Overview of epoxy varnishes of brands EP-730, EP-2146, EP-55 and EP-741

Since epoxy varnishes are so durable and have such great protective qualities, they are a vital part of many industries. Brands like EP-730, EP-2146, EP-55, and EP-741 stand out among the many options available because of their special features and applications. Knowing these varnishes can make it easier to choose the ideal product for a given set of requirements.

Because of its exceptional chemical resistance and adherence, EP-730 is a well-liked option for surfaces exposed to abrasive materials. This varnish, which offers a strong protective layer that prolongs the life of machinery and structures, is frequently used in industrial settings.

Better flexibility and impact resistance are provided by EP-2146, which is advantageous for surfaces that are subjected to mechanical stress. Applications in the automotive and aerospace industries, where it’s critical to preserve material integrity under dynamic conditions, are a perfect fit for this varnish.

Because of its high gloss finish and clarity, EP-55 stands out and is therefore a recommended choice for decorative applications. This varnish offers a robust protective layer that guarantees longevity and durability in addition to improving the visual appeal of surfaces.

Because of its remarkable electrical insulation and heat resistance, EP-741 is highly prized. Because of this, it is a great option for use in electrical and electronic applications where it is essential to maintain performance at high temperatures and avoid electrical faults.

These epoxy varnishes each have unique benefits that meet the requirements of various industries. Through comprehension of their unique attributes, users can make knowledgeable choices to attain the best outcomes for their undertakings.

Brand Overview
EP-730 Durable epoxy varnish suitable for industrial applications, provides excellent protection against corrosion and chemicals.
EP-2146 High-performance epoxy varnish known for its resistance to abrasion, ideal for surfaces exposed to heavy wear.
EP-55 Fast-drying epoxy varnish with good adhesion properties, suitable for quick projects requiring a reliable finish.
EP-741 UV-resistant epoxy varnish designed for outdoor use, offers long-lasting protection against sunlight and weathering.

EP-2146 brand varnish

When applying EP-2146 parquet varnish to a wood floor, it is possible to paint any wooden surfaces (such as furniture and stairs) as well as decorative paper. It is recommended that the coating be operated indoors. The standard TU 2311-055-56041689-2007 governs production.

Composition, properties

The product consists of solvents, plasticizers, curing accelerators, epoxy resin, colloxilin, and an additive to enhance spreading. The substance creates a glossy coating that shields the floor from scratches and abrasions and is resistant to mechanical harm. Water and SMS can be used to clean the surface.


The following lists the brand’s primary technical attributes; TU is regulated:

  • The film is homogeneous, without extraneous impurities, inclusions, transparent;
  • Color – 80 mg i2/100 cubic meters. cm on an iodometric scale, darkened EP-2146 is unacceptable;
  • viscosity according to the Viscimeter of the Z-246 at a temperature of +20 degrees-40-120 C;
  • The proportion of the dry residue is 31 – 37 %;
  • drying time at a temperature of +20 degrees – 2 hours;
  • hardness for TML – 0.15 U. e.;
  • shine – 55 %;
  • resistance to water effect at a temperature of +20 degrees – 8 hours;
  • Consumption 1 kg of material – 10 – 14 kV. m coatings.


There is an application feature for the tool. It needs to be combined first; join the main mixture and the hardener. There is a single, completed form of funds available for purchase. The varnish is thinned with solvent No. 646 if needed.

You must clean the base to remove any fat, dirt, dust, polish, and dryness. After applying the product with a brush and roller, it is allowed to dry for two hours in between layers. Apply three layers, allowing the coating to dry for 24 hours. The work is done at a temperature of roughly +20 degrees and with up to 65% moisture content.

Wearing gloves, a respirator, and painting supplies only in well-ventilated areas is crucial. The film is safe for human use after drying.


This brand’s epoxy varnish is manufactured in compliance with GOST 20824-81, the state standard. It is applied to the surface of non-metallic materials such as steel, aluminum, and others.

The product is resistant to the effects of moisture, extreme heat and cold, alcohol, gasoline, and alkalis. For products that are operated under a canopy, varnish can be applied externally.


The material is strong, resistant to mold, hard, and shields products from scuffs and scratches.


The varnish’s primary technical specifications are:

  • The appearance of the film is glossy, transparent;
  • drying time at +20 degrees – 2 hours;
  • The proportion of the dry residue is 30 – 33 %;
  • layer thickness – 18 – 22 microns;
  • The number of layers is 1 – 3;
  • Consumption – 65 – 80 g/sq. m.

Work with varnish

Similar steps are taken to prepare the surface: cleaning, polishing, and drying. Material preparation: combine the hardener and base according to the ratio specified in the instructions. After letting the material sit at room temperature for an hour. If a solvent R-5 is required, use it.

The process of staining involves pouring, as well as direct application with a roller, brush, or spray. Every layer is allowed to dry for two hours.


Concrete and metal that are impacted by atmospheric conditions are painted using the EP-55 brand of tool. shields goods from the damaging effects of the environment.

The substance is usually applied after EP series primers, putty, and anti-corrosion enamels. The composition consists of the hardener and the base. Varnish dries in 12 hours and leaves a gorgeous glossy coating.

To sum up, epoxy varnishes like EP-730, EP-2146, EP-55, and EP-741 are valuable options in the protective coatings industry because they each offer unique benefits to different applications. Because of its exceptional chemical resistance, EP-730 is well-suited for settings where aggressive substances are present. For industrial settings where resistance to harsh chemicals is essential, this varnish is ideal.

The exceptional mechanical qualities of EP-2146, which include great hardness and impact resistance, set it apart. For surfaces that experience a lot of wear and tear, this makes it a great option. EP-2146 guarantees a durable and robust finish for all high-traffic areas, including machinery and flooring.

Because of its remarkable adhesion qualities, EP-55 can be used on a variety of substrates. Because of its adaptability, it can be applied to concrete, metal, and wood surfaces, guaranteeing a solid and long-lasting bond. Its simplicity of use also makes it a user-friendly choice for both experts and do-it-yourselfers.

Because of its high gloss finish and resistance to UV rays, EP-741 is a great option for outdoor applications. Its resistance to yellowing and degradation from sunlight guarantees that surfaces keep their aesthetic appeal over time. This varnish works especially well on exterior surfaces and decorative elements that need to be both aesthetically pleasing and protected.

All in all, every one of these epoxy varnishes provides special advantages suited to particular requirements. These brands offer epoxy varnishes that will satisfy your needs, whether they are for UV protection, chemical resistance, mechanical durability, or versatile adhesion. Understanding the unique requirements of your project and selecting the product that best fits those needs are essential to selecting the appropriate varnish.

For supplying long-lasting, high-performing coatings in a variety of industrial applications, epoxy varnishes are indispensable. Four well-known brands of epoxy varnish are covered in detail in this article: EP-730, EP-2146, EP-55, and EP-741. Whether you’re looking to protect metal surfaces, ensure chemical resistance, or achieve a long-lasting finish, we’ll go over their special qualities, best uses, and advantages to help you make the right decision.

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