Technical characteristics of a buttonage sealant technonic 45

To guarantee the longevity and caliber of building projects, one must be aware of the technical properties of sealants. One such sealant that is well-known for its robustness and versatility is the Buttonage Sealant Technonic 45. Professionals in the building and maintenance sectors favor this product because it is made to offer robust, dependable sealing for a range of applications.

Excellent adherence is provided by Buttonage Sealant Technonic 45 to a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, metal, and plastics. Because of this feature, it can be used both indoors and outdoors and is resistant to a variety of environmental factors. Because of its flexibility, it can withstand tremors and movements without cracking or leaking over time.

Technonic 45’s resilience to temperature changes and UV rays is another important feature. This guarantees that even in the most extreme weather—from sweltering summers to bitterly cold winters—the sealant will retain its integrity and functionality. Furthermore, because of its quick cure, projects can be finished more quickly, saving money on labor and time.

Furthermore, Technonic 45 is designed to be easy to use. Professional contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts can both use it because of its simple application process, which doesn’t require any specialized tools or skills. The sealant’s reputation as a dependable and affordable solution for a range of sealing needs is further enhanced by its long-lasting performance and durability.

To sum up, Buttonage Sealant Technonic 45 is a high-performance sealant that has great flexibility, adhesion, and resistance to abrasive environments. Its practical choice for a variety of sealing applications is its quick curing time and ease of use, which guarantees long-lasting results and user peace of mind. Technonic 45 is a trustworthy choice that can handle the demands of contemporary projects, whether it is being used for construction or maintenance.

Characteristic Detail
Color White
Application Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Service Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Elasticity High
UV Resistance Good
Curing Time 24 hours


The manufacturer of Hermatic butt-tilk technological 45, which has been on the market since 1992, is a company bearing the same name. Through the use of their own developments, she won the hearts of many professionals and novices in the construction industry during this time.

The brand is concerned with developing new products that will stand out in a positive way upon application. To this end, it employs contemporary technologies and searches and develops new compositions within the company’s specialized departments.

The base and sealant 45 Butyl and rubber have all the typical characteristics of butil-wise sealants, including UV resistance, a 60-minute drying time, and tool characteristics. The composition is appropriate for any kind of material, and the use is thought to be ideal for sealing the base against water penetration.

This tool can be used to distinguish between the following sealing areas: connecting the butt and seam zones between reinforced concrete, concrete, and metal components from the outside of the structure. windows, balconies, and wall bases with balcony plates. It can be applied as a barrier to stop corrosion from forming on glass, ceramic, wooden, and steel components. utilized in areas with varying climates.

Technonikol 45’s hermobutyl mastic produces a dependable barrier that prevents moisture from entering the structure, extending the material’s shelf life.

The composition is appropriate for any kind of material, and the use is thought to be ideal for sealing the base against water penetration.


Mastic 45 Technonikol is well-liked for use in water supply systems, roofing, and other construction projects because of several advantageous characteristics of the material. As a result, the following characteristics can be identified:

  • The layer is elastic, which allows you to withstand vibration loads;
  • Do not knead the composition before use, immediately ready to work;
  • The level of strength to deformations is high;
  • High degree of adhesion to various materials;
  • Can withstand temperature effects from -20 to +40 degrees;
  • Shows resistance to sedimentary loss of various types, aggressive influences;
  • Easy to use, you do not need to purchase special tools for work;
  • You can stain the layer after drying.

The following are the roofing sealant’s technical attributes:

  • Weight per cubic meter of solution on the surface is 800-1100 kg;
  • The aging of pressure reaches two atmospheres;
  • If there is an impact on the gap of the seam, then stretching is possible up to two times;
  • Dry substance in the composition of the total mass is more than fifty percent;
  • The level of the terminal connection to the concrete base is equal to two atmospheres;
  • The average consumption per square meter of surface is 0.5-1 kilograms;
  • After complete drying, it can withstand temperature indicators from -50 to +80 degrees;
  • To the stage of "casting" drying takes 60 minutes.

It should be known that because of the characteristics of the components, sealant can only be applied outside; indoor use is not permitted.

For work on roofs, water supply systems, and other construction projects, Mastic 45 Technonikol is well-liked.

Description of the composition

Hermatic butyl rubber has a plastic-like appearance, and before applying the product to the surface, the sealant must be thoroughly mixed. By color, there is a grayscale or white version. The white variety is practical since it makes painting after solidification simpler and allows you to use any color; the sealant will not show through.

However, it is advised to test paint compatibility beforehand on a discrete area.

Before using the sealant, it must be warmed; leave a bucket in a room with room temperature for 24 hours if the sealing is collected in the winter or in the fall and spring when the street temperature is below +5 degrees. You cannot use the product in weather that exhibits sedimentary manifestations, like rain or snow. Should moisture be able to reach the base, where sealant treatment is to take place.

The composition is sold in buckets; 8 and 16 kilogram mass options are available. The composition has an eighteen-month shelf life. If you purchase a sealant from a store, make sure to check the expiration date because if it approaches its end, the layer’s quality will deteriorate. Storage needs to happen in a dry room; the bucket shouldn’t be exposed to UV light.

A highly effective material for sealing and protecting surfaces in a variety of construction and repair applications is Technonic 45 buttonage sealant. This sealant is renowned for its strong adhesive qualities, exceptional durability, and resilience to harsh weather, all of which contribute to its long-lasting effectiveness. Professionals looking for dependable and effective sealing solutions will find it to be an excellent option due to its versatility and ease of application with a wide range of materials. Technonic 45 offers a consistent defense against moisture, air, and environmental damage whether it is applied to windows, roofing, or other structural components.

Material consumption

The amount of material that needs to be purchased in advance must be determined in order to complete the seam sealing. When there is sufficient solution to process the entire area, working becomes more convenient. You must account for the material’s average consumption in your computations.

The influence of the type of surface processing and the sealant’s intended use on consumption is what makes things complex. It makes sense that more solution will be needed at the junction of a greater depth and width.

In actual use, it was discovered that roughly 45 grams per linear meter of surface are required for a 5 million deepening and a centimeter-wide seam. Additionally, one kilogram of sealant will be required on a linear meter if the joint differs by six centimeters in width and two centimeters in depth.

Therefore, the processing area is multiplied by the technology 45 average flow rate by the square meter that is specified on the manufacturer’s packaging.

The amount of material that needs to be purchased in advance must be determined in order to complete the seam sealing.


Because the clutch indicator is good on many levels, the composition’s scope is broad. To create a dependable and long-lasting seam, sealant is frequently applied to concrete, steel, wood, and other materials in construction. Surface waterproofing and sealing are possible with this tool.


The following are popular areas where techno-nicoline 35 is used:

  • Work with the seams between concrete;
  • Closing joints in the reinforced concrete structure;
  • Processing of metal bases, protection is also created from the formation of rust;
  • Application to window and doorways;
  • Filling the space between concrete blocks;
  • Selected for residential and public premises.


Sealant applies vapor barrier and waterproofing to surfaces made of concrete, metal, or reinforced concrete. Several widely used techniques for applying the composition to the surface are as follows:

  • Processing by the means of the entire surface;
  • The solution is distributed in the corners, as well as the central part of the tile material in the side, which will be attached to the plate to the base;
  • With strips 4 cm wide, while at least four such strips should be made per square meter;
  • Hamber strokes are made by a spatula, per square meter should account for at least ten drops weighing 50-80 grams.

Sealant applies vapor barrier and waterproofing to surfaces made of concrete, metal, or reinforced concrete.

Precautionary measures

Certain characteristics of the composition provide unique guidelines for using sealant. Consequently, you must learn all the subtleties in order to self-seal the surface.

It is forbidden to work with sealed solutions indoors, and when processing, there should be no open fire sources nearby. To achieve the appropriate degree of respiratory tract protection, the master should apply while wearing personal protective equipment.

Take care not to get any of the solution in your eyes or on your skin. As a result, protective glasses and gloves are put on.

To achieve the appropriate degree of respiratory tract protection, the master should apply while wearing personal protective equipment.

Tips for use from professionals

You must review the advice of experts in the field if you are to apply sealant to the butt and seam zones. Noted are the following crucial points:

  • Before applying in a bucket, the solution is mixed;
  • Humidity and dust negatively affect the degree of adhesion, work with a purified and dried surface;
  • In a minus temperature regime, you can apply the composition after it settles in a room with heating for a day;
  • A tool for application is selected a metal spatula or rubber;
  • The master must put on protective gloves, glasses, respirator and protective clothes to avoid health problems;
  • Dilution of the product with solvents is undesirable, this will reduce the quality of the solution;
  • A seam without cracks should be made;
  • Be sure to study the instructions from the manufacturer to comply with the rules of work.

Technonikol 45 sealant has received excellent quality ratings and is suitable for a wide range of applications. To ensure that you purchase an original product, it is advised that you ask the seller for a quality certificate. With your own hands, you can create dependable protection against external surface influences if you follow the sealing guidelines.

Technonic 45 buttonage sealant is a dependable option for a range of sealing applications because of its remarkable technical features. Its strong adhesion qualities guarantee a solid bond on various surfaces, resulting in a long-lasting and resilient seal. Because of its adaptability to various environmental conditions, it can be used in both industrial and construction settings.

Technonic 45’s exceptional resistance to weathering and temperature changes is another important feature. This sealant is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use because it can withstand temperatures ranging from sweltering heat to bitter cold. Because of its resilience, it won’t need to be replaced or maintained as often over time, keeping it effective for longer.

Even individuals with limited experience applying sealants can easily handle Technonic 45 due to its simple application process. Its silky consistency makes application easier and results in a tidy, clean finish. It also cures rapidly, creating a robust seal that is usable in a short amount of time.

All things considered, Technonic 45 buttonage sealant is a high-performing product with consistent outcomes. It’s a useful tool for anyone in need of a reliable sealing solution because of its strong adhesion, weather resistance, and ease of application. This sealant offers the quality and performance required to get the best results, whether it is used professionally or for do-it-yourself projects.

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