Figures on the body: how to choose or cook paint for body art

Body art turns the skin into a living canvas and is an enthralling way to express oneself. The right paint is essential whether you want to create bold statements or intricate designs. Not all paints are meant to be applied to the skin, and choosing the incorrect kind can cause irritation or other health problems.

Safety, durability, and ease of use are important considerations when choosing paint for body art. Body paints are made especially to be safe for direct skin contact and non-toxic. Water-based, alcohol-based, and hybrid paints are among the different varieties available; the advantages of each type vary based on your requirements and the length of time the artwork will be displayed.

If you’d rather work with your hands, you can even use basic household ingredients to create your own body paint at home. By doing this, you can guarantee that the paint is safe for your skin and maintain quality control. To get the right consistency and color intensity, common ingredients include lotion, cornstarch, and food coloring.

Make your own or buy commercial body paints; the important thing is to put comfort and safety first. Before applying a new paint heavily, test it on a small area of skin. Also, always make sure you follow the application and removal instructions exactly. You can create a stunning, transient work of art on your body with the correct paint and a little imagination.

Criteria Details
Choosing Paint Select skin-friendly, non-toxic, and easy to wash off paint. Water-based paints are often the best choice.
Preparation Ensure the skin is clean and dry. Test a small area for any allergic reactions.
Application Use brushes, sponges, or airbrushes. Start with light colors and build up to darker shades.
Safety Avoid sensitive areas like eyes and mouth. Make sure the room is well-ventilated.
Aftercare Wash off the paint gently with soap and water. Moisturize the skin to prevent dryness.

Types of paints for body art

Multiple body coatings exist. Products are made in accordance with:

  • water (aquagrim);
  • alcohol solution;
  • valuable oils;
  • silicone;
  • Chocolate.

Consistency causes the coating to occur:

  • liquid;
  • creamy;
  • pressed.

Categorization through the release method:

  • crayons;
  • pencils;
  • Markers;
  • glitter;
  • Sprays.

Additionally, the ways in which these products are applied vary. Dye can be made to work on the face, body, hands, or legs, among other body parts.

How the composition is applied

Nowadays, body art paint can be applied to the skin in a variety of ways. The decision is based on the intricacy of the design, where it is located (e.g., the coating), the client’s capacity, and the amount of time allotted for the task. Each of the approaches is able to be used in combination.

Basic guidelines for producing a high-quality drawing:

  1. Before proceeding with the chopper option, you should draw a sketch of the future image (you can train on paper, make a stencil).
  2. It is necessary to first remove the hairs from the skin, clean it and cover with a moisturizer.
  3. First of all, you need to create a background, and then, after drying, draw parts and shadows (if the image is voluminous).
  4. When the drawing is ready, you can additionally decorate it with rhinestones or decorate it in another way.

Brush and sponge

Generally speaking, the background of the image is created by the sponge, and the details are drawn using the brush. Brushes come in various sizes and compositions. The customer’s preferences and the chosen drawing will determine the ultimate choice. The most important factor is that the extra bristles are not protruding, which could cause strokes.

There are drawbacks to a comparable coating application technique, despite the fact that it doesn’t require expensive materials:

  • The creation of images on the body is a very laborious process;
  • paint in most cases is applied uneven.

For creativity, purchasing brushes and sponges from a store is preferable. Cosmetic salon tools should not be used for applying makeup.


Certain manufacturers create customized items that are safe and allow children to express their creativity using water. The benefits of these markers

  • The applied layer does not crack;
  • When stretching the skin, the image does not wrinkle.

Nevertheless, because markers are tiny, you can’t use them to compose a big space. If not, the artist will need to be very patient and persistent, and the work will take a long time.

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This takes less time and produces the best results when applying coating for body art. Due to the high expense of equipment, commercial uses predominate (professional photo shoots, for example). Using an airbrush, the paint is applied evenly to the skin; it does not crack or exfoliate after drying.

A person who is just starting to learn about body art may find it challenging to choose a coloring composition from the vast array of products displayed on store shelves. Which brands are the most well-known and trusted?


The German producer holds a dominant position in the Russian market and provides airbrush liquids, pressed materials, and unique brilliance for bodyless. Mark is actively used by both professional and amateur artists. The range of shades is extensive:

  • mother -of -pearl;
  • satin;
  • luminous and shimmering in the dark;
  • metallic.

The can contains an aerosol varnish that is produced. It is possible to spray it on hair in addition to skin.

Airbrush Air Stream

Items made by the producer Kryolan. Apply a spray of airography technique to the face and body. Because of its extremely liquid consistency, it is not appropriate for brush manipulation. You can dilute the coloring compounds with regular water.


This brand is coated for professional stage makeup and circus acts in addition to body art. The assortment is exemplified by face and body paints, glitter, specialty powder, etc. You can create even the most intricate images with a broad palette of shades.

Make-up Atelier Paris

This French brand not only produces high-quality cosmetics but also body-impeaching makeup. The primary benefits of the product are:

  • bright shades (matte or mother -of -pearl);
  • Plasticity of the material;
  • a wide line of creamy and pressed products;
  • ease of application and washing;
  • Resistance.


Water paint with a silicon base is made especially for bodyipeting. Made in Taiwan, the composition is translucent, and airbrushing it is a simple task. The coating has no overpowering smell and dries very quickly. You can combine different palette options to create new colors. Using the brand’s specific diluent is preferable.

  • Sold in comfortable bottles equipped with a dispenser;
  • can be applied in various ways;
  • does not contain toxic and other harmful components;
  • dries quickly and easily washed off.


English creamy compositions made with water are appropriate for both novice and professional body artists. The content is only utilized in this way:

  1. Slightly moisturize the brush or sponge.
  2. Grind the paint right in the bank.
  3. Apply to the face, hands or other parts of the body.

Every time you need to rinse the brush and another tool thoroughly, change the shade. The jar should be kept in a dark, dry place in its original packaging, with the lid securely closed. On skin that is irritated, the product should not be applied. To identify or rule out an allergic reaction, it is preferable to test the composition on a small portion of the body prior to use.


A German company makes paint in the shapes of crayons, makeup pencils, and finger painting supplies. It is appropriate for children’s creativity because the coating’s ingredients are safe, even for delicate skin. Suitable for application on the face and body.


Benefits of domestically produced pencil colors:

  • made on a natural plant basis;
  • easily applied;
  • do not get dirty;
  • easily washed off the skin with soap or makeup removal;
  • If you get into clothes, the spots will disappear after the standard washing cycle.

New morning

The Russian coloring compositions are packaged in tiny 27 ml bottles, but one package can create over 100 images on the skin. For up to two days, the paint remains on the surface due to its high persistence. You have the option of selecting a material that glows in the dark or when exposed to UV light, in addition to the standard texture. When using a stencil, it is worthwhile to remove it until the coating dries out so as not to compromise the drawing’s structure.

Edible products for the body

In the market for creative products, coloring books based on protein cream, milk, white, or black chocolate with different scents (strawberries, raspberries, vanilla, cherry, etc. D.). They can be used on the taste buds as well as the torso, limbs, and face. Adults and children alike become genuinely interested in candy bodyipes. It is essential to use specific food paints intended for body drawing to prevent the applied coating from unintentionally melting and flowing.

  1. Bijoux Indiscrets (Spain).
  2. Shunga (Canada).
  3. Dona (USA).

Paints that glow in the dark or under ultraviolet rays

These kinds of materials are widely used and produced by numerous manufacturers. They are most frequently utilized at nighttime events like discos and neon parties. Fluorescent products are typically applied with a brush or fingers and have a creamy consistency.

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Selecting the proper paint for body art is crucial to producing beautiful and secure designs. The quality of your work can be greatly enhanced by knowing the various types of body paints that are available and their intended applications, regardless of your level of experience. Many artists prefer to use water-based paints because of how simple they are to use and remove. However, alcohol-based paints are strong and have brilliant colors, making them ideal for designs that will last a long time.

If you’re more of a hands-on learner, creating your own body paint can be enjoyable and fulfilling. Simple preparations with items like lotion, cornstarch, and food coloring can produce results that are both secure and efficient. You can alter these homemade solutions to fit your requirements and tastes, giving you more artistic freedom.

Make safety your top priority whenever choosing or applying paint for body art. To prevent skin irritation, use hypoallergenic, non-toxic ingredients. Before adding any new paint, do a patch test to make sure there are no negative reactions. Additionally, to preserve the integrity of your artwork and protect the skin, always use the correct application and removal techniques.

You can improve your body art experience by taking your time when selecting or creating the paint. The right supplies not only guarantee a stunning finish but also make the process safe and pleasurable for the subject and the artist. Accept the creative process and try out various paints to see which one suits you the best. Have fun with your paintings!

Safety, quality, and aesthetic appeal must all be carefully considered when selecting or making body art paint. Choosing paints made especially for skin is crucial if you want to prevent allergic reactions, make sure the paint is non-toxic, and make removal simple. Knowing the proper ingredients and techniques is essential for anyone wishing to make their own in order to produce bright, long-lasting results. Understanding the ins and outs of body art paints will help you create impressive, safe designs whether you’re a professional artist or a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

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