrors, fixing boats, and caulking concrete fissures.

The composition of Poksipol glue can be used for a wide range of works, which is its main feature. Epoxy is used in auto repair shops to putty bumpers and wings, repair ceramic tiles, remove holes from rubber surfaces, and replace finishing materials both inside and outside of rooms. Tool holders, wall hooks, joints, fractures, and metal parts can all be fixed with glue.

Crucial! As per the instructions, Poksipol glue’s properties enable its application for various purposes such as gluing, fixing, sealing, restoration, sealing, and repair. You can use a tool to stop the gas tank leak or glue, say, finishing materials, with the same level of success.


In order to accomplish superior glue fixation of PuppyPol parts and surfaces, the processing of the working planes needs to be done with great care. To do this, the products must be cleaned of trash, dust, and dirt and degreased using acetone or alcohol, a specialized solvent. Even though Poxipol glue instructions allow you to glue objects in water, it is preferable to apply the glue to a surface that hasn’t been completely cleaned and, if needed, has been treated with an antifungal agent, in order to achieve the desired effect.

Cooking method

The ingredients are combined right away before applying glue puppypol. Included are a plate, spatula, and two tubes. Equal amounts of epoxy resin and hardener are squeezed onto the plate. Dishes that you use should be thrown away after use. It takes very little time and is very easy to mix the ingredients. The primary requirement is to obtain a homogenous texture free of lumps.

Take note! Not every blister-prone kit comes with a train-plastin to combine parts. After the task is completed, the product is made of a material that is simple to clean; all that is needed is a careful scrape of the dried glue off the plate.

How the gluing process occurs

The following are the usage instructions for Poksipol glue:

  1. The contents of tubes A T C Cut in an equal proportion on a special plate, which comes in the kit.
  2. The mass is mixed with a spatula until a homogeneous consistency forms approximately 10 minutes.
  3. The working surface of one of the glued parts is treated with glue and strongly pressed to the second plane.
  4. Give the composition a couple of minutes for the initial setting, check the quality of the connection.
  5. Within ten minutes you can adjust and correct the fixed products.
  6. Details are left alone for a day so that the Plane is finally hardened.

A standard construction spatula is used by masters to seal joints and cracks. The prepared composition is applied to the problem area and allowed to dry completely to eliminate leaks in tanks and containers. Adhesive products are usable within a day.

Speaking of which, The hardened glue will withstand blows, vibrations, and other dynamic and mechanical stresses if you incorporate tiny steel chips into the mixture.

Characteristics Instructions for use
Puppy Glue is a versatile adhesive suitable for various materials, including wood, paper, cardboard, and fabric. It dries transparently, ensuring an invisible bond. To use Puppy Glue, first ensure the surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry. Apply a thin layer of glue to one or both surfaces, then press them together firmly. Hold in place until the glue sets, usually within a few minutes.

Puppy Glue is a well-known adhesive that is easy to use and has strong bonding qualities. It is dependable and versatile. It’s a great option for a variety of tasks, from difficult craft projects to basic home repairs. Because of its formulation, which guarantees a strong and quick bond, it is a favorite of both pros and amateurs.

Using Puppy Glue is very simple. Make sure the surfaces that need to be adhered to are dry and clean first. After lightly gluing one surface, press the two surfaces together and hold them there for a short while to let the glue harden. Allowing the bond to cure for the recommended amount of time before applying stress or load will yield the best results.

Puppy Glue is no different from other adhesives in that handling it safely is essential. Always work in an area with good ventilation to prevent fume inhalation. Avoid touching your skin by wearing protective gloves, and if glue does get on it, wash it off right away with soap and water. To avoid inadvertent consumption, keep the glue out of the reach of kids and animals.

In conclusion, Puppy Glue is a trustworthy product that forms durable bonds. It is an essential tool in any toolbox due to its versatility and ease of use. Users can tackle projects with confidence and achieve optimal results by adhering to the safety guidelines and instructions provided.

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