Properties, description and instructions for the use of brand glue 88

Strong and long-lasting adhesive, brand glue 88 is a versatile adhesive. It is frequently utilized in many different industries, such as construction, automotive, and home maintenance. The ability of this glue to fuse various materials, including rubber, metal, leather, and fabric, makes it especially valuable. Because of its special formulation, which guarantees a strong and long-lasting hold, many professionals and do-it-yourselfers turn to it.

High resistance to environmental factors is one of brand glue 88’s unique qualities. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications because it retains its adhesive properties in the face of extreme humidity and temperature changes. Its resistance to many chemicals, oils, and water further increases its dependability in a variety of settings. Because of these qualities, it’s the perfect adhesive for demanding projects where other adhesives might fall short.

Although using brand glue 88 is simple, there are a few crucial steps to take to guarantee the best possible outcome. Prior to bonding, clean and dry the surfaces. The adhesive’s performance can be impacted by any grease, dirt, or moisture. Evenly spread a thin layer of glue over both surfaces, letting it set before firmly pressing them together. To attain the strongest bond possible, allow the glued item to cure for a minimum of 24 hours for optimal outcomes. To minimize health risks, always work in an area with good ventilation and heed the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

In conclusion, brand glue 88 is a strong and dependable adhesive that works well with a variety of materials and circumstances. It is a mainstay in many toolkits due to its remarkable performance and ease of use. Brand glue 88 provides an excellent, long-lasting solution for repairing leather straps, sealing rubber gaskets, and fastening metal parts.

Glue 88 is a well-known adhesive that is easy to use and has strong bonding qualities. It is a versatile and dependable product. It is perfect for a variety of uses, including industrial projects and home repairs. This glue works especially well to create a strong, long-lasting hold on materials like rubber, leather, and metal. The application procedure is simple: after the surfaces needing to be bonded are cleaned and dried, a thin layer of glue is applied to each, allowed to become tacky for a few minutes, and then the pieces are firmly pressed together. Since Brand Glue 88"s quick-drying formula guarantees a strong bond, both pros and do-it-yourselfers turn to it for their projects.

General information

The raw materials for chloroprene glue (naitic) 88 are native chloroprene rubber and a variety of additional ingredients, such as phenolformaldehyde resin, ethylacetate, and nephras. Glue amplifiers and several other synthetic resins are present in the mixture.

The tool’s construction adheres to GOST 12172-74. The mass appears to be beige, brownish, or greenish in color. The presence of precipitation does not lessen the fundamental characteristics.

Producer factories make glue in a variety of packaging, including drums and barrels with a capacity of 25 to 50 liters, small containers, banks, and sprays. One year’s shelf life; storage is done between -40 and +30 degrees.

All of Glue 88’s varieties stand out for their consistently excellent quality. Simple to use and apply to the surface. Excellent adhesive properties, waterproofing, elasticity, and some compounds’ special resistance are all attributed to the complex composition of the glue. Every variety has distinct qualities as well as universal traits. For instance, glue 88-np is resistant to both high and low temperatures, while glue 88-m is highly rupture-prone.

The scope of application

The product’s areas of use are described in a very broad manner. They are able to glue faience, glass, plastic, vulcanized rubber, and ceramics. Metals and alloys should be adhered to concrete or other materials with the tool. Because glue 88 is so versatile, you can use it to join wood, skin, and fabric.

Principal areas of focus:

  • shipbuilding;
  • aviation;
  • automotive industry;
  • construction;
  • woodworking;
  • repair;
  • household situations.

You can sew the ceiling, doors, and other cabin components with glue 88’s assistance, as well as glue the upholstery on the car seats. Regarding furniture, the material can be used for tissue attachment and component assembly. The product is meant to be used for spars, clamp clasps, and shoe sole adhesive. For interior decoration purposes, such as joining floors, carpets, moldings, and ceiling tiles, glue is used in construction.

Brands and characteristics

Production produces a variety of glues; the most widely used ones are discussed below.


The strength characteristics of the 88-Ρ tool are average; its rupture fortress is 11 kgf/sq. cm. They are able to adhere rubber components, foam rubber, metal, and rubber to glass, concrete, wood, and skin. extremely popular for shoe repairs.

Because of the adhesive’s high level of moisture resistance, it can maintain its surface even when exposed to both fresh and salt water. Operating temperature range that is acceptable is -40 to +50 degrees.

While glue poses a significant fire risk, it is not toxic to humans. It is strictly prohibited to work with him near sources of heat, light, or sparks.

  • elasticity of the glue seam;
  • universality;
  • Long residual stickiness;
  • lack of harmful solvents;
  • readiness for use.

The key technical attributes are as follows:

  • The proportion of the dry residue is 26 – 29 %;
  • Conditional viscosity – 10 – 40 s.

The instrument does not cause steel, aluminum, or alloys produced in 1, 2, 28, 50, 100, or 200 liter containers to corrode.


The material has a higher density and strength by the gap than it did before. equals 13 kgf/sq. cm. Water is not too bad, and a layer of glue can tolerate temperatures between -50 and +70 degrees. The product is widely used in the manufacturing of furniture, automobiles, aircraft, construction sites, light industry factories, and home appliances. It also does not cause metal corrosion.

Glue 88-np is an oil-based solvent solution containing resins and synthetic rubber components. Both hot and cold application techniques are feasible. Following the adhesive layer’s formation, the latter satisfies the following requirements:

  • frost resistance;
  • elasticity;
  • High degree of gluing.

The material can take the place of other binding materials like threads, screws, and nails. Fit for both industrial businesses and daily use. The product is primarily sold in 50–100 ml tubes.


Diluting rubber glue 88-luxe with organic solvents is possible. The material is used to glue textiles, paper, glass, plastic, foam, and metal.

The universal tool 88-Lux can be used for furniture, appliances, and other equipment around the house, as well as in the radio engineering sector.

The following are the attributes of the tool, per the standard:

  • viscosity – 90 – 180 s;
  • appearance – fluid fluid, viscous, yellowish or gray;
  • The share of non -liberal substances is 33 – 43 %.


Products made of volcanic rubber can be attached to metal, skin, plastic, glass, and wood using Glue 88-N. There are no lumps or extraneous inclusions in the homogenous, pale yellow mass of glue. A precipitate that forms during storage has no effect on the material’s quality.

  • viscosity – 30 – 40 s;
  • The share of the dry balance is 23 – 25 %;
  • Corrosion activity – absent;
  • open exposure time – long.


Unique 88 brand circle, also known as glue 88-nont, is a super-agent that can be used to firmly adhere materials such as concrete, ceramics, wood, metal, and many more. applied to all polymers and textiles.

Use of the product is possible at temperatures between -40 and +50 degrees after the adhesive layer has dried. Long-term contact glue stickiness is retained, but as soon as the products are compressed, the glue starts to show signs of degradation.

Among the brand’s materials, the product’s ability to function after 6 hours is regarded as an excellent indicator. Both hot and cold techniques can be used.


The glue brand that ranks 88th in comparison stands out due to its high gap strength—15 kgf/sq. cm—indicator. This glue outperforms the 88-C and 88-NP means that served as its foundation.

It is acceptable for products to function at temperatures between -40 and 70 degrees. The material’s scope of use is the same as those mentioned above.


Strong, long-lasting, waterproof universal glue 88-metal can be used to fuse metal to any non-metallic product, including foam rubber, rubber, fabric, wood, and leather.

The Rogneded company developed the tool, which offers a super-fast surface connection. The material does not contain toluene or any other toxic substances, so it cannot be diluted with them. Fuel is allowed to be diluted. The composition is built around a highly elastic polychloroprene rubber.

Qualities and attributes:

  • quick drying;
  • economy;
  • high strength of the seams;
  • Consumption – 100 – 200 g/sq. m (depending on the application method);
  • Drying time – 3 hours for a hot method, a day for cold;
  • viscosity – 50 s.

It is best to store 88-metal, which is resistant to both fresh and salt water, at a temperature higher than +10 degrees or to keep it in the warm for two days before using it.


The most advanced treatment among the naitic adhesives is Glue 88-kr. It settles more quickly and has greater strength and resistance to air and water than its predecessors. It will take a while for the glue to set.

Based on its composition, chloroprene rubber can be diluted with gasoline (it doesn’t contain any hazardous solvents). The operating temperature range for stone surfaces is -50 to +90 degrees, which is significantly different from the ranges stated for other adhesives. Record strength: 25 to 26 kgf/sq cm.

In the automotive industry, the substance is utilized for:

  • decoration of cabs of freight and cars, buses;
  • fasteners of door seals, individual elements of the body;
  • accession of soundproofing, gasket gaskets;
  • gluing cables in the cabin.

The glue’s application encompasses the manufacturing of trolleybuses, trains, metro wagons, and elevators. It is advised to use the tool even in civil aviation.

  • The proportion of the dry residue is 30 %;
  • viscosity – 85 – 140 s.

Instructions for use

Any brand’s product needs to be thoroughly mixed to ensure homogeneity before usage. A specific usage instruction will always specify how to apply glue and, if it has thickened, dissolve it. Ethylacetate can dissolve the majority of glue types up to a 1:1 ratio. When organic solvents are present, how should the glue be diluted? This is toluene or xylol; gasoline works well in some situations. You can use a 1:1 ratio of gasoline to Kalosha brand solvent.

Prior to adhering, the surfaces ought to be cleared of debris, dust, grease, and polished using sandpaper. Use can be done in two ways:

  1. Hot. Apply the product with a thin layer, dry half an hour. Then fold the surfaces and warm at +90 degrees for 10 minutes. After wait at least 3-5 hours before the operation of the product.
  2. Cold. Apply glue with a thin layer, dry for 15 minutes, then apply another layer. Press the details, dry during the day at room temperature.

It should be mentioned that primer must be applied before glueing to porous materials. The instructions specify what it is and which brand to select. Priming can aid in lowering the absorbability of glue.

Property Description and Instructions
Adhesive Strength Brand glue 88 provides strong adhesion, suitable for bonding a variety of materials including rubber, leather, metal, and wood. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before application.
Drying Time This glue typically dries within 24 hours. Allow full curing time for the best results. Avoid disturbing the bond during this period.
Application Temperature For optimal performance, apply glue at room temperature (around 20-25°C). Extreme temperatures can affect the bonding strength.
Water Resistance Once fully cured, brand glue 88 offers good resistance to water. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Storage Store the glue in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use to prevent drying out.

Strong adhesive qualities and exceptional versatility make brand glue 88 stand out. This glue offers a dependable, long-lasting bond, whether you’re working on a small craft project or a larger construction project. It is a vital tool in both home and office settings due to its versatility in sticking to a range of surfaces, such as wood, metal, and plastic.

Because brand glue 88 is simple to apply, using it is straightforward. Just make sure the surfaces that need to be bonded are dry and clean, then press the surfaces together after applying a thin layer of glue. The glue forms a firm grip that gets stronger with time and sets quickly. The glued items should be left undisturbed for at least 24 hours to get the best results.

The resilience of brand glue 88 to environmental conditions is on par with its robustness and durability. It doesn’t lose its adhesive properties when exposed to moisture or when the temperature fluctuates. Its durability makes it perfect for projects both inside and outside, guaranteeing the longevity of your fixes and creations.

All things considered, brand glue 88 is a trustworthy and useful adhesive solution. It is the preferred option for numerous applications due to its robust bonding abilities, ease of use, and durability. Whether you are a skilled craftsman or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, having brand glue 88 in your supply closet ensures you can confidently take on a variety of tasks.

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