Varieties, description and technical parameters of the adhesives of the brand “Moment”

Welcome to our paint and painting supply guide! We’ll examine the different kinds, definitions, and technical details of adhesives manufactured under the "Moment" brand in this article. From do-it-yourself projects to industrial use, adhesives are essential in many applications. By knowing their properties, you can select the adhesive that best suits your needs.

Moment provides a wide variety of adhesives that are suited for various materials, surfaces, and bonding needs. There’s probably a "Moment" adhesive that works for your particular project, regardless of the substrate you’re working with—wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, or another material. The brand offers adhesives for a wide range of applications, from general-purpose to specialty formulas made for high-strength bonds or particular environmental conditions.

Every adhesive in the "Moment" range has a special set of features and advantages. Some may have quick curing times, making assembly or repairs possible quickly, while others offer remarkable durability and resistance to abrasive chemicals, moisture, and extreme temperatures. By being aware of these features, you can choose the adhesive that will work best and last the longest for your specific project.

When selecting an adhesive, technical factors like viscosity, curing mechanism, open time, and bond strength are crucial factors to take into account. "Moment" gives consumers access to comprehensive product specifications, enabling them to decide which product best suits their needs. "Moment" provides adhesive solutions to suit your requirements, whether you need a fast-setting adhesive for a task that needs to be completed quickly or a flexible adhesive for applications that need some degree of movement.

Features and properties

The glue’s precise recipe is continuously being refined, and the "moment" for funding lines is growing. The only constant about Henkel products is their excellent quality. Glues are made in accordance with GOST and are listed in OKDP 2’s group Numerous "moment" varieties are available for purchase, with variations in terms of functionality, operating conditions, technical specifications, and usage guidelines. Nonetheless, the majority of compositions have comparable qualities:

  • a short period of primary solidification, the possibility of operating the product after 12-24 hours;
  • lack of cracking, blades of an adhesive seam, even with prolonged use;
  • water resistance, the ability to use for gluing objects in contact with water;
  • A transparent or matte structure (in the first case, the seam will be invisible, so colorless glue can be used for the repair of delicate products);
  • excellent indicators of resistance to the action of solvents, oils, gasoline (the composition can only be dissolved with special products such as “anti -Clales”);
  • Frost resistance and heat resistance.

Since metal crumbs are added to some adhesive types, they are considered current. On the other hand, certain substances can be employed as isolation tools because they do not conduct electricity.

The main advantages of adhesives

There are numerous benefits that contribute to the "moment’s" popularity. With such a wide selection of products, you can select the ideal kind of glue for any situation. "Moment" is accessible; it’s cheaper than equivalent products (like glue B7000) and can be found in any home, building, or grocery store.

The compositions come in a variety of packaging, including tubes, banks, pencil cylinders, buckets, and gun cylinders. In addition to industrial packages (3–10 l), containers with capacities of 30, 50, 125, and 750 ml are also available. It is possible to purchase a small tube for modest works without paying too much.

Additional benefits of adhesives:

  • do not give shrinkage, do not deform during drying;
  • can be used even in aggressive environments;
  • have a long service life;
  • Easy to apply;
  • are distinguished by excellent technical characteristics;
  • can be used as a sealant.

The disadvantages of glue

Cons are also offered. Because of the great demand from consumers, they are more frequently faked, even though the composition may contain hazardous or toxic ingredients (cheap solvents). The majority of adhesives have an unpleasant smell, though this smell varies and gets stronger or weaker depending on the type. However, once the glue seam has dried, it is completely odorless and poses no risk.

When applied carelessly, the glue sticks to the skin for a very long period. Cleaning dried-on areas requires the use of soda, other abrasives, oils to wipe the area, and solvents to wash. If the tube cover is glued, opening it becomes more challenging as you have to manually remove the adhered glue, which is not always feasible. Certain species of the "moment" are unsuitable for Teflon and silicone products, and it is not recommended for gluing polyethylene or polypropylene.

Areas of use

Although the means of the Moment line have a broad scope, they differ for various compositions. Installation adhesives, also known as "liquid nails," are a reliable way to attach tiles, skirting boards for the ceiling and floor, bathroom mirrors, and cabinet mounting. Construction guns are used in conjunction with "liquid nails."

Welding glues are used in repairs; they enable you to mend glass wallpaper, murals, vinyl canvases that are based on non-woven, and non-woven wallpaper. The products from the "Moment of the Carpenter" series work well for gluing laminate, MDF, fiberboard, chipboard, and wood. You can fix any household issue with the use of "classic" and "crystal" adhesives: you can glue intricate details, fix broken interior objects, and gather furniture. Certain adhesives work well with fabric, foam, paper, and cardboard, making them perfect for artistic endeavors. Boats and other rubber goods can be repaired with polyurethane glue.

Varieties and characteristics of the assortment

There are multiple episodes in the Moment line. The most widely used type of glue is called universal glue because it works with most common materials. Even ribbons, pencils, and sealants are made from the compositions. The primary adhesive series are as follows:

  • contact;
  • products for wood and PVA;
  • mounting foam;
  • wallpaper;
  • chemical anchors;
  • adhesive ribbons for sealing;
  • stationery;
  • second (superclia);
  • for tiles – Moment Ceramics;
  • epoxy – “epoxylin”, “epoxy”;
  • sealants;
  • "Liquid nails" (mounting adhesives).

"Crystal moment"

This type has a light texture and is a transparent gel. It doesn’t leave any obvious signs when in use. Polymer objects, as well as any materials, even the smoothest and most slippery, are perfectly held in place by the Crystal Moment. Gel glue is convenient to work with because it doesn’t flow or spread on the surface. Additionally, the product stays transparent and unnoticeable on colored and white products after crystallization. The composition has a minimum polymerization time, so it can be dried quickly.

The Crystal Moment has a wide range of applications and glides materials in various combinations:

  • soft, hard PVC;
  • glass;
  • polystyrene;
  • Styrofoam;
  • porcelain;
  • ceramics;
  • rubber;
  • metal;
  • plexiglass;
  • tree;
  • cork;
  • cardboard;
  • paper;
  • fabric, etc. D.

All you have to do is roll them into a ball that you can easily remove and discard in order to get rid of the extra glue. Gel cannot be used to adhere dishes that come into contact with food.

"Trustee moment"

For attaching rubber to a variety of surfaces, such as metal, cardboard, concrete, wood, and hard PVC, rubber glue is the perfect choice. Rubber can be used as an inflatable toy, a shoe, and a tool for mending boats because it can be glued to skin. Soundproof materials can be attached to any surface with rubber glue.

Since the adhesive seam remains intact at temperatures as high as +100 degrees, the tool is regarded as heat-resistant. Additionally, the composition transfers frost to -30 degrees without weakening the clutch. There are restrictions on the kinds of glued materials that must be considered. For example, plasticized PVC, sticopor, PET, and polypropylene cannot be used with a "rubber moment."


Glue, also known as Moment Classic-1, is a popular household tool. Because it adheres to various materials and designs, it is regarded as universal. This glue can be used to install laminate and linoleum, fix plastic panels, seal the edges of wood products, veneer, and post-form.

The glue’s composition includes plasticizers that soften the seam’s rigidity and a unique thickener that prevents the glue from spreading. Glue is resistant to moisture and can withstand temperatures between -40 and +110 degrees. It also maintains all of its properties after freezing.

"Moment Marathon"

The glue from Marathon brand is meant for shoe repair, restoration, and sealing. The tool works well with felt, PVC, traffic jams, and heaps of materials, including suede and some delicate textiles. The glue is flexible, resilient to environmental conditions, does not break down after prolonged shoe wear, and can withstand temperatures between -40 and +110 degrees.

"Moment Gel"

Since it works with the majority of known materials, including skin, rubber, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, ceramics, glass, etc., it is regarded as universal. D. It can be used to attach soft and hard PVC, as well as polystyrene. The gel is perfect for large surfaces and inclined bases because it is frost-resistant and waterproof. The gel consistency improves elasticity, prevents the glue from spreading or dripping, and lowers the possibility of the adhesive seam cracking.

"Moment carpenter"

There are four varieties in this series that are utilized for working with wood as well as various other materials:

  1. "Stolar Express". The product dries in 15 minutes, moisture resistant, does not contain toluene and solvents, so without smell. It is used for external and internal work, suitable for all wood, veneer, MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, accessories. It is also suitable for working with straw, cardboard, paper.
  2. "Super PVA D2". It is also used for any wood products and its derivatives, has an average degree of water resistance (D2). The adhesive layer will be transparent after drying. The composition does not contain solvents.
  3. "Super PVA D3" Super PVA ". Differs from the previous product only with enhanced moisture resistance.
  4. "The carpenter is instant grip". Unique acrylic glue, which dries in 10 seconds. Suitable for gluing wood to wood, to metal or PVC, shows high strength strength, is suitable for both crafts and repair work.

"Targe moment"

This particular contact glue can be used to join cork products with other materials or to glue plugs to corks. Typically, wall-mounted flooring, cork cloaks, and substrates made of this material are laid using it. firmly binds rubber, felt, wood, metal, and PVC to the cork. Frost and water resistance are two qualities that define glue.

Second adhesives

These funds go by the moniker "second" because they are made to quickly fasten any materials. are typically employed when working with tiny surfaces. Applying it to leather goods is not recommended since it causes them to dry out over time.

In addition to traditional gluing, masters frequently combine soda and superglines. The end product is a strong, white material that resembles acrylic and can effectively seal up any flaw. The adhesives in this series are fuel-based and toxic, so handle them with caution! Following application, the master essentially has a few seconds to adjust the component positions before the seam is formed.

The series’ most well-known adhesives are:

  • “Super moment ideal” – a transparent gel, forms a seam in 20 seconds;
  • “Moment 88 is especially resistant” – gives the joint of a special fortress, reliability;
  • “Super moment Pro Plus” – is realized in a convenient reusable package, to which a brush is attached;
  • “Super Max Max” – has an increased volume;
  • "Super moment glass" – designed specifically for glass.

Welding mixtures

This series’ glues are also made in a number of variations. They must be properly diluted before use, but this can be done at home. All you have to do is add dry powder to a dead volume of water and thoroughly mix the mixture.

The series’ principal adhesives are as follows:

  1. "Moment Wallpaper Classic". A rapidly discriminate composition based on modified starch. Smooth in structure, without lumps, is economically spent, in finished form it is stored up to 10 days. It is used for paper wallpaper, including corrugated and embossed, duplex, structural.
  2. "Moment Flezelin". Applied to the wall, makes it possible to adjust the position of the canvases. Has a high capturing ability, allows you to glue the joints directly on the wall. Used for all types of non -woven wallpaper.
  3. "Moment indicator". A quality tool with an application indicator is used for vinyl wallpaper, silk -screen printing and foamed vinyl. After drying it becomes absolutely transparent.
  4. "The moment of vinyl". Ideal for all types of vinyl wallpaper. Has a new improved formula, due to which it becomes ready to work in 3 minutes.
  5. "Moment Extra". Rapidly soluble glue with the addition of methyl cellulose, which has increased adhesion to the base. Has high strength, contains antifungal additives. Allows you to glue heavy wallpapers: embossed, textile, structural.

Glue for pricking wallpaper and sealing joints is also available in the "wallpaper" line. The 120 g tube of finished composition has a handy nose that makes it easier to glue difficult-to-reach areas.

"Liquid Nails"

"The Moment of the Super Superior" is the series’ most well-known product. produced in two variations: transparent and matte. Such a tool is used for both internal and external work, and it can replace fasteners (screws, screws). Even heavy structures can be fixed with one component glue and no additional installation needed. The following are glue’s primary characteristics:

  • hardens under the influence of moisture;
  • leaves time to adjust the position of parts (several minutes);
  • used for smooth, dense and porous materials;
  • After drying, it can be sanded, stained;
  • makes it possible to seal joints, cracks;
  • reduces noise;
  • gluing natural stone, wood, metal, glass, plastic, mirrors.

Other kinds of adhesives for mounting are:

  • “Super Super Superior MVP-70”-moisture-resistant, frost-resistant composition;
  • “Express MV-50”-a rapidly drying agent;
  • “Express Decor MV-45”-is performed on an acrylic basis, used to fasten the decor, etc. D.

The "moment" sealants, which precisely fill in gaps and aid in the formation of an integral coating, and the "Moment of Ceramic" tile adhesives, which are applied directly to the tile and have a high degree of adhesion, fall into the same category.

Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy glue moment is a two-part mixture consisting of hardener and epoxy resin. They are made in liquid form (called "super epoxy") and as "plasticine" (series "epoxily"), and they are utilized for a wide range of materials. Epoxy adhesives work incredibly well to fasten plastic, ceramic, glass, and wood structures, and they are perfect for metal. Resins tightly solder with the material and can easily withstand heat, frost, and crack closure.

In this post, we examine the wide variety of adhesives that the "Moment" brand offers, highlighting their special qualities, uses, and technical details. We offer readers a thorough overview to help them choose the best adhesive for their project, covering everything from specialized construction adhesives to super glues with multiple uses. This guide will provide helpful advice on how to choose the ideal "Moment" adhesive for paint and paintwork projects, regardless of whether you’re bonding wood, metal, plastic, or ceramics.

Storage conditions and advice on use

The general guidelines for all funds are the same: they must be kept away from heating sources and devices, and at a temperature between -20 and +30 degrees. It is best to shield yourself from the sun’s rays when there is a lot of humidity. Only keep compositions in their original factory packaging.

It’s crucial to thoroughly clean the base (or both surfaces) before using any glue. Dust off any debris and perform a degreasing. Remove all outdated materials as well, especially ones that are badly fixed. Smooth bases should be removed first; this will improve the clutch’s quality. The next step is to fix one or both surfaces with glue (as directed by the instructions), then give them some time to dry completely.

Rollers and brushes must be ready in advance in order to apply wallpaper adhesives. It’s crucial to breed powder using only cold water. The finished glue can be slightly diluted with water if it thickens after being stored for ten days.

Variety Description and Technical Parameters
Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Fast-acting, bonds instantly on contact. Suitable for materials like metal, plastic, and rubber. Sets in seconds.
Epoxy Adhesive Two-part adhesive, requires mixing before application. Provides strong, durable bonds. Ideal for bonding materials with uneven surfaces or different types of materials.

It is clear from our investigation of Moment adhesives’ varieties, descriptions, and technical specifications that this company provides a wide range of options to meet different bonding requirements. Moment offers adhesives designed for a variety of materials and circumstances, for use in both industrial and domestic repairs.

Moment adhesives are notable for their versatility. Moment adhesives are usually suitable for a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, wood, and others. Moment is a practical option for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers because of its versatility.

Moment adhesives are renowned for their dependability and durability in addition to their versatility. These products are made to be resistant to a variety of environmental conditions, guaranteeing strong bonds even under pressure. Moment adhesives yield consistent results when bonding heavy-duty components or lightweight materials.

Additionally, Moment adhesives are made with the convenience of the user in mind. Its simple application procedures and short curing times allow users to finish projects quickly. Moment adhesives are accessible to a broad spectrum of skill levels, from novices to seasoned artisans, thanks to their user-friendly approach.

To sum up, Moment adhesives are exceptional due to their adaptability, dependability, robustness, and ease of use. Moment provides a solution to suit your needs, regardless of the complexity of the construction project or the simple repair you’re taking on. Moment has maintained its reputation as a reliable brand in the adhesives industry with its dedication to quality and innovation.

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