Description of the facade and interior colors of the Tikkuril brand

In the paint industry, Tikkurila is a well-known brand that is praised for its wide variety of colors and superior quality. Their products combine durability, beauty, and ease of application to provide solutions that satisfy the needs of both professional painters and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Tikkurila’s color scheme offers countless options for remodeling your home’s exterior or adding a fresh look to your interior areas.

Tikkurila’s facade colors are specially formulated to endure a range of weather conditions without sacrificing their vibrancy over time. These paints shield surfaces from the weather in addition to improving a building’s visual appeal. There is a facade color to fit every taste and style, from traditional neutrals to striking, modern hues.

Tikkurila provides a wide range of colors for interior spaces that suit various preferences and emotions. The brand’s interior paints can change any space, from rich, vibrant hues that make a statement to soft pastels that create a serene atmosphere. Because each color is made to complement the others in a pleasing way, you can use them to create visually appealing and cohesive spaces throughout your house.

Discovering the variety of colors used in Tikkurila’s facade and interior design opens up a world of inspiration and creativity. For those wishing to add stunning, long-lasting paintwork to their living spaces, Tikkurila remains a reliable option because of their dedication to quality and innovation.

Color Type Description
Facade Colors Tikkurila facade colors are designed to withstand harsh weather, offering durability and a vibrant look. They provide excellent coverage and are available in a wide range of shades to enhance any exterior.
Interior Colors Tikkurila interior colors bring life to indoor spaces with their rich and varied palette. They are formulated for easy application, providing a smooth finish and long-lasting beauty that can brighten up any room.

Tikkurila paints – Features

Everyone is familiar with the combination of tikkuril paint. It is incorrect to believe that Tikkuril, a Finnish brand, is just a typical paint company. Based on the nature of its operations, this is a fully functional research complex that has been running for over a century and has its own production.

It produces high-quality goods that adhere to all European standards. Periodically, the brand launches innovative paint-related solutions in every area. By giving customers the option to select their preferred color scheme, the creators of this company created Tikkuril Colrers.

Among the key characteristics of goods are:

  • The use of natural materials, wax, natural and mineral pigments;
  • In accordance with the first item, LKM Tikkuril does not cause allergies, therefore, they can equally use both for external and internal finishing work;
  • The uniqueness of the composition significantly increased the operational period and resistance to environmental impacts;
  • The largest selection of tickuril palette for walls. No other brand has such an assortment.

Moreover, each color’s brightness and saturation can be distinguished, be it a brilliant orange or a deep black. Along with the paint itself, you can select another appropriate item from this brand.

The composition’s uniqueness greatly extended the operating period and strengthened it against environmental effects.

Advantages and disadvantages

Working with the compositions is simple. They fit smoothly on the surface and don’t require any specialized labor. Additionally, future operations won’t be challenging. Additionally, specific parts shield a structure’s surface from harmful elements. You can choose vibrant, saturated colors for your tikkuril. You can also select matte-surfaced moderate tones if needed.

The products are thus without any shortcomings. Still, there are reviews that are either neutral or unfavorable about the strong smell, the gaps in between the painted stripes, or the expensive price of the product compared to its rivals.

Given that the majority of the products have a neutral scent and that meticulous component selection and strict quality control are applied throughout the production process, the reaction to strong smells is to buy a fake. Requesting a quality certificate from the seller will allow you to verify the goods’ authenticity. The joints’ obvious locations also indicate fakery; this flaw is not present in the original products. The price is reasonable given the product’s excellent quality.

Types of Tikkuril colors on the grounds with description and varieties

The color spectrum of Tikkurila paint is not the only one that is represented. It is further classified into types according to the composition’s foundation. It is latex, silicate, adhesive, emulsion, alkyd, and so forth.


Water is used to dilute emulsion paint so that all of the ingredients are dispersed equally. It is difficult to remove the emulsion with water once it has completely dried. It has good surface adhesion, is safe to use, and is inexpensive to consume. Furthermore, this species includes subspecies that are fast drying and resistant to fire. Emulsiones don’t smell strongly. Different colors can be applied to them.

Emulsion paints do not apply to glossy, lacquered, or adhesive surfaces.

Subgroups of the emulsion are separated into:

  • Acrylic;
  • Silicone;
  • Water -based;
  • Water -based dispenser;
  • Based on polyvinyl acetate;
  • Latex.
  1. Water -based compounds “breathe” and perfectly pass pairs. The enamel of Tikkuril of this group is applicable in rooms with high humidity. It retains a shade for a long time, but not resistant to low temperatures. There are water -based compounds that create a textured surface.
  2. Water -based dispenser paint has almost similar characteristics with the previous type. However, it is more resistant to moisture and is not afraid of small temperatures. Has fewer colors.
  3. The composition of acrylic mixtures includes the same resin. A high coefficient of elasticity and strength contributes to masking small cracks on the surface. Resistant to low temperatures and is poorly kept in rooms with high humidity. Acrylic paint is the most resistant to small mechanical damage.

Because latex is a component of paint, latex paint is thought to be the most expensive. Superior ability to repel water makes it possible to wash surfaces on a daily basis. Adhesive-based paints are an inexpensive option (PVA).


This manufacturer’s alkyd group of colors is separated into oil and enamel categories. The olifa is the building block of oil compounds. They’re not employed for decorating interiors. There are many benefits to the enamel type. Such paint does not fear moisture and is resistant to sunlight. It has anti-corrosion qualities and dries in an hour. Adaptable to any field.


Because silicate paint contains glass particles, its composition is attributed to minerals. Because the mixture can be diluted with water, it is easier to operate. Additionally, she:

  • Protects the painted surface, preventing the appearance of pathogenic organisms;
  • Has good throughput of steam and air;
  • The main advantage in resistance to temperature fluctuations.

It has a finite number of colors in its arsenal. Because of the alkali content in their composition, they can only be used with a silicate mixture while wearing a mask and protective gear.


Adhesive paint with organic polymer particles in it is one of the least expensive mixes. Casein mixtures, which have resistance and a great appearance at the end of color, divide it. The intended paint’s resistance to moisture is poor.

The majority of adhesive-based paints have a broad color selection, but they also have weak carbon dioxide indicators and moisture resistance.

Types of paints depending on the type of surface

Tikkuril paints are intended for use on both exterior and interior surfaces. They are typically arranged in a series according to the types of materials they can be used on. They may be extremely specialized or all-encompassing.

For wooden surfaces

Tikkuril wood paints are shown by multiple items for exterior wood work. Classic examples of alkyd-oil compounds to which organics are added solvents are the TEHO series. The entire drying cycle takes one day or so. Paint for Pika-Teho takes an hour to dry.

Ultra Classic stands out among acrylate foundations. Its ease of application, quick drying time (60 minutes), and compatibility with older coatings are its defining features. For wood, a mixture diluted with white spirit called Forestteho from the TEHO series is also appropriate.

For buildings made of concrete and stone

A material resistant to alkalis should be used for surfaces made of stone or concrete. It must be able to withstand mechanical exposure. Tikkuril’s facade paints possess these qualities.

Euro facade: unique solvents are a part of this mixture. The euro facade aqua is constructed around water. FASAD Plus by EUROLOWS, containing silicone fillers and biocide. The first two things take roughly an hour to dry. At least twelve hours are needed for the final representative.

For universal use

Tikkurila Euro 7 paint is unique among materials that are universally used. This paint is water-based and contains bits of acrylic and latex as well. It works on all surfaces, but only in dry environments.

The surface takes on a matte hue when the work is finished. This species has vibrant, saturated colors that are easily tinted. The paint Euro 7 from Tikkuril comes in different-sized containers. Temperature has a direct impact on drying time. Tentatively, the composition’s first layer will dry in an hour at temperatures above twenty degrees. The Euro 7 paint takes roughly two hours to dry after the second layer is applied.

Renowned paint brand Tikkurila provides an amazing selection of exterior and interior colors to suit a wide range of functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. Tikkurila’s paints are renowned for their vivid colors and long-lasting finishes, which improve any space’s interior atmosphere as well as external appeal. Whether you want a traditional, contemporary, or eclectic style, Tikkurila offers premium solutions that will keep your surfaces looking beautiful and protecting for a long time. Tikkurila’s use of a color scheme that strikes a balance between boldness and subtlety makes ordinary walls look like captivating canvases.

A variety of colors

The type of paint and surface that are selected determine how varied the palette can be. While glossy textures stand out for their vivid, saturated colors, matte textures have muted tones. In addition, a matte texture effectively conceals minor surface imperfections whereas a glossy texture draws attention to them.

Tinting paint

Notably, almost all front tikkurile paint is offered in white. But the manufacturer offered a wide range of tinting agents. A complete color palette with samples is available in every store in the shape of a fan; each shade is denoted by a number. For the purposes of covering wooden facades, interior decoration, and stone exterior surfaces, all of it is divided into three groups.

Which one to choose for external and internal work

There are various sections in the manufacturer catalog. Separate paints were used to highlight furniture, windows, doorways, ceiling, and floor in addition to the walls. Products for baths, bathrooms, and metal surfaces are also available. This is a sequence that includes Repair-Refusing, Joker, Magnetics, and Harmony.

Products intended for external decoration are categorized based on the direct locations and surface type. For instance, doors, garden accessories, roofs, balconies, and exterior window openings. Pesto, Pekateha, Teha, Ultra Classic, Valtti, and Vinha are the series of wooden facades. concrete facades such as euro facades and profile facades, etc.

Products intended for external decoration are categorized based on the direct locations and surface type.

How to use the number of layers, 1 m2 consumption

It is preferable to apply LKM in two layers for better covering and painting quality. Because the manufacturer has provided a special table, there are multiple factors that affect the number of paint.

Its indicators showed that around 120 grams of alkyd paint were needed for every square meter. It will require roughly 100 grams of latex material to process interior surfaces. The structure of the surface, the presence or absence of putty and primer, and the composition of the LCM all have an impact on consumption.

Tikkurila paint is generally one of the few that has such a rich assortment of flowers and such a wide range. The products’ quality, which has been tested over years rather than just one generation, is what matters most. It’s crucial to only purchase this brand’s authentic, approved items.

Offering an extensive selection of colors for both facades and interiors, Tikkurila is a well-known and reliable brand in the paint and paintwork material industries. Professionals and homeowners alike favor their products because of their well-known dependability, attractiveness, and simplicity of use.

Tikkurila offers a range of colors for facades that protect against the weather while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings. These paints are made to endure severe weather, so your home’s exterior will stay gorgeous and intact for many years. Both vivid colors and more muted tones are included in the selection, encouraging design creativity and guaranteeing durability.

Tikkurila offers an equally impressive palette of interior paints. With an emphasis on health and safety, their interior paints are designed to create a comfortable living space. The colors provide options for every style and room, from delicate pastels to striking statements. These paints are a sensible option for hectic homes because they are also simple to maintain and clean.

All things considered, Tikkurila’s wide selection of exterior and interior colors offers options for all kinds of projects. Tikkurila’s premium paints provide the dependability and elegance required to realize your vision, whether you’re trying to update the exterior of your house or create a new ambiance within.

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