Description of washing the paint of Vody 700 – composition and characteristics

Paint removal can be difficult, but with the right tools, it becomes much simpler. One such substance is Vody 700, a uniquely designed paint remover that is notable for its effectiveness and user-friendliness. Gaining an understanding of the composition and characteristics of Vody 700 can be beneficial when cleaning up recent spills or dealing with old, stubborn paint.

Paint is meant to be broken down by Vody 700 without causing harm to the surfaces underneath. Its composition consists of a mixture of surfactants and solvents that pierce the paint layers, facilitating easy wiping or washing off. Because of its adaptability, this paint remover can be used on a variety of paint finishes, such as lacquers, enamels, and acrylics.

The safety of Vody 700 for both users and surfaces is one of its primary characteristics. It’s less likely to cause skin irritation and hazardous fumes than more abrasive chemicals. Because of this, it’s a well-liked option for both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters. Additionally, because of its gentle formula, there is a lower chance of scratches or other damage occurring while removing paint.

Utilizing Vody 700 is simple. All you have to do is apply it to the painted area, give it a certain amount of time to work, and then use a cloth or scraper to remove any loose paint. Because of the product’s efficiency, you’ll save time and effort by using less elbow grease. Vody 700 provides a dependable solution whether you’re cleaning up a project or priming a surface for a new coat of paint.

Easy to use and very effective at removing old paint layers is the Vody 700 paint remover. Strong solvents and surfactants are combined in a special formula to dissolve even the most stubborn paint residues without causing harm to the surfaces underneath. This product is highly regarded for its effectiveness, ease of use, and safety, which makes it a great option for both experts and do-it-yourselfers. Vody 700 guarantees a smooth, clean surface that is prepared for a new coat of paint, whether you’re working on a small-scale DIY project or a larger commercial project.

Washing the paint of Vody 700 – what is it

The best known technique for getting rid of the old coating is using specialized tools. A clear blend of hydrocarbons, HB Body 700 Paint Remover thins a wide range of paint types. The addition of paraffin slows down the evaporation of fluid. Chemicals quickly seep into the layer of paint and varnish, softening it from the inside out. Paints and varnishes of all kinds, including latex LKM, can be successfully removed with a flushing composition based on organic materials.

Chemical products are made as aerosols and are packaged in plastic containers. Aerosol refueling takes place in 400, 500 ml. You can purchase 1 kg of laundry at a time in a bank. Application of the composition is simple and does not harm the painted surface. Body 700 is something you can work with on your own; no special skills are needed. At home, washing is done in automatic, private garages. The usage guidelines do not contain any limitations.

The thick layer needs to be wetted several times over because the mixture works until it evaporates completely.

A clear blend of hydrocarbons, HB Body 700 Paint Remover thins a wide range of paint types.

Vody 700 offers several benefits. Reviewers point out a number of benefits of washing Greek production right away (e.g., Saloniki):

  • The aerosol is easily sprayed, the jar compositions spread evenly on the surface of the paintwork;
  • The gel -shaped composition can be applied in any layer and anywhere, including hard -to -reach areas of the car body;
  • The surface damage is excluded, the coating is carefully departed from the structure, cleaned with a spatula (unlike mechanical cleansing, chemical washing acts softly);
  • Fast cleaning and efficiency, the work takes a maximum of 15-20 minutes, after which the old paint swells before our eyes, easily removed;
  • Simplicity of use: no special devices, consumables are required;
    dissolves iron oxides on steel, removes traces of corrosion;
  • It is used in small quantities, the washing consumption depends on the thickness and density of the removed paint layer;
  • Does not form waste, the mixture is completely absorbed;
  • Universal use, the product is suitable for most LKMs used to paint various surfaces.

Some reviewers pointed out a number of drawbacks:

  • Rapid evaporation, if the paint layer is thick, you have to apply the composition several times;
  • Paraffin sometimes leaves fat traces, they have to be removed with acetone.

The most effective chemical method for priming surfaces for painting is washing.

Rust is removed by washing; the mixture resists corrosion well. A universal body 700 is often used to clean damaged discs prior to welding.

Composition and technical characteristics

The complex formula’s composition consists of multiple organic ingredients that dissolve different kinds of LCM simultaneously. Paraffin is employed as an evaporation inhibitor. When hydrocarbon compounds react chemically with old paint particles, the coating’s structure changes, causing the paint and varnish layer to swell and become loose. Good penetration allows the composition to enter the vapor-permeable LMK films quickly and start working from the inside out.

The chemical reaction’s duration is contingent upon the LCM’s composition. Paint, varnish, putty rolls—instantaneous structural stratification—the layer buckles up and peels off, revealing the bare surface. The discolored structure regains its original look.

  1. The density of the gel -shaped agent of 1.3 kg/l, approximately the same in nitroemale. The gel does not flow from the surface, lingers on it.
  2. The average washing consumption is 200 g per 1 square meter. For thin coatings, the indicator is almost halved. Multi-layered ones have to be covered several times due to the fact that Body 700 quickly evaporates.
  3. The fire temperature is low, the manufacturer indicates +32 ° C, you need to store the mixture in the shade so that it is not a bank or a spray can not heated in the sun.
  4. Shelf life of sealed packaging – up to 5 years. The remnants of washing in the bank retain the initial properties for two years.

The scope of application

The Vody 700 mixture reacts with primers, putties, and paints. It is employed in removal:

  • Oil coatings, paints MA;
  • Nitro -cellulose enamels of the NC;
  • Alkyd painting compositions;
  • Coloring pigments;
  • Etherolulum compounds, including auto enamels;
  • Water -dispersive paintwork with acrylic;
  • Pentafal enamels PF;
  • Metal soils;
  • Varnishes on water and organic.

Only two types of plastic are prohibited from being washed:

  • Polyethylene re, thermoplastic polymer will dissolve;
  • Teflone ​​and fluoroplasts of 2.3.4 marked PTFE (this is polyvilidenilidenftoride, polytetraforoethylene, and polytetraforoethylene).

The mixture is not corroded by the remaining surfaces. The laundry purifies:

  • Non -ferrous metal;
  • Low alloy and carbon steel;
  • Galvanizing (the method of zincing does not matter);
  • Chrome surfaces;
  • Aluminum;
  • Fiberglass;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Many types of plastic excluding re and ptfe;
  • Glass;
  • Fiberglass.

Cleaning spatulas, brushes, spray guns, pistols, and other tools are flushed with the mixture.

Washing only reacts with paint, primer, and putty; it has no effect on the characteristics of a cleaned surface.

Instructions for the use of washing LKM HB Body 700

After applying, gel and aerosol are still present for up to 30 minutes. Body may wash the paint 700 times in a short period of time, depending on how well LCM dissolves. Using a spatula or dry cloth, remove the old coating’s lags. It is not recommended to keep the composition longer than is advised because organic substances will vanish and the composition will still not work.

LKM is not used as a diluent; washing deteriorates the product’s adhesive qualities.

Basic guidelines for using the mixture are as follows: in the space where the work will be done, it is required to have:

  • Good ventilation, the product is quite poisonous;
  • Temperature within +25 ° C;
  • Moderate humidity, with a high mixture will accumulate water vapor, the cleaning efficiency will decrease significantly.

For individuals who choose to remove the paint independently, here is a brief, step-by-step guide:

  1. First, you need to eliminate a possible danger, put on individual means of protecting the respiratory system, vision, and the skin of the hands;
  2. The processed surface is pre -cleaned of dust, dirt, garbage, it is better to carry out dry cleaning;
  3. They proceed to applying fluid: aerosols are sprayed at a distance of 25 cm, the gel is applied with a brush, a large area is treated with a roller;
  4. They cut off time, the mixture works within 15–20 minutes, the first re -switching will appear almost immediately, but you need to wait until the liquid penetrates the purified surface;
  5. The swelling flakes are removed with a brush with a rough pile or spatula, you need to act carefully so that there is no scratch;
  6. If the coating does not leave completely, you need to repeat the operation, again apply the flush mixture;
  7. After cleaning the surface, you should not forget to wash off the remaining paraffin.

If the precise polymer of a plastic tool is unknown, it is best to avoid using it.

Security measures

The medication is poisonous, carcinogenic, prone to allergies, and accelerates the growth of cancer. It is not recommended to allow blurry fluids to penetrate the respiratory tract, mucous membranes, or skin. Every safety measure the manufacturer advises on the packaging. It is critical to call doctors in cases of poisoning or chemical lesions.

It is crucial to protect the respiratory system when washing off paint, and a medical mask cannot replace a respirator in this regard.

Following safety procedures. When the new composition does not match the old one exactly, it is crucial to remove the old coating entirely. Out of all the washing options, body 700 is the better option.

Vody 700 paint has a well-designed composition that makes washing it off an easy process. The paint is a convenient option for a variety of applications because its formulation is specifically designed to ensure ease of removal. This feature allows for a clean slate without requiring a lot of work, which is especially helpful for projects that need updates or changes frequently.

The features of Vody 700 paint emphasize how adaptable and user-friendly it is. The paint’s components are selected to achieve a balance between durability and removability, guaranteeing good adhesion during use and efficient washing off when necessary. Vody 700 is a great choice for surfaces that need to be maintained on a regular basis or for temporary installations because of its balance.

Vody 700 paint not only has many useful applications but also satisfies strict safety and environmental requirements. Because of the non-toxic and eco-friendly materials used in its composition, there are no hazardous substances released during washing. This puts it in line with contemporary sustainable practices and makes it a responsible choice for both personal and professional use.

All things considered, Vody 700 paint provides a special blend of simplicity in application, efficient removal, and security. Because of its well-thought-out design, users can accomplish their goals with the least amount of trouble, which makes it a dependable choice for a variety of painting projects. Regardless of its intended use—transient art, frequent updates, or anything else—Vody 700 is a highly eco-friendly option.

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