PERLFIX mounting glue – characteristics, rules of application and reviews

A versatile adhesive that is frequently used in building and renovation projects is PERLFIX mounting glue. Well-known for its powerful adhesive capabilities, PERLFIX works especially well for attaching drywall, insulating boards, and other comparable materials. For both experienced builders and do-it-yourselfers searching for a stable, long-lasting adhesive, this product provides a dependable option.

The simplicity of application of PERLFIX mounting glue is one of its main features. It is ready to use out of the box, making application simple and quick without requiring extra preparation. Because of its superior adhesion properties, materials are kept securely in place, lowering the possibility of future detachment or movement. Furthermore, PERLFIX is a flexible option for various projects because it is made to perform well on a range of surfaces, such as plaster, brick, and concrete.

PERLFIX is easy to use and effective. To ensure an even distribution, the glue is usually applied directly onto the surface in the form of dots or strips. It is best to wait a short while after pressing the material into place to give the adhesive time to properly set. This guarantees a strong and durable relationship. To get the best results, it is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for application and drying times.

Positive customer reviews emphasize the robust adhesion and user-friendliness of PERLFIX mounting glue. Its ability to securely fasten heavy materials without the use of mechanical fasteners is something that many users find appealing. Nonetheless, given how quickly the glue sets, some reviews stress the need for speed. All things considered, PERLFIX is commended for its dependability and effectiveness in a variety of building and remodeling projects.

Features and advantages

The Perlphix mounting adhesive is designed especially for use with drywall and is based on gypsum. Its superior adhesive qualities allow for dependable fixation without the need for additional fastening with this particular material.

Citation! In areas with a natural moisture level, Perlfix works well for fixing drywall, mineral wool, gypsum panels, polystyrene foam, and foam.

When using special glue, the manufacturer offers a warranty for several decades of coating service. The scope is essentially restricted to face work.

Properties of the Perlfix for drywall composition:

  • The temperature of using the finished solution is from 5 to 30 degrees.
  • Can be used in conditions with moderate humidity.
  • Stagnation – 7 days.
  • Gap of seams, surface load – after solidification.
  • Storage in the original packaging – six months.
  • There are no components harmful to humans.
  • The optimal layer for high -quality fixation is 2 cm.
  • Vitality after cooking – half an hour.

Adhesive comes pre-kneaded. Hardeners and other components do not need to be added. combined only with cold, purified water.

There are limitations when it comes to using glue. It works well in both typical and slightly higher humidity levels. However, it cannot be utilized in areas where there is a constant increase in moisture or where there is a possibility of water contact.

It’s crucial to take precautions when working with glue to ensure dependable fixation for many years. If the working surface is not processed, the adhesive composition will quickly lose its usability.

The ease of cooking with KNAUF glue is a significant benefit. After receiving pasty paste, it is simple to knead because of its ideal consistency for work.

The adhesive mixture is not without flaws. For instance, a protracted drying time. In a week, the hardening process is finished. This is because of the ingredients that make up the glue. The material becomes incredibly resilient after drying, offering long-lasting, high-quality fastening. All work must be suspended while the material dries, as doing so could encourage the formation of cracks.

It is also not very much—you can adjust the blocks and sheets for five to ten minutes. It is best to lay as soon as possible because glue loses its elasticity quickly. The glue will run out of reach in ten minutes, and your efforts will have been in vain.


Knauf Perlfix glue is made of simple ingredients. It contains polymers and natural gypsum, which will determine the material’s final color. Glue satisfies quality certification requirements, ensuring that it is appropriate for the specified task. Following the maxim "minimum costs – maximum quality," the manufacturer creates incredibly high-quality goods.

Types of glue knauf

Every KNAUF composition serves a specific function. Although Perlfix glue is designed for use with drywall, it can also be applied to blocks, PGP, and various other surfaces.

The final glue Perlfix possesses the subsequent features:

  • Improved adhesion to certain materials, due to the inclusion of polymers.
  • Resistance to mechanical factors.
  • Can be used for putty work.
  • Minor moisture resistance.
  • Grasping in 30 minutes.
  • Application in conditions from 5 to 30 degrees.
  • Can be used for unheated buildings.

Counseling! Perlfix works best when used at a temperature between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. Exfoliation is possible with too low or high indicators.

The covering of bases on gypsum-based sheets is the primary function of the glue. One of the most widely used tools for this is Perlfix.

Perlfix glue comes in two varieties: regular and Perlfix GV, which includes gypsum fiber in addition to the glue. Their degrees of adherence to particular grounds vary. However, each glue can only be applied internally. Since its type is not particularly significant, it can be combined with nearly any basis. Nonetheless, careful consideration should be given to the selection of premium soil. KNAUF compositions work well when combined with polystyrene foam to create insulating materials.

The form of release

Glue is packed in special bags weighing 15 and 30 kg. There is a six-month shelf life. The packaging offers multiple layers of security. Because the composition contains gypsum, it must only be stored in a dry environment. To avoid damping, it is preferable to place the bag on the pallet.

Refer to this: Should the package be damaged, the mixture needs to be refilled into the original dense bag after being sprinkled into another one.

How to calculate the consumption

It is crucial to determine how much material will be needed before beginning any work. He rapidly solidifies and becomes inappropriate after mixing. This can be avoided with calculation, which saves money. The amount of mixture per square meter, or standard, is used to calculate consumption.

On the package, the manufacturer always states how much of the mixture is consumed. Perlfix uses five kilograms. It is inevitable that this meaning will be interpreted differently depending on the circumstances. There are at least three different ways to lay, and the amount of means needed varies for each.

How to use it correctly

The mixture must be mixed with water in a ratio of 2:1, or 15 l of liquid for every 30 kg of powder, in order to produce high-quality glue, per the instructions.

Crucial! The mixture is poured out after the container has been filled with water. Altering the sequence will cause lumps to form and make the work more difficult. Additionally, the glue’s viability will be lowered if the mixing bowl and tools are not clean.

It is preferable to use a mixer set at low speeds to knead the product in plastic containers. The solution should be well mixed to produce a homogenous mass.

Prior to using Percane glue, the working area needs to be ready:

  • All pollution, particles of old coating, dust are removed.
  • The surface is treated with a primer (if it is prone to absorption of moisture).

The completed glue is applied in a checkerboard pattern to the cladding pointly in a layer of two centimeters. With the wall, the same procedure is followed. The material is then quickly fixed in its proper location. The next step is to leve it; the level can be used for this.

Sometimes, when mixing in a standard proportion, you will notice that the mixture is either too dry or not viscous enough. To achieve the required consistency, you must then add water or mixtures. It is necessary to continuously mix the solution.

Small amounts of glue should be cooked. This holds true when using the composition for the lining as well. You cannot glue the entire wall in 20 minutes, so you must work in stages, giving each sheet the appropriate amount of time before moving on to the next.

The solution is applied along the middle line if the drywall is less than one centimeter thick. Two rows of funds are required for a thicker sheet. Alternatively, you can cover the whole surface of the facing material with glue in the shape of a checkerboard.

Consumer opinions about Perlfix

There are many advantages to the glue composition of Knauf’s Perlfix for both lovers and professionals. There are no problems at all if you handle the task with all the subtleties involved in using glue.

The Perlfix mix has the following benefits, as mentioned:

  • The glue reliably holds the sheets on the basis, therefore, no additional mount should be used.
  • The composition is available, its cost is low – about 200 rubles per bag.
  • It’s easy to work with the mixture, simple and understandable instructions on the packaging.
  • The solution can be used not only as glue, but also as a putty, for example, when sealing the seams after fixing gypsum -plated plates.
  • Environmentally friendly composition, the product is not dangerous for humans.

Reference: Wear gloves when working to prevent skin irritation and dryness.

Analogs of Perlfix

The following adhesive production companies compete with KNAUF:

  • By proc – dry high -quality mixtures, are used at temperatures up to 25 degrees. For fixation, you need a smaller layer of solution – up to 1 cm.

  • Volma Installation – almost similar to the perlphics, composition with the same properties. Both can be used without problems for internal facing work. However, the Volma Installation has a smaller period of complete solidification – the day. The latter is consumed in a smaller amount – up to 3 kg per meter, because it can be called more profitable and convenient for conducting facing internal work.

  • Fugenfüller is a universal putty that is often used to fix drywall. Mixed only by manually. The mixture is much larger than the perlphics.

Characteristic PERLFIX mounting glue is a strong adhesive suitable for various surfaces.
Application Apply a thin layer of PERLFIX glue on clean, dry surfaces and press firmly for optimal adhesion.
Reviews Users praise PERLFIX for its reliability and ease of use, especially for DIY projects.

For a dependable bonding solution for a range of applications, including industrial and home repairs, PERLFIX mounting glue is available. Because of its special qualities, it can be used to bond a variety of materials, such as ceramics, metal, plastic, and wood. Strong and long-lasting bonds are guaranteed by PERLFIX’s strong adhesive qualities and short curing time.

The simplicity of application of PERLFIX mounting glue is one of its main advantages. You’ll be pleased with how easy it is to use whether you’re a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself enthusiast. Simply cover the surfaces you wish to join with glue, press them firmly together, and allow the glue to do its magic. PERLFIX simplifies the bonding process, requiring less setup and cleanup time, which saves you time and energy.

The dependability and efficiency of PERLFIX mounting glue have been commended by users. Numerous people have shared positive bonding experiences while working on a range of tasks, from putting together complex crafts to fixing broken furniture. It is the preferred adhesive for both small-scale jobs and major construction projects due to its strong hold and adaptability. PERLFIX consistently produces excellent results, whether you’re building a new structure or tightening a loose handle.

To sum up, PERLFIX mounting glue is an excellent option for effectively and securely joining materials. Its robust adhesive qualities, simplicity of use, and favorable user feedback make it a dependable choice for a variety of bonding applications. No matter if you’re a professional contractor, a do-it-yourself enthusiast, or somewhere in between, PERLFIX has a dependable fix for any bonding problems you may run into.

PERLFIX mounting glue is a multipurpose adhesive that is well-liked by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers due to its powerful bonding properties, ease of application, and short setting time. This post explores its salient features and offers a comprehensive how-to for using it in a variety of projects. We’ll also share user reviews to provide you with a comprehensive picture of its dependability and performance in practical applications.

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