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Professionals and car enthusiasts alike are constantly searching for unique ways to enhance their cars. Using Hameleon paint is one of the most visually arresting ways to accomplish this. This unusual paint type creates a dynamic and eye-catching effect that draws attention on the road by changing color based on lighting and angle.

The way hameleon paint produces a spectrum of colors is by using unique pigments that refract light in different ways. The color of the car changes with the viewing angle, giving it a chameleon-like appearance. For those who wish to give their car a unique and dynamic look, this creative paint is ideal.

When it comes to applying Hameleon paint, it takes a little more skill than regular car paint. To get the desired result, the process requires precise application techniques and multiple layers. But the amazing outcomes—which turn a regular car into a showpiece—make the effort worthwhile.

Apart from its visual allure, Hameleon paint provides useful advantages. It can offer a layer of defense against UV rays and small scratches, assisting in maintaining the paint job of the vehicle. Any car owner would find this paint to be a worthwhile investment because, with the right maintenance, it can retain its vivid and shifting colors for years.

Feature Description
Color changing Hameleon paint shifts color depending on the viewing angle.
Application Can be applied to cars for a unique, eye-catching finish.

The principle of coating

Artificial pigments are used in this original paint. The way light rays with different wavelengths are refracted and reflected at different corners on the painted surface creates the effect. Fine-grained particles, approximately 1 μm in length, are present at various levels within pigment layers.

It looks like a hamburger with multiple thin layers:

  1. Central, main color based on aluminum and chromium oxides, also a toner or substrate – this color is refracted by means of microcosure applied after it.
  2. Basic, providing the effect of iridescent tones in different lighting and from different points of view. The position of the microparticles matters.
  3. High -quality autolac, also applied 2-3 times on top of the painted parts of the car.

The desired mirror effect is produced by combining translucent and transparent layers. The thickness of the metal oxide-based toner controls the wavelength’s length, but it also affects the waves’ color—blue, yellow, or red—and the type of reflection—whether it is suppressed or reflected, or what hues an observer will see from various viewpoints.

Typically, tones of black and white are selected. However, experimenting with more conspicuous and vivid shades is acceptable.

The color scheme is varied because different pigments are mixed with different layer thicknesses; it can be green, red, blue, purple, yellow, blue, white, gray, or any other color with incredibly amazing shade combinations.

Advantages of the coating

The characteristics of hameleon automotive coating are as follows:

  • creates protection for the surface of the machine, like ordinary enamel;
  • The car favorably distinguishes, turns it into an exclusive work of art;
  • increases the level of safety (a car that changes color is too noticeable and thereby unattractive for hijackers).If you, by the family of classes or just if desired, you need to make an unforgettable impression on others – the best option cannot be invented.

Assortment of the palette

  1. Bronze. Soft tinted transitions from saturated red to golden (T 10-00).
  2. Violet. Shades change from the original to deep-blue, dense green and silver (T10-01).
  3. Arctic. It seems that the game of tones imitates the northern lights: from the shade of turquoise to silver, bright red, golden (T10-05).
  4. Autumn. The machine changes the colors as an autumn sheet: from bright green becomes reddish-golden red.
  5. Tropics. Again from greenery – in silver, red and orange. From the "autumn" version is characterized by the presence of silver tones and sparkles in the composition (T10-08).

Application technology

It is essential to set up the workspace, gather the required equipment, and prepare the car itself before beginning work:

  1. In boxing, garage should be clean and warm, you need good ventilation or ventilation.
  2. It is important to install bright lighting – it is enough to combine two halogen lamps and one fluorescent.
  3. For staining, you need a gun (spray gun), it is better to take a professional, having a normal compressor.
  4. It is necessary to eliminate the old coating, reject and putting the working area to perfect smoothness and impeccable cleanliness, then properly primed.
  5. You need to wash and degrease the future front of the work.

Since this paint is expensive, it is best to take the time to prepare the ideal surface before applying it. The most magnificent chameleon shimmers at different angles on sleek surfaces. The car will appear more gorgeous when painted with smoother lines. Remember that the color promised is intended to be used with a black substrate. Additional tones will yield different shades.

  1. Apply a layer of toner evenly, holding a spray gun (set pressure by 2.1–3.2 bar) at a distance of 30 to 40 cm from the working area. Try to work quickly, confidently, without fluxes – the substrate dries in 10-15 minutes.
  2. Until the toner has dried to the end, spray the base layer of the chameleon.
  3. 2-5 minutes after drying the base, apply the following layers, drying each for 5-7 minutes. You can apply from 2 to 7 additional layers, depending on the desired effect.
  4. After the chameleon dries, you should cover the car with high -quality car varnish 2-3 times. Take away from 10 to 15 minutes to dry.

Apply the base layer and any subsequent layers sparingly—the effect will be ruined by thick layers. Varnish serves as a shield. It’s no longer frightening to use chemical detergents on your car during car washouts.

Car chameleon paint is a cutting-edge automotive coating that provides a dynamic and striking finish by changing color based on the angle of light. This paint produces a captivating effect that makes any vehicle stand out. It is also referred to as flip-flop or color-shifting paint. It’s a great option for auto enthusiasts who want to give their car a distinctive, contemporary look that will spark conversation as well as visual appeal. In addition to improving the car’s aesthetic appeal, chameleon paint gives it a more sophisticated and unique look.

Approximate prices for painting

Costs increase in direct proportion to the size of the discolored surface. The painting of the exterior mirror is the least expensive, starting at 2,000 rubles. Wing staining is from 5,000 and front panel staining is from 4,500. The hood for each (and the back more) is from 7800.

Total painting (including preparatory work costs): 86–145 thousand. There will be a surcharge of 30-50% if you need to do it immediately.

Hameleon paint is a distinctive and alluring way to improve your car’s look. Because of its chameleon-like properties, the paint can change color based on the lighting and angle, producing a striking and dynamic effect. For individuals who want to make a big impression with their car and stand out on the road, this creative paint is ideal.

For optimal results, applying hameleon paint requires skill and careful preparation. To guarantee that the color transitions are seamless and exquisite, it requires a number of layers and exact application techniques. Even though it might be more complicated than regular car paints, the gorgeous outcome makes the effort and cost worthwhile.

Cars painted with Hameleon require similar maintenance to that of any other high-quality paint job. Consistent cleaning, applying wax, and shielding the paint from adverse environmental conditions will help maintain its vivid look. Wherever you go, Hameleon paint can continue to astonish and draw attention for many years with the right maintenance.

All things considered, Hameleon paint is a great option for auto enthusiasts looking to improve the appearance of their car. Its distinct color-shifting abilities give it a distinctive appearance that is captivating and contemporary. You can turn your car into a genuine work of art with Hameleon paint, giving it a unique look and feel that makes it stand out from the crowd.

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