We paint the cones for the New Year – ideas of festive decor

It’s time to start planning festive decorations since the holiday season is quickly approaching. Traditional Christmas decorations include lights and ornaments, but this year, why not give your festive arrangements a distinctive twist by using painted pine cones? The whole family will love painting pine cones, which is a creative and entertaining way to add a personalized touch to your holiday décor.

There are several ways to use painted pine cones to decorate your house for the holidays. The options are endless, ranging from wreath embellishments to tabletop centerpieces. There are a plethora of ways to personalize your pine cones to match your current decor or create an entirely new look, regardless of your preference for traditional red and green colors or to try out metallics and pastels.

The fact that painting pine cones is an inexpensive do-it-yourself project is one of its best features. Pine cones from your backyard or neighborhood park are easy to gather, so this is an inexpensive alternative for holiday decorating. Additionally, painting pine cones lets you let your imagination run wild and play around with various hues, designs, and finishes to create the ideal festive atmosphere for your house.

Not sure where to begin? Do not fret! We’ll look at several designs for painting pine cones for the New Year in this article. Regardless of your level of experience with crafts or DIY projects, you’ll find lots of ideas and advice to help you make gorgeous decorations that will wow your visitors and bring some holiday cheer into your house.

Collection and preparation of cones

Cone collecting is best done in the fall, but this isn’t always possible. Actually, you can collect any cones that fall between late spring and the beginning of winter. A large-scale collection should be organized in advance because, after a strong wind, a lot of them tend to appear beneath the trees.

Crucial! Raising only recently swollen raw materials that haven’t come into contact with sand, dirt, or rain is the best course of action.

The quality of older bumps is far worse; they darken and get mold on them. Regarding appearance, it is preferable to use open specimens since they have a far more intriguing appearance in crafts.

Cleaning to remove pollutants is the first step in cone preparation. They go through each one, brushing off dirt and debris before removing any glued particles with tweezers.

After that, the cones are cleaned by submerging them in a 2:1 ratio of water to vinegar, covering them entirely with liquid, and letting them sit for 30 minutes. Cones that have been cleaned are placed on paper, allowed to dry, and then baked until they open, which can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Counseling! The raw materials can be dried for three days outside, if time permits. This step is optional, but some masters also sniff cones out of the resin before drying.

Whiting New Year"s cones

If painting the cones with light paint later on is the intended outcome, bleaching is done. If not, unsightly dark brown veins will emerge from beneath the foundation.

For bleaching, "Whiteness" or another type of chlorine bleach works best. After adding chlorine to the material and placing the load on top, the container is sealed and left for two days. Cones were cleaned, then allowed to dry in the air to eliminate the bad smell.

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Get ready to add some flare and originality to your holiday décor! We explore the fun art of painting pine cones for the New Year’s celebrations in this article. We’ll look at a variety of ideas to add festive charm to your home, from elegant touches to whimsical designs. There is a pine cone paint project here to fit every taste and style, whether you’re going for a glittering wonderland or a rustic chic vibe. Let’s dress up those cones and make this year’s New Year’s celebration truly unforgettable!

What paint is suitable for cones

Cones can be used to create a multitude of color compositions. All that needs to be done is select appropriate paints and varnishes and consider lovely painting shades. Since cones are made of porous material, which perfectly absorbs pigment, many compounds can be used.

Using this kind of LKM is ideal:

  1. Acrylic paints. They are implemented in banks, bottles, tubes and are suitable for complete staining or drawing of individual strokes. It is most convenient to use acrylic compositions in spray cans or aerosol acrylic auto emalaors. Paints with the effect of mother of pearl or metallic look amazing.
  2. Acrylic or other finish varnishes. They are usually used to perform the final layer on the cones after any paint, although they are suitable for independent processing in order to obtain a lacquer. Also on sale there are varnishes with matte, semipomat, satin effect. The most persistent are yacht varnishes.
  3. Alkyd enamel. Such paints are sold in any business store. They give an even, dense layer on the surface of the cones, do not roll, serve for a long time. Their only minus is a pungent smell, so you will have to work outdoors. Similar compositions are sold in banks, in which you can simply dip the cones.

  1. Gouache. Dense paint without breeding can also become the basis for the creative process. Gouache is applied to all elements or only to separate sections of cones using a brush. The work will be more laborious, but the cost of the decor is minimal. To reduce labor costs, instead of a brush, you can use a sponge.
  2. Aniline dyes. Schiki for decor can be painted with ordinary green or foucarcin from a pharmacy. Alcohol dyes impregnate the surface in just a minute, and then they need to give them drain and dry the finished elements in the microwave.
  3. Paint for eggs. Similar dyes also give a juicy, bright color. They are diluted with water according to the instructions, the natural material is immersed in the solution and withstand 30-60 minutes. Similarly, you can use paint for fabric, woolen things.
  4. Sparkles and PVA. This original method of "painting" is often used to create a New Year"s decor of cones. You just need to cover the raw materials with glue and sprinkle abundantly with sparkles or glitter.

The process of staining natural material

Cones are formed, extra scales are scraped off if needed, and toys are given a flower shape before being directly painted. A jigsaw can also be used to cut a portion of the product, but raw materials are typically left in their original form.

Counseling! A length of steel wire is used for convenience; it is bent off with hooks on both sides and hung like a bump.

It’s very easy to paint products. All you have to do is paint every scale, either by dipping the bump or spraying from a can, shaking it off, and letting it dry in limbo.

The cones are bleached or painted white, and then sprayed with gold or silver paint from a spray can to give them a gold or silver hue. A fascinating staining option is to create colorful scales, like a rainbow or an assortment of colors.

Painting Technique Decor Idea
Glitter Spray Sparkling Snow-Covered Cones
Acrylic Paints Whimsical Candy Cane Stripes

Decorating our homes with holiday décor becomes a treasured custom as we welcome the holiday season. An enjoyable way to add coziness and creativity to our spaces is to paint pine cones for our New Year’s decorations. The options are endless, enabling us to customize our decor to fit our unique tastes and style, from shimmering golds to rustic reds.

Painting pine cones gives our houses a whimsical touch while also offering family and friends a chance to participate in worthwhile do-it-yourself projects. The process of turning plain pine cones into gorgeous decorations promotes happiness and community, whether it’s during a cosy evening of crafting by the fireplace or an exciting afternoon of creativity with kids.

There are countless paint choices and decorative accents to choose from, so the possibilities for design are endless. Choosing traditional motifs and classic colors or experimenting with bright colors and modern patterns will make every painted pine cone a one-of-a-kind representation of holiday cheer and individual style.

Additionally, painting pine cones is a low-cost and environmentally friendly way to decorate for the New Year. We can lessen waste and our environmental impact while still adding festive charm to our homes by repurposing abundant natural materials.

To sum up, painting pine cones for your New Year’s decorations is a fun and adaptable way to commemorate the holiday. It enables us to bring warmth, creativity, and holiday spirit into our homes through everything from family-friendly craft projects to environmentally friendly décor selections. So grab your paints, let your creativity run wild, and start decorating for the holidays!

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