Description and use of enamel NC-132-what is it

A common option for people wishing to achieve a glossy, smooth finish on a variety of surfaces is enamel NC-132. Renowned for its exceptional coverage and longevity, enamel paint finds extensive usage in both residential and commercial settings. It is highly prized for its capacity to offer a resilient protective layer that is resistant to normal wear and tear.

Nitrocellulose, the substance used to make this kind of enamel, gives it the ability to dry quickly and a tough, durable finish. It’s an excellent choice for a variety of tasks, from furniture refinishing to automobile detailing, because of its versatility and ability to be applied on wood, metal, and other surfaces.

Although applying NC-132 enamel is simple, there are some preparatory steps involved. The surface needs to be spotless and devoid of oil, dust, and rust. Using the right application tools—such as brushes or spray guns—ensures a uniform, shiny coat that dries quickly. Whether you’re a professional painter or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, using NC-132 correctly can greatly improve the finish and longevity of your paint job.

All things considered, Enamel NC-132 is notable for its simplicity of use, robustness, and lovely finish. Because it blends aesthetic appeal with practicality, it continues to be a popular choice among many, making it an essential product in the paint and coatings industry.

Description Use
Enamel NC-132 is a nitrocellulose-based paint known for its quick-drying properties and smooth finish. It is available in various colors and provides a glossy, durable surface. This enamel is commonly used for painting metal, wood, and other surfaces in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is ideal for furniture, machinery, and automotive parts due to its hard-wearing nature and attractive finish.

Enamel NC-132-composition, properties, technical characteristics

Paint NC 132 is appropriate for painting exterior and interior building surfaces. It is well-liked in many industries because it can be applied to a variety of materials and is resistant to mechanical effects.

In accordance with GOST 6631-74, produce NC. The second name, nitroemal NC 132, was attributed to it because of the nitrocellulosal material present in the composition. Alkyd resins, sequcathives, plasticizers, pigments, lacquer colloxille, and distinctive fillers are among the additional components it contains.

Two colors, 132k and 132p, are created; the only things that separate them are the quantity of dry residue and the conditional viscosity. I indicate the tool that should be used to apply the paint—a brush or a spray gun, respectively.

This tool has several beneficial features. It forms a stable, robust layer of defense against friction, scratches, and impacts from the atmosphere and machinery. It is possible to identify the primary characteristics, which consist of the following:

  • Creates a coating that protects products from moisture, household chemicals, oils, detergents. Its use is permissible even with strong humidity;
  • Когда покрытие полностью высохнет и затвердеет, его, возможно, подвернуть шлифовке, что не повредит, а придаст декоративный и глянцевый вид;
  • Enamel is consumed economically;
  • The service life is long, the NC paint protects the tree and metal from defects, rust and other negative effects;
  • Well tolerates ultraviolet rays, keeping the color for a long time.

Accepts temperature probes between -12 and +60 degrees.

Builds a sturdy, stable layer of protection against impacts from the environment, machinery, and friction.

The properties of enamels K and P differ slightly from one another. The NC 132’s enamel shares the following technical traits with the other subspecies:

  • The fully painted surface dries per day;
  • The consumption depends on the type of material that is painted, the average indicators from 30-120 grams. On apt.m.;
  • Enamel forms a flat film without any irregularities;
  • The TML device appreciated the hardness of the paint at 0.15 units;
  • Red enamel leaves a dry residue of 29-35%, other colors 32-40%;
  • Viscosity level 60-100C;
  • Resistance to the negative effects of water-an hour, oil with a temperature of 20-25 degrees up to 6 hours;
  • Solvent for NC 132 – 646.

Application area

Concrete, metal products, and any wooden item can all be treated with nitrilemal. For the final two, basic work must be completed before enamel is applied. It works well for products that experience mechanical loads frequently.

Fencing, garden buildings, house facades, and more can all be processed with nitroamal. It also works as a preventative measure against the growth of mold and fungus on trees, as well as rust on metal.

When there is a sudden change in temperature and a high level of humidity, the coloring material exhibits itself well. In daily life, furniture and other metal and wood decorative elements can be painted.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is not possible to give a single product all good qualities; some products still have drawbacks. Today, NC 132 is widely used, largely due to its many benefits, which include:

  • Good elasticity allows you to paint any form of products with it;
  • A high level of moisture resistance allows it to be used on objects of high humidity and dampness in a zone;
  • Retains its properties for a long time;
  • It is easy to care for the coating;
  • Resistant to ultraviolet, does not lose brightness in the sun of debts;
  • It is resistant to sharp changes in temperature, can be used both in the heat and in the cold;
  • Low cost for excellent quality;
  • A wide variety of colors, the coating is glossy.
  • Toxicity;
  • Fire hazardous;
  • It is advisable to work with this paint on the street, or to provide good ventilation in the building.

Color solutions enamel NC-132P

The GOST is followed in creating the color assortment. The color solutions are many and include blue, black, white, yellow, gray, red, orange, and green. and several alternatives for tinting.

The manufacturer can create any color you require that isn’t included in the palette by consulting the Pantone catalog among other sources.

Features of the use of enamel NC-132

For the enamel to fully fulfill its protective properties, painting must be done correctly, taking into consideration all of the features. A detailed description of the work with NC 132 will be provided later.

To ensure that enamel fulfills all of its protective properties, paint work must be done accurately, taking into consideration all of the features.

Surface preparation before staining

The secret to a fantastic outcome is excellent surface preparation. When it comes to wooden items, they begin with cleaning products to remove any contaminants and get rid of any areas that have mold or fungus growing on them. In the event that a metal product is used for the task, it is cleared of debris and oils, and the areas where rust developed are eliminated.

Additionally, metal needs to be processed with an appropriate primer; while treating wooden bases with a primer is also advised, this step is not necessary for trees. Once the surface has dried completely and is clean, move on to the next phase.

Method and features of application

If a thickened film was visible when opening a paint can, it was removed and the paint was mixed. In the event that the enamel proved to be excessively thick, 646 solvent is used to dilute it. The enamel itself determines which tool is used; if the enamel is NC K, a brush is used; if it is NC P, a spray gun is used. Since they go slowly, let the first layer dry for two to three hours before applying the second. Applying enamel requires two layers. Once the paint has completely dried, polishing can begin.

Enamel NC-132 is a multipurpose paint that provides a glossy and long-lasting finish when applied to metal, wood, and other surfaces. This enamel is well-known for drying quickly and having vivid colors, making it perfect for use on both interior and exterior surfaces. Due to its superior resistance to mechanical wear, weathering, and moisture, it is a well-liked option for both home and commercial projects. NC-132 enamel ensures a long-lasting, attractive finish with little effort, whether you’re protecting outdoor structures or updating old furniture.

Warranty period and storage conditions

The enamel needs to be kept out of the reach of children and in a room with a temperature that doesn’t go above +40 degrees or below -40 degrees. It should also be stored in tightly sealed packaging. It is not feasible to have heating appliances and combustible items close by. The shelf life of closed enamel is one year.

The shelf life of enamel in small containers (no more than 2.7 kg) is two years.

EMALIA service life NC-132P

The service life of the coating in temperate climates is four years, in the dry and humid tropical zone of the year, if the paintwork with NC 132P was completed in accordance with the rules.

Safety precautions

Wearing protective clothing, goggles, and a respirator is essential when working with nitroemal NC 132 due to its toxic and fiery properties. Additionally, it is not permitted to work near heating sources or combustible objects.

If staining is done inside the structure, adequate ventilation must be provided.

This enamel is well-liked because of its many benefits. The combination of enamel’s low cost and favorable qualities sets it apart from other comparable materials. The painted surfaces will last a long time and look beautiful if you take all necessary precautions when working with enamel.

Enamel NC-132 is a popular paint that is easy to work with and has a long-lasting, appealing finish. It is well-liked for both residential and commercial applications since it works well on many surfaces, including metal and wood. Its high resistance to wear and tear and quick drying time allow for an efficient project completion with a long-lasting finish.

The simplicity of application of Enamel NC-132 is one of its main advantages. Applied with a brush, roller, or spray gun, this enamel applies smoothly and evenly, resulting in a polished appearance with little effort. Its glossy appearance adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any surface, improving its aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, Enamel NC-132 comes in a variety of colors, allowing users to select the ideal tone for their project. Because of its versatility, it’s a great option for a range of decorative and protective uses, from industrial equipment protection to updating outdated furniture.

Apart from its aesthetic and functional benefits, Enamel NC-132 is renowned for its robust adherence to various substrates. This feature makes sure that even in harsh environmental circumstances, the paint holds up and doesn’t peel off easily. It is therefore very appropriate for usage both indoors and outdoors.

All things considered, Enamel NC-132 is a dependable and practical option for anyone wishing to accomplish a high-quality finish with the least amount of trouble. It is an excellent option for a variety of painting projects due to its strength, simplicity of application, and visual appeal. Enamel NC-132 is a paint you can rely on to produce outstanding results, whether you are a professional painter or a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

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