Properties and technology for applying brand 888 for car salon

For both regular drivers and automotive enthusiasts, maintaining the interior of a car’s aesthetic appeal and durability is essential. Using premium paint and paintwork supplies made especially for auto salons is one of the best ways to accomplish this. In this market, brand 888 has become well-liked because it provides a special combination of qualities that meet the various demands of car interiors.

The 888 brand is well-known for its remarkable resilience to deterioration and longevity. This paint is designed to resist common problems that car interiors encounter, like sunlight exposure, friction from seats, and spills from time to time. Because of its durability, the interior will always be bright and intact, giving the car a long-lasting finish that keeps it looking brand-new.

Apart from its longevity, Brand 888 is also highly regarded for its simplicity of use. The application process is simple and easy to use, regardless of your level of experience as a professional detailer or do-it-yourself enthusiast. The paint spreads uniformly, sticks well to a variety of surfaces, and dries fast, cutting down on the amount of time needed to finish the task. This makes it a great option for people who want to upgrade the interior of their car without having to take a long time off.

Additionally, Brand 888 is available in an array of hues and textures, enabling automobile owners to customize the interiors to suit their tastes. This paint can accommodate a broad spectrum of aesthetic preferences, from traditional colors to contemporary hues. Because of its adaptability, any car can have a distinctive and fashionable appearance that captures the essence of its owner.

All things considered, Brand 888’s qualities and application technology make it a unique choice for paintwork at auto salons. Its robustness, usability, and aesthetic adaptability come together to offer a complete solution for preserving and improving the look of car interiors. Brand 888 is a dependable option that produces amazing results, whether it is used for routine maintenance or restoration projects.

The purpose of the glue

One liter of Glue 888 Ultra is produced and used to glue torpedo and other car parts with skin made of natural, synthetic, eco-leather, microfiber, and other contemporary materials.

The product can be used at -40 to +120 degrees Celsius because it is made to function in a wide temperature range.

Using the product, you can apply glue to:

  • various automobile materials – upholstery of any type, foam, autolin, carpet, carpet, attaching them to plastic;
  • Products, individual parts from all types of wood, fiberboard, chipboard, glass, rubber, plywood.

Glue is blue

There are several features in the properties and use of Glue 888 Ultra Blue. Its exceptional strength makes it ideal for applying glue to plastic surfaces containing suede or leather components. The composition is chosen to prevent adhesive from causing harm to materials, including real leather.

The product can be used in practically any climate because it can function in both polar and tropical climates. can be achieved as a material consisting of two components or as a single component. The glue becomes more heat-resistant when the hardener is added.

The glue is black

Glue 888 Ultra Red can be used to glue a variety of items, including fabrics, suede, and skin for the car’s interior. Even lower operating temperatures—between -70 and +120 degrees—can be achieved with this material. The product’s other characteristics are the same as those of the glue labeled "blue."

Glue 888 Ultra plus

Glue 888 Ultra+ comes in a two-component agent form; one component acts as the hardener, and the other is the primary composition. The completed tool, Aerosol glue Ultra Plus, is available for purchase as a spray that is prepared for use.

Because not all glues can withstand temperatures between -70 and +300 degrees, this particular glue is special. It works well with any material and is frequently used on intricate reliefs such as dashboards for cars, boats, and airplanes. Any primer is mixed with the substance.

Its disadvantage is that, with too much glue, the material can be disconnected quickly after application by using a specialized purifier (U35).

Dilution of the composition

Adhesives labeled "blue" or "red" must be combined with 888 Ultra U35 solvent by mixing two parts of the adhesive and one part diluent. Small amounts of the latter are added to the glue until it achieves the required density.

The use instructions specify how to dilute the substance 888 ultra plus. An appropriate 888 ultra hardener. Mix one part hardener with ten parts glue. The mixture that results is diluted 3: 1 with 888 Ultra U35. Small amounts of the liquid should be added to the glue until the right consistency is reached.

Take note: You cannot use inappropriate substances for breeding. Liquids such as acetone, toluene, and others are inappropriate!

Surface preparation

A crucial requirement is that every surface that needs to be adhered to be clean and dry. They need to be manually cleared of debris, dust, and fat; wash them if needed. Using fine sandpaper (granularity indicator: 100) to clean up is advised.

After finishing the preparations, the 888 Ultra U35 base needs to be cleaned, and the product needs to air dry.

"Brand 888 provides excellent qualities for paintwork in auto salons, offering a high-gloss, long-lasting finish that improves the look and longevity of interior surfaces. Because Brand 888 has an advanced formulation that ensures smooth application and quick drying, applying it is simple. This paint combines ease of use with excellent results, making it perfect for anyone looking to update or customize the interior of their car with a professional-grade finish."

Application of the material

It will be very challenging to glue the car’s upholstery if you lack a certain level of dexterity. You’ll need a construction hair dryer to get the desired outcome.

The following is the process for using glue that has the labels "blue," "red," and so forth:

  • Lubricate the plastic with glue with a thin brush by 2 – 3 layers until a characteristic shine appears, each layer must dry for 20 – 30 minutes;
  • Gently apply one layer of the product to the glued material without missing the space – for this purpose it is better to use a spray gun;
  • Keep the spray from the surface of the product for 30 – 40 cm;
  • Apply the skin, suede to the plastic surface – glue at this time does not have a strong stickiness, so you can gently lay out the material;
  • After half an hour, use a hairdryer with heating up to 300 – 380 degrees, heating is done in small areas;
  • thoroughly smooth, align the surface in parallel, be sure to use a protective mittens.

There are several features in Glue 888 Ultra+’s application. No later than 12 hours after application on the surface, it should become active. The composition will solidify eventually; using a hairdryer to reheat it won’t work. They press until the temperature drops, and they only work in tiny spaces.

It’s crucial to adjust the hair nozzle’s distance in order to prevent burning the skin or fabric. When the work is finished, you should carefully inspect every area of the upholstery to make sure there are no extraneous areas. A hairdryer must be used to reheat the latter.

Glue consumption

One layer of the product requires one liter, which is sufficient for three to five square meters of sheathing and a plastic surface. In the event that highly porous materials are present, multiply this volume by the estimated number of layers by 1.5. Purchasing funds with a margin is preferable in order to avoid any inconveniences during the transaction.

Removing the material and removal of glue

It so occurs that improper or uneven pasting was done on the skin or other materials. It is necessary to reply. Using adhesives 888 Ultra Red and 888 Ultra Blue makes this much simpler to accomplish. To separate the coating, you must first warm the material to a temperature of approximately +400 degrees from the edges. This will cause the glue to become liquid. It suffices to smooth out the coating or get rid of pasting errors; a fresh layer of glue is not required.

The problem is easier to solve if it occurs close to the coating’s edge. To remove the material, gently dissolve the glue and wet the cotton wool with the U35 cleaner before tearing it off. following reheating and repackaging.

Since the 888 Ultra Plus tool contains hardener, it is not affected by heat. Only a short while after application with U35 can it be peeled off. This diluent dilute fails to remove the glue from the surface.

Property Details
Durability Brand 888 offers long-lasting protection for car interiors.
Application Method Spray evenly and allow to dry for a smooth finish.
Drying Time Dries within 2 hours at room temperature.
Finish Provides a glossy, professional look.
Compatibility Suitable for various car interior materials like leather and plastic.
Coverage One can covers approximately 10 square feet.
Cleaning Clean surface with mild soap before application.
Safety Use in a well-ventilated area and wear protective gear.
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

It’s a wise decision to use brand 888 for car interiors because of its exceptional qualities. This paint has a well-known reputation for being resilient to daily wear and tear. Its ability to withstand stains and scratches guarantees that the interior of your car will always look brand-new. Furthermore, brand 888 provides a range of colors, enabling customization to fit any taste or style.

For brand 888, the application procedure is simple and intuitive. It entails thoroughly cleaning the surface to get rid of any grease or dust, and then, if needed, priming it. To prevent drips or uneven areas, the paint should be applied carefully and uniformly. Because of the comparatively short drying times, the process is effective and takes less time. It is quite possible to achieve a professional finish with the appropriate equipment and methods.

The environmentally friendly formula of brand 888 is one of its most notable qualities. Because of its low volatile organic compound (VOC) composition, it is safer to use on skin and in the environment. This implies that you can work on the interior of your car with confidence, knowing that you’re choosing sustainably without sacrificing quality.

In conclusion, brand 888 is a great choice for anyone wishing to update or personalize the interior of their vehicle. Its eco-friendly qualities, ease of use, and durability make it a strong competitor in the market. For both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, brand 888 offers the supplies you need to produce a long-lasting, high-quality finish.

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