Technical characteristics of the putty “Finish Kr” prospectors

It’s important to achieve a smooth and perfect finish when painting or renovating. Putty is one of the essential tools that can help you achieve this polished appearance. Prospectors "Finish Kr" putty stands out among the competition due to its remarkable performance and user-friendliness.

The purpose of "Finish Kr" putty is to create a level, smooth surface for painting. It is intended to cover small flaws like holes, dents, and cracks so that when your walls and ceilings are painted, they will look flawless. Plaster, concrete, and drywall are just a few of the surfaces this adaptable putty can be used on.

"Finish Kr" is unique among putties due to its exceptional durability and adhesion. It forms a strong bond with the substrate, preventing it from shrinking and cracking over time. This implies that you won’t need to do frequent touch-ups to keep your paint job looking perfect for many years to come.

Furthermore, "Finish Kr" putty is simple to use and apply. It spreads evenly and dries quickly thanks to its smooth consistency, which frees you up to continue working on your project without having to wait a long time. Because of its fine texture, you won’t need to sand it as much, which will save you time and effort when getting ready.

"Finish Kr" putty from Prospectors is a dependable option for attaining a superior finish, regardless of whether you are an expert painter or a do-it-yourself enthusiast. Because of its technical qualities, it’s a great choice for making sure your painted surfaces look their best and for laying the groundwork for a gorgeous, long-lasting paint job.

Characteristic Value
Type Finish putty
Brand Prospectors
Application Interior walls and ceilings
Base Acrylic
Drying Time 4-6 hours
Color White
Packaging 5 kg and 20 kg bags
Coverage 1 kg per 1-1.5 square meters
Storage 12 months in a dry place

The finish putty "prospectors" – features

Falling prospectors finish, or any other kind, is excellent, made with contemporary technology. It is manufactured by the same-named company in Moscow, which is known for producing premium building supplies at reasonable costs. This putty polymer prospector is made with state-of-the-art European machinery.

Products are dry mixtures with varying degrees of plasticity, making them widely applicable. The color of the basic putty is light beige. The mixtures’ aligning, moisture-resistant qualities are more noticeable in putty gypsum prospectors.

Products are dry mixtures with varying degrees of plasticity, making them widely applicable.

In mixtures, the following technical properties are inherent:

  • Working temperature indicators vary from +5 to +30 degrees;
  • Consumption, on a layer up to a millimeter thick 1.1 kilogram per square meter;
  • The shelf life of the cooked mixture varies from one and a half to 24 hours, depends on the type of product;
  • Adhesion indicator not less than 0.25MPA;
  • Frost resistance to 30-35 cycles.

All products are made to the highest standards, though there might be slight variations in the indicators depending on the kind of solution.

The mixtures’ constituent parts can be used for:

  • Cement is white, or standard;
  • Natural fillers;
  • Polymer and modifying additional elements;
  • Reinforcing fibers;
  • Antiseptic substances.

Advantages and disadvantages

Prospectors Polymer Putty has advantages and disadvantages like any other product. You must research them in order to determine whether to choose this brand. The benefits are emphasized:

  • Various containers are produced, which allows you to purchase the required amount;
  • The long shelf life, up to 12 months, however, you need to store according to the rules, the place should be dry;
  • The fast pace of drying, which reduce the period of repair;
  • High strength indicator;
  • Acceptable cost.

It also mentions the drawbacks of the KR and other options, which are as follows:

  • Apply putty material is preferably at temperature indicators from +11 degrees, when the temperature is lower, then the drying period is difficult. This is usually important when working on the street;
  • Not high indicators of stability to ultraviolet radiation, so additional processing with protective equipment is required.

Varieties of the brand, how to choose, description and technical characteristics

Prospectors are produced in different varieties, each with unique characteristics and attributes. The company has increased the variety it offers, and experts have divided putty mixtures into three categories:

  • Basic;
  • Polymer;
  • Falling finish gypsum prospectors.

Prospectors are produced in different varieties, each with unique characteristics and attributes.

"Film putty"

The best varieties of comparable products available in the construction market are finish species. The composition uses the smallest particles possible to provide a flat coating. Gypsum is also used in this component. A high level of adhesion is the distinguishing feature of the resulting degree.

This species can completely close the base layer’s drawbacks, resulting in a surface that is perfectly aligned. Ideal for laying the foundation for applying paint and adhering wallpaper. Applying the composition should result in a layer that is no thicker than five millimeters. In order to prevent the solution from freezing during wall processing, it is not worth preparing the solution all at once.

"Famber-finish putty"

Stands out for having a safe, non-toxic composition that uses gypsum as a base. Will not break down in the face of harsh weather; ideal for outside work. Three hours are allotted for using the prepared solution. suitable with drywall, wood, and other surfaces.

  • High degree of hardness;
  • Good resistance to environmental influence;
  • Allowance of grinding;
  • When the building gives a shrinkage continues to stay reliably on the facade;
  • Excellent adhesion can be used even as an adhesive solution for installation work.

"The putty finish plus moisture -resistant"

Both internal and external works can be completed with this kind. stands out for being able to be used in highly humid rooms due to its moisture resistance.

The mixture has a white color, and the coating’s layer thickness ranges from 0.3 to 3 millimeters. Based on, the polymer composition exhibits a plastic property. It’s used for drywall and basement bases.

Stands out for being able to be used in highly humid rooms due to its moisture resistance.

"Ready putty Superfinite"

Additionally, polymers and fine-fragmentation fillers up to 60 μm are used in superfinite putty. Antiseptic materials and reinforcing fiber-modifying additives are additional ingredients.

Designed to be used inside the structure, in rooms with typical humidity levels. Suitable for glass chloride, plasterboard sheets, and plaster gypsum. Obtain a smooth surface that is ideal for adhering and painting wallpaper.

Selecting products from the same brand is always preferable; for instance, use finish plaster prospectors if needed.

"Puttling finish Kr"

Polymers are used to make the finish putty on the KR. Appropriate for use in interior building rooms without excessive humidity. Suitable for ceilings and walls. The best will be applied to gypsum plaster or drywall bases. However, it is permitted to work on concrete and reinforced concrete.

Prospectors, the maximum volume available for purchase is Kr 20 kg of putty finish, with a minimum packaging volume of three kilograms. The compositions’ division into various volumes makes it easier to buy the necessary amount without going over budget.

Prospectors’ putty "Finish Kr" is a standout due to its superior smoothness, ease of application, and rapid drying time, which makes it the perfect choice for attaining a flawless finish on walls and ceilings. Its fine-grain texture makes blending easy and requires less sanding, giving you a painting-ready surface of professional caliber. This product is a dependable option for both professional painters and do-it-yourselfers because of its exceptional adhesion, which guarantees long-lasting results on a variety of substrates, including drywall and plaster.

How to apply, the nuances of the application of the composition

The surface must be thoroughly prepared before putty is applied. The old coating on the wall needs to be taken off in order for the new finish to last as long as possible.

Following the removal of the prior finishing material, they degrease and clean the wall. The cost of other mixtures will be lower if the base is composed of absorbent material and a primer is applied first.

If the preparation is done poorly or not correctly, then even a high-quality mixture won’t produce the desired results. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing the solution.

Mixing the ingredients in plastic buckets is preferable because it needs to be prepared in small batches that will take an hour and a half to complete. Such a container will be simpler to clean in order to prepare another portion. While manual mixing of small batches of mixture is feasible, it is preferable to use a construction mixer for larger batches to facilitate the preparation of homogenous mixtures.

Water must be poured first, followed by the mixture.

While manual mixing is feasible with small amounts of the mixture, it is preferable to use a construction mixer for larger amounts.

The solution is mixed a second time after waiting five minutes after the first mixing. Utilize a solution in accordance with these guidelines:

  • When working, you need 2 spatulas, the first size of 80-100 mm, the second wide should be selected based on the area of ​​the room. The mixture is gained on a narrower, then transfer it to a wide and distributed over the surface;
  • When working, determine which tilt of the tool is better to do, what thickness will be made and pressing the force;
  • It is usually required to apply 2 layers, each must dry before applying the next mixture, before the second, priming is carried out.

To the finish line, a smooth wall is achieved, which is necessary for polishing.

Usually, two layers must be applied, and each must dry completely before the next mixture is applied and the second layer of priming is completed.

How to calculate, 1 m2 consumption

Understanding the surface area that has been processed is necessary to calculate material consumption. The packaging will specify the average consumption based on the product type that was chosen. In the basic, for instance, it is one kilogram per square meter.

Prospectors from Shpatlevka demonstrated themselves as a high-quality and user-friendly product. The putty layer should only be applied after the necessary preparatory work has been completed; the putty’s composition should be chosen according to the task and the working environment.

Finish Kr putty’s dependable performance and simplicity of application make it an outstanding option for a range of finishing tasks. This putty is made expressly to smooth surfaces one last time before painting, leaving them flawlessly ready for the subsequent steps of the process. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike love it for its superior adhesion qualities and fine texture.

Finish Kr’s quick drying time, which drastically shortens the project’s overall duration, is one of its main advantages. This makes it possible to go through the sanding, priming, and painting processes more quickly. The consistency of the putty guarantees a smooth application, reducing the amount of work needed to achieve a perfect finish.

Furthermore, Finish Kr is incredibly adaptable, working well on drywall, plaster, and concrete, among other surfaces. Because of its longevity, the final coat will not crack or sustain other types of damage over time. Because of its strength and simplicity of use, Finish Kr is a vital tool for any painter’s toolbox.

To sum up, Finish Kr putty combines dependability, versatility, and efficiency. Its technical qualities enable a broad range of applications, which makes it the perfect option for producing results of a high caliber. Finish Kr guarantees a flawless, long-lasting surface whether you are painting walls in a newly constructed home or remodeling an older one.

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