Properties and rules for applying paint for road markings AK-511

For our streets and highways to be safe and well-organized, road markings are essential. AK-511 sticks out from the other paints available for this use because of its special qualities and efficiency. We’ll examine the unique properties of AK-511 paint in this post, along with the fundamental guidelines for using it.

The AK-511 paint is specifically made for road markings and is engineered to endure the difficulties presented by high traffic volumes, harsh weather, and normal wear and tear. Its composition usually consists of binders and long-lasting pigments that guarantee adhesion to road surfaces and long-lasting visibility.

The high reflectivity of AK-511 paint is one of its primary characteristics, as it improves visibility in both day and nighttime conditions. This feature is crucial for maintaining road markings’ clarity and visibility for cars, pedestrians, and other users of the road, which improves road safety in general.

The quick-drying nature of AK-511 paint is another noteworthy feature that makes application efficient and causes the least amount of disturbance to traffic. In order to achieve uniform coverage and adhesion to the road surface, as well as to maximize the effectiveness of this paint, proper application techniques are essential.

To get the best results when applying AK-511 paint, there are a few rules and guidelines that must be followed. These include using the right tools and application methods, as well as performing adequate surface preparation such as cleaning and priming the road surface to guarantee good adhesion.

All things considered, AK-511 paint provides a dependable option for road marking applications by fusing longevity, visibility, and simplicity of use. Road authorities can maintain legible and functional markings that make roads safer and more orderly by being aware of their properties and following the application guidelines.

Property Rule for Application
Durability Ensure proper surface preparation before application to maximize durability.
Visibility Apply in sufficient thickness and use appropriate glass beads for enhanced visibility, especially in low-light conditions.
Drying Time Allow adequate drying time as per manufacturer"s recommendations before allowing traffic.
Temperature Avoid application in extreme temperatures; ideal application temperature is typically between 50°F and 90°F (10°C and 32°C).

The purpose of the paint

GOST R 52575-2006 compliant enamel is used to mark the AK-511 road and to apply security lines on public roads. The enamel is ideal for the following coatings and is meant for tracks with intense to moderate movement:

  • cement concrete;
  • Asphalt concrete.

Paint-applied horizontal road markings are also frequently utilized in areas close to airfields, parking lots, and warehouses. Instead of using black material to mark roads, it is used to paint over the old marking. Special glass rods are added to the enamel as additives to guarantee the marking of retroreflective properties. Applications of the funds on the category’s roads 1-4 are acceptable, according to GOST.

Composition and properties of the material

The marking enamel is made up of different pigments and fillers that have been diluted in an acrylic copolymer with the addition of modifying additives. The certificate of conformance and other technical documentation list the material’s properties. These are the principal ones:

  • high brightness coefficient;
  • providing excellent visibility for drivers in dark and bright days of day;
  • quick drying – in just 15-30 minutes;
  • good adhesion to the surface;
  • high wear resistance and hiding place;
  • Lack of damage at sharp changes in temperature.

Crucial! Because it is resistant to salts, chemistry, water, fuel, and lubricants, the road marking will last for a very long time.

Even in inclement weather, marking is evident when glass rods are added. By doing this, you can lower the number of traffic accidents.

The characteristics of the product

The primary parameters of the AK-511 paint are reflected in its technical characteristics, which should be examined prior to use:

  • The created coating is smooth, even, with a homogeneous texture, without extraneous inclusions;
  • viscosity according to the device Viscimeter Z-246 at a temperature of +20 degrees-80–160 C;
  • The proportion of the dry residue is 75%;
  • adhesion of the coating – 1 b;
  • the time of complete enamel drying at a temperature of +20 degrees is 30 minutes;
  • brightness – 70%;
  • Material density – 1.4 g/sq. cm;
  • The degree of re -trotter is 70 microns;
  • Light resistance of the coating – 8 hours;
  • Resistance to water action – 72 hours, to the action of a solution of sodium chloride – 72 hours, to the action of gasoline – 20 minutes.

Color solutions

According to GOST, AK-511 paint is white, matte, and shouldn’t have any unnecessary colors. Additionally, the AK-511 sprinter’s enamel is created and colored pigments are added. Paint colors: red, black, orange, and yellow.

We explore the primary characteristics and crucial rules for using AK-511 paint for road markings in this article. We’ll analyze its toughness, reflectivity, and adhesion to surfaces to show how these qualities make road markings safer and more useful. We offer useful advice for maintaining the longevity and visibility of road markings, which is essential for improving traffic control and road safety. This advice covers everything from the best application methods to environmental factors.

Preparation for work

Enamel work should only be done in dry weather conditions. The coating is as thoroughly free of dust and debris as possible. Air humidity does not go above 85%, and air temperature ranges from +5 to +30 degrees.

Before painting, the paint is thoroughly worked until all of the precipitate is gone. After mixing, give the mixture an additional 10 minutes to get rid of the bubbles. You can use a variety of solvents to dilute. The instructions for use specify how to dilute; acetone, R-4, Toluol, ethylacetate, and butyl acetate can all be used. The solvent content as a percentage of the material’s total mass is limited to 15%. When taking a break from work, the product needs to be well sealed and kneaded again before continuing.

Methods of application

The product can be applied with a roller, brush, or spray. The spray nozzle is 20–30 cm away from the surface. Depending on the device’s brand, the operating mode is chosen. Paint is usually applied in 1-2 layers. 400–600 g/sq. m. are consumed. Paint is applied to glass rods at a rate of 300 g/sq. m coatings.

Wet road surfaces are not permitted for application, and the material cannot be diluted with kerosene, gasoline, or water. Clean the apparatus using toluol. Depending on the air temperature (the higher the temperature, the faster the coating dries), drivers can use the road 15 to 30 minutes after the enamel has been applied.

Selecting the appropriate paint for road markings is essential to guaranteeing their longevity and safety. The exceptional qualities of AK-511 paint, which is designed especially for road marking applications, make it stand out. It is an excellent option for designating different traffic lanes and symbols due to its short drying time, excellent visibility, and durability.

The quick drying time of AK-511 paint is one of its main benefits, as it enables speedy application and reduces traffic disruption. This is especially crucial for road marking projects, where timely completion and efficiency are crucial. Rapid drying also minimizes the chance of smudging or fading because the markings can be made ready for traffic in a short amount of time.

Additionally, AK-511 paint provides better visibility in inclement weather and low light levels. By guaranteeing that markings are always visible and readable by drivers, this improves road safety by reducing the likelihood of accidents and facilitating efficient traffic flow. Because of its high reflectivity, it is especially well suited for usage on busy urban and highway roadways.

Furthermore, AK-511 paint has outstanding resistance to deterioration, extending the life of road markings and lowering the frequency of maintenance requirements. Its resilience to high traffic volumes, inclement weather, and other environmental elements that can hasten deterioration is crucial. Thus, roads painted with AK-511 paint continue to be visible and functional for a considerable amount of time.

To sum up, AK-511 paint is a great option for road marking projects because it combines high visibility, quick drying time, and durability. The effectiveness and longevity of AK-511 markings can be maximized by road authorities and contractors by following the recommended application guidelines and taking environmental factors and surface preparation into consideration. This will ultimately improve road safety and efficiency for all users.

Video on the topic

AK 511 opening, application, drying

Application of road paint AK 511 with an airless painting device HYVST SPT 440

Paint AK 511. Painted a concrete floor.

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