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The well-known adhesive brand "Glue the Moment" is renowned for its strength and adaptability. This glue can be a dependable option whether you’re working on a small craft project or a larger repair task. To get the most out of this useful product, it is imperative to comprehend the various varieties that are available and their unique applications.

"Glue the Moment" has many varieties, each suited to various materials and uses, which is one of its main advantages. For example, different formulations are available for wood, plastic, metal, and even fabric. This guarantees that there will always be a "Glue the Moment" product to suit the demands of your project.

Apart from its diversity, the adhesive provides a number of noteworthy benefits. It usually hardens fast, forming a solid bond in a brief period of time. It is therefore perfect for last-minute projects or urgent repairs. Additionally, a lot of its formulations are made to withstand heat and water, guaranteeing longevity and durability under a variety of circumstances.

Like any product, "Glue the Moment" is not without its flaws, though. Certain varieties can be fairly strong, which is excellent for long-term fixes but not the best if you need to make adjustments or remove the bond in the future. Furthermore, even though the quick setting time is frequently advantageous, it can present a problem for precise applications where adjustments are required.

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of "Glue the Moment" will enable you to select the best item for your requirements. The success of your projects can be greatly impacted by knowing when and how to use this adhesive effectively, whether you’re a professional craftsman, a do-it-yourself enthusiast, or someone in need of a fast home repair.

Varieties Scope, Pros and Cons
Quick-drying glue Good for small projects, dries fast but may not be very strong
Super glue (cyanoacrylate) Excellent for bonding small items quickly, but can be brittle and not suitable for all materials
Wood glue (PVA) Ideal for wood projects, strong bond but requires longer drying time
Epoxy resin Very strong bond, versatile, but has a longer curing time and can be messy to use


In actuality, the glue sold under the brand name "moment" has roughly 100 marks. They are available as stationery, adhesive, wallpaper compositions, second, contact, and other forms.

Note: The adhesive composition of the moment is available in any form that is practical for use, such as alkalin batteries, adhesive tape, and sealants.

The term "glue the moment" refers to a general term for a class of adhesive mixtures. However, the unique components that make up each product’s composition can improve specific functions and have an impact on the clutch’s material quality. It is important to take into account the most common species found in building supply stores.

Take note! Each type of glue comes with comprehensive usage instructions that let you use the product correctly and according to its intended use to get a result that is dependable, long-lasting, and of excellent quality.

"Moment Gel Crystal"

This type of glue has the consistency of a transparent gel because it contains a variety of thickeners. As a result, this material applies easily, doesn’t leave adhesive streams behind, and doesn’t spread across the surface.

Take note: One benefit of glue the moment gel is that it causes the seam to crystallize after it hardens. Good surface adhesion is provided by the glue, which makes the finished seam exceptionally durable. Its distinctive blue packaging sets it apart from other varieties.

"Moment of installation"

Glue is made expressly to fix different finishes during repair. You can work with walls, ceilings, and floors as well as vertical and horizontal bases. Locate the "Moment of installation" waterproof glue, which dries quickly. Alternatively, use "liquid nails," which come in handy tubes designed to fit mounting pistols. Using a trigger to apply glue is a convenient method. In addition, the material has a gel-like consistency that resists spreading on the surface.

"Super moment"

The glue "Super Moment" is made up of a number of ingredients that facilitate quickening the solidification process. It is therefore distinguished by a stronger gluing force. Remember that this glue dries quickly, so you’ll need to dock and glue the surfaces right away while working.

Note: The master will only have a few seconds to connect the parts or material elements after opening the package and applying the composition to the surface.

"Moment 1 Classic"

"Moment Classic 1" glue is regarded as one of the widely used types meant for home use. It is a composition that is truly universal and can be used to fasten any kind of material or surface. It can be used to connect parts in different configurations and repair any kind of structure.

Glue "PVA carpenter"

The "PVA carpenter" will be a great choice if glue is required to attach the tree and its derivatives. utilized in all woodworking-related industries. This can involve repairs on an industrial scale, minor and major construction projects, interior item repairs, and other objectives. The PVA carpenter glue is frequently a very helpful tool when assembling and repairing wooden furniture.

Wallpaper glue "Moment"

There are currently many different types of glue available for adhering wallpaper. Every species is intended for a particular kind of wall covering. During operation, the compositions add unique ingredients that stop mold and fungus from growing and spreading.


Glue is made in compliance with GOST and is realized in domestic spaces.

It stands out for the following technical reasons:

  • The abbreviated period of solidification provides convenience and ease of working with glue. The connected joint or seam quickly dries, and the glued item can be operated one day after glue processing.
  • It does not crack during operation, allows you to use a repaired or glued thing with convenience, gives it a neat and high -quality view.
  • The water resistance of the composition allows you to use it for gluing rubber used to produce boats, boots and other objects in contact with water. After gluing things with glue, the moment you can not be afraid of random water ingress on them.
  • Transparency – most of the presented varieties of glue, the moment has a transparent consistency, therefore, in some cases, repair and gluing manages very carefully. Seams and places of connection are almost invisible, and sometimes completely invisible.
  • Accessibility – not only are different types of glue the moment have a democratic price, they can still be found in any stores and supermarkets. No need to go to special construction supermarkets to purchase this adhesive composition. But in the nearby stores you can find far from all varieties of glue the moment, but only those that are suitable for household needs.
  • Issue in different packages of various volumes. A variety of glue “Moment 1 Classic” can be found in tubes of 30, 50, 125 and even 750 ml. The most minimal packaging is suitable for working with small areas.

Counseling! In the event that volumetric construction work is involved, big packages must be bought. They will last longer, be more cost-effective, and be simpler to work with in large quantities. In order to prevent the glue from drying out too much, the manufacturer released it into specially designed containers meant for long-term use. Packages up to 3 kg in weight and even 10-liter canisters are available.

Negative sides

Glue comes in rubber, classic, universal, and other varieties. It has many benefits and features, but it also has some drawbacks.

  • Quite a few fakes that contain harmful and toxic components.
  • The presence of a specific smell.
  • The difficulty of cleansing the skin from glue, accidentally falling on its surface and managed to dry out.

It’s critical to understand! Because of the characteristics of their chemical composition, polypropylene and polyethylene cannot be joined with any type of glue.

Due to its quick-setting qualities, "Glue the Moment" is a versatile adhesive that is frequently used for a variety of do-it-yourself and household repairs. This article examines the various varieties of "Glue the Moment," their unique uses, and the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing this well-liked glue. Whether you’re crafting, bonding wood, or repairing a broken ceramic, knowing the capabilities and limitations of "Glue the Moment" will help you select the best product for the job and guarantee long-lasting, successful fixes.

Application area

There are many uses for Glue the Moment. This can be used as a fix for common issues like mending shoes, taping a broken handle, and setting global goals like painting rooms, assembling furniture, or even building.

The most widely used application areas are:

  • "Moment Gel Crystal" is suitable for the repair of various damaged and broken items.
  • “Moment of installation” in the composition has fine -fractional fillers and therefore can be used in construction and repair activities.
  • “Super moment” is a universal composition that allows you to work with almost any materials in the house and beyond. He can not only glue, but also align the surfaces, mask the irregularities on them.
  • “Moment 1 Classic” has a wide range of application, it can be used to glue absolutely any surfaces and materials.
  • "PVA carpenter" – glue is designed to work with a tree. But other, both natural and artificial materials can glue.

It’s crucial! Rubber, universal, or any other type of glue should not be used to attach dishes that come into contact with food or that are submerged in hot water.

Adhesive "Moment" is a multipurpose, commonly used product that is available in different varieties to meet diverse requirements. For a wide range of materials, this glue offers sturdy and dependable bonds, suitable for both industrial and domestic use. Because of its simplicity of use, both professionals and do-it-yourselfers choose it.

The quick drying time of Glue "Moment" is one of its key benefits, as it enables quick project completion. It’s also renowned for having a strong adhesiveness, which guarantees long-lasting bonds and repairs. Users must, however, be mindful of its potent smell and the necessity of adequate ventilation when utilizing it. Furthermore, even though it works great with a lot of materials, not all surfaces will work well with it, so make sure it’s compatible before using.

Because of its efficiency and portability, Glue "Moment" is still a popular option for many people despite a few minor flaws. This adhesive can be the answer you need, whether you’re working on a bigger project or mending a broken item at home. Applying Glue "Moment" correctly and taking safety measures will help you get long-lasting, expert results.

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