Properties and use of water -based paint of the brand VEAK 1180

Water-based paints are becoming more and more popular among professionals and homeowners because of their advantages for the environment, ease of use, and quick drying times. VEAK 1180 sticks out from the many options on the market thanks to its special qualities and adaptability. This brand is a popular option for a variety of painting projects because of its attention-grabbing quality and performance.

VEAK 1180 is made to provide superior durability and coverage. It sticks nicely to many surfaces, such as ceilings, walls, and in certain cases, external applications. This paint’s low odor makes it perfect for indoor use and makes application more enjoyable, which is one of its primary features. It is also simple to clean up with just soap and water, which lessens the trouble that spills and soiled brushes can cause.

The environmentally friendly makeup of VEAK 1180 is yet another noteworthy benefit. Compared to conventional solvent-based paints, it releases fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because it is water-based. As a result, not only is the environment safer, but also the people applying the paint and those living in the painted areas are healthier. Premium pigments and binders are used in its formulation to provide a glossy, long-lasting finish.

Whether you are doing a professional renovation or a do-it-yourself project, VEAK 1180 offers the performance and dependability required to produce amazing results. It’s a great option for a variety of painting applications because of its easy application, durability, and environmental advantages. You can remodel your areas with confidence when you use VEAK 1180 because you know you’ve selected a paint that upholds strict sustainability and quality standards.

Property Description
Type Water-based paint
Brand VEAK 1180
Drying Time 2-4 hours
Coverage 10-12 m²/L
Finish Matte
Application Interior walls and ceilings
Cleaning Soap and water
Safety Low VOC

For both interior and external applications, water-based paint, such as that sold under the VEAK 1180 brand, offers a flexible and environmentally responsible option. It is unique in that it has a low smell, dries quickly, and is simple to clean up with water, making it perfect for DIY projects. Excellent coverage and a smooth finish make VEAK 1180 ideal for a variety of surfaces, such as woodwork, walls, and ceilings. It is a dependable option for both amateur and professional painters looking for high-quality results because of its long-lasting and washable formula, which guarantees color retention and resistance to deterioration.

The composition of the material

There is an acrylic dispersion included with the VEAAK 1180 tool, which is a member of the acrylic group of paints and varnishes. This ingredient, which makes up ½ of the total composition, is what gives the water-based formula its foundation. GOST 19214-80 states that the following are some of the other parts of the tools:

  • white pigment (dye);
  • preservatives;
  • plasticizers;
  • foaming;
  • other target additives;

Although it’s not always there, latex may also be included, depending on the manufacturer. Together, these elements create a premium material that is impervious to water and common household chemicals, allowing the paint to be identified as washing. She is safe to use in any room, doesn’t smell bad, and isn’t toxic.

Advantages of paint

The material can be applied to the building’s facade, walls, and ceiling (for external work). The VEAK 1180 material is produced in several subtypes, including interior, facade, and universal. Their differences lie in the concentration of one or more of the components, which gives them more noticeable water-repellent and other qualities.

Branded goods come with a lot of benefits:

  • excellent adhesion with the surface;
  • quick drying;
  • moderate cost and economical expense;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • fire safety, explosion safety;
  • strength and durability of the coating;
  • simplicity of painting work;
  • obtaining a flat matte surface.

They can be used repeatedly because the paint is easily removed with tools. More water and abrasion resistance is present in the product; the coating can sustain five washing cycles, adheres to walls and ceilings for an extended period of time, and doesn’t burn (if tinted paint is being discussed). VEAAK 1180 can be used to apply coatings of any kind, such as paint, wallpaper, or leftover paint. Adhesion will be poor on metallic surfaces, which are the only surfaces that can cause issues.

The characteristics of the product

The primary technical features of the VEAK 1180 paint are listed in the state standard. Every batch has a passport and a certificate of conformance that lists the product’s test results. The following are the primary variables that may differ based on the manufacturer:

  • viscosity according to the viscometer ZA-4 at 20 degrees-15-45 C;
  • drying time-5-12 hours;
  • adhesion of the coating-1.5-3 points;
  • Density-1.3-1.5 g/cm cube.;
  • The proportion of the dry residue is 50-65 %;
  • 1 kV consumption. m-135-250 g;
  • resistance to mechanical effects (abrasion) – 3.5 kg/μm;
  • The thickness of the coating per layer is 125-170 microns;
  • Film covering – up to 120 g/m.

Throughout the year, a water emulsion can be stored at +5 degrees or higher. Freezing is acceptable. The product can only be stored for a maximum of one month at a temperature of +40 degrees.

Manufacturers and price

Since multiple businesses produce paint, the cost and technical specifications vary. The price also varies according to the type of paint; the following are the approximate costs per liter:

  • fire -retardant paint – 160 rubles;
  • interior – 40 rubles;
  • universal – 55 rubles;
  • facade – 70 rubles.

The Aqua brand is the most widely available among manufacturers; this company creates the highest-quality materials in terms of adhesion. Finnish Tikkurila, German Dufa, Superplast, and Euroluks all produce another water emulsion. Products from foreign producers that go by the names Remmers, Fontecoat, Epoxy, and the Polish Snezhka are also well-liked. The manufacturer who produces VEAK 1180 at the lowest cost per square meter is the last one mentioned.

Work technology

The material needs to be defrosted and brought to room temperature. The mass is then blended until it reaches a uniform consistency, has a higher density, and is diluted with water to a standard viscosity. Since liquid paint leaves unsolicited stripes and thick paint lies unevenly, proper breeding is crucial at this stage. Solvents cannot be added because they will ruin the composition right away. The surface is primed and cleaned beforehand.


The material is used untinted if staining in white is required. For ceilings, white paint is typically preferred. If not, tinting is applied in accordance with the selected shade. A list of brands’ kings that work best with this water-based enamel is provided. This:

  • Dufa D230 ″;
  • Tinting Dulux (England);
  • Russian tinting "Unicolor", Dali, Palizh.

Tinting pastes range in price from 20 to 100 rubles, with domestic brands typically costing less. It is not necessary to use a lot of tint because doing so will reduce the primary material’s adhesion and other properties. Although inorganic pigments have a limited range of shades, they are thought to be the most resistant to light. Brighter but faster are organic color combinations. As a result, exteriors typically use the first kind of tint, while interiors use the second.


To paint, one uses a roller, brush, and spray gun. Using a brush slowly is important, but it’s also essential in areas with intricate access. The substance will be applied evenly, without surplus or undercuts. You can use a roller without spending extra money. Before applying the second layer, the first one should at least have had an hour to dry (if necessary). There is no temperature drop of less than +20 degrees either in the room or outside.


As mentioned earlier, paintbrushes, rollers, or spray cans will be needed for this project. Should the decision be made to apply paint using a brush, select rectangular forms with relatively thin bristles. Foam rubber is not appropriate for the roller because it produces bubbles; instead, it should have a soft, long pile. If the room is big, it is best to purchase a spray gun, which can paint up to 150 square feet of space in an hour.

The water-based paint VEAK 1180 is notable for its exceptional combination of quality and usability. This paint is a great option for both professional painters and do-it-yourselfers because of its easy application method. Because of its rapid drying time, projects can be finished quickly and without needing to wait a long time between coats. Moreover, VEAK 1180 has a reputation for having a mild smell, which makes it more comfortable to work with—particularly in small areas.

Durability is one of VEAK 1180’s main advantages. After application, it creates a hard, resilient surface that is resistant to normal wear and tear. Because of this, it is especially appropriate for high-traffic areas in residential and business structures. Additionally, the paint resists peeling and cracking, keeping surfaces looking newer for longer. Additionally, because of its superior adhesion qualities, it adheres well to a range of substrates and leaves a uniform finish.

The environmental friendliness of VEAK 1180 is another benefit. Compared to conventional oil-based paints, this water-based paint has fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a result, it has less of an effect on indoor air quality and is safer for both users and the environment. It’s also easier to clean up, requiring only soap and water instead of harsh chemicals.

A vast array of color options is provided by VEAK 1180 in terms of aesthetic appeal. This enables users to select the ideal shade that best fits their intended design. The uniformity of the paint guarantees that the colors are vivid and accurate to the sample, giving the finish a polished appearance. Its glossy, satin, and matte finishes also accommodate a variety of functional requirements and aesthetic tastes.

All things considered, the water-based paint VEAK 1180 blends durability, environmental awareness, and practicality. Its robust performance, appealing finish, and easy-to-use application make it a flexible option for a range of painting projects. When renovating a business or updating the interior of your house, VEAK 1180 offers a dependable solution with top-notch outcomes.

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