Description, composition and characteristics of clerical glue Erich Krause

A necessary item for any office or school supply kit is clerical glue. Erich Krause is distinguished from other brands by its dependability and excellence. Favored for its adaptability and simplicity of use, this glue is a daily necessity for adhesive needs.

The unique formula of Erich Krause clerical glue ensures a durable and robust adhesion on paper, cardboard, and other lightweight materials. Because of the way it’s made, it will dry clear and leave no trace on your projects. This makes it ideal for jobs where finishing neat and tidy is crucial.

Water, polyvinyl acetate (PVA), and other safe additives are combined to make the glue. Its superior adhesive qualities are a result of this blend, which also guarantees that it is non-toxic and suitable for usage by both adults and children. Additionally, the glue is simple to remove from hands and clothing, which is a useful feature in hectic offices and classrooms.

The short drying time of Erich Krause clerical glue is one of its distinguishing features. This increases productivity by enabling users to continue working on their tasks without having to wait for a long time. Furthermore, the glue comes in reusable containers that are made to apply easily and waste as little as possible.

Erich Krause clerical glue is a dependable solution for any kind of task, be it office work, school projects, or crafts at home. Those who appreciate quality in their adhesive products choose it because of its excellent adhesion, safety, and ease of use.

Description Erich Krause clerical glue is a versatile adhesive used for paper, cardboard, and light materials. It is suitable for office, school, and home use.
Composition The glue is made from a water-based polyvinyl acetate (PVA) formula, ensuring strong adhesion and a clear finish when dry.
Characteristics It dries quickly, is non-toxic, and is washable with water. It provides a strong bond, is easy to apply, and safe for children.

Description of the manufacturer

Erich Krause Brand, which has gained a lot of traction with consumers. The business manufactures stationery for a range of uses. Goods are sold all over the world.

Modern technologies are employed in production to achieve excellent quality. Aesthetic data is considered in addition to technical attributes. Erich Krause adhesives can be distinguished separately based on their composition, which includes silicate base, PVP (which took the place of regular PVA), and other materials.

The range of options makes it easy to select the best solution for any given idea. New compounds are continuously being developed to improve quality; these compounds are used only after completing the required verification.

You can be certain that the product’s composition is safe because the company produces its goods with consideration for international standards. And even kids who are watching over their parents can grow by making crafts out of cardboard and paper.

What they make from

The PVP material used by Erich Krause pencil is more advanced than the PVA that was previously used to make pencils. The most recent technological advancements have made it possible to obtain a substance with different best adhesion properties. Because of this, fabric components and cardboard can be adhered to using glue, in addition to paper and photo paper.

Adhesion will yield a dependable and long-lasting outcome. Thin paper is not harmed by the easy distribution of glue across the surface. Children, who are frequently impatient, will benefit from the shorter drying time and the ability to complete ready-made work more quickly.

Compound elements can contain additional substances in addition to the main ingredient that enhance properties and provide the best aroma to bind the components together in a comfortable way. Since toxic materials aren’t used in Erich Kraus adhesive, it can be used inside rooms without raising any health concerns.

If glue is accidentally applied to an unintended area, it can be easily removed with just a damp cloth wipe.


The business has been producing a variety of office supplies from its headquarters for a considerable amount of time. Thus, various types of adhesive solutions are produced. There are four distinct types of brand adhesives that are associated with pencil adhesives:

  • Transparent, called "Crystal";
  • Opaque white;
  • Color "Joy";
  • Scattering "magic".

These kinds can be identified by the following characteristics:

    Transparent is invisible to paper or other foundation. Often selected in places where paper is glued: box office, registrations, etc.P. The composition is also selected due to the speed of drying and the ease of application. Note the lack of yellowing of the composition even when the layer has served a long period of time;

Color is a great choice for parents of young children who will value the ability to glue craft components in multiple colors.

Because of its peculiar properties, the glue was given the nickname "magical." When the glue is still wet, it turns the layer purple; when it dries, it becomes transparent.

Additionally, different volumes of stationery and adhesives are produced by Erich Krause. Consequently, there is a choice of convenient sizes; if you must carry glue with you, you can take the 15-gram version; otherwise, leave their selection at 36 grams to save money.


The general technical traits shared by all varieties of chancellery adhesives set them apart:

  • A variety of spheres of application of compositions;
  • Fast pace of drying the layer;
  • Do not distinguish a pungent odor;
  • Low consumption.

While gluing paper and cardboard sheets is a specific application, glue can also be used for wooden components and décor elements like beads and other beads.

The following characteristics set liquid species apart:

  • A longer drying time compared to pencil species;
  • A layer of greater reliability is created;
  • It is advisable to use for dense materials, with thin, deformation changes can occur.

Pencil glues and their characteristics

  • Speed ​​of drying;
  • It is applied subtly, so the reliability of the coupling is low.

While gluing paper and cardboard sheets is a specific application, glue can also be used for wooden components and décor elements like beads and other beads.


The components of glue solutions vary, and the substances that are added determine how the solution turns out in the end. Silicaulus, made with silicates and a water base. The primary ingredient is typically mixed with potassium or sodium; occasionally, lithium is chosen.

Adhesives of the chancellery type are composed of polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetate, which dissolve in water. Plasticizing agents can be added to elements that don’t release odors in order to enhance their characteristics.

The following bases can be used to create glue pencils:

  • PVA, where water is used to moisturize;
  • PVP moisturizing function is performed by glycerin.

You can only use PVA composition for standard crafts because it has a frost-resistant quality and is therefore more suited to professionals.

Adhesives of the chancellery type are composed of polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetate, which dissolve in water.

Application rules

For adhesives to last long and not dry out too quickly, they must be properly sealed with a lid after use. Adults should be nearby when young children are being creative; adhesives don’t contain any hazardous materials, but eating them is not recommended.

To prevent staining the table, it is advised to cover the working area with a film or other material. Hands will undoubtedly be thoroughly cleaned after work.

There is a chance to move the glue into a functional form if it froze:

  • PVA Type with the water base can be rehabilitated using water impregnation. A five -minute vapor effect can help, either wet wipes are left in the package, and an adhesive stick, leave a package in a warm place for two hours;
  • PVP species is restored by glycerin. The cotton wool is impregnated with glycerin and wrapped on the rolller, left for a while for high -quality impregnation.

Adults should be nearby when young children are being creative; adhesives don’t contain any hazardous materials, but eating them is not recommended.

Packaging formats

The company uses a variety of packaging adhesive formats. This makes it easy for you to select a solution for a particular objective. The type of solution also affects the format; the packaging acknowledges that it is practical for use and transportation.

The liquid variety of glue is available in ml-measured bottles with varying capacities. The applicator may have different containers. Plastic is used to make the standard type. Also well-liked because of the roller type’s comfortable distribution. The player contributes to the economically sound application of an even layer.

A silicone nozzle, which resembles a brush, is useful for arts and crafts. It will be simple to create the required layer.

Because of its dependability and simplicity of use, Erich Krause clerical glue is a versatile adhesive that is frequently used in office and educational settings. Water, polyvinyl acetate (PVA), and additional additives are combined to create this glue, which guarantees a solid bond on paper, cardboard, and other lightweight materials. Its non-toxic, transparent formula dries fast, making it a go-to for daily tasks requiring accuracy and speed. Erich Krause clerical glue is a staple for professionals and students alike, thanks to its smooth application and consistency.

Tips and recommendations

Erich Krause is in high demand, so you should consider its quality when selecting glue. Because of this, counterfeit goods can be found being sold. The following considerations should be made when selecting any adhesive pencil:

  • You can smell the composition before purchasing, if there are chemical notes, then it is better not to take glue;
  • The stick should be homogeneous, lumps should not be present;
  • The lid should be dense, it must close the packaging reliably in order to prevent air from getting on glue and dry it;
  • You need to look at the packaging, all the necessary information data must be present. After all, products meet international standards.

There shouldn’t be any spreading when the product is put on paper. When two картона collide, the οросушка должно завершиться перез пару минут, тогда они не могут быть отделены друг от друга путем расслоения.

The Erich Krause Brand has been a prominent player in the stationery industry for a considerable amount of time. The company’s adhesives are known for their quality; therefore, if you need to perform applications in kindergartens and schools, or glue cardboard and paper in the office, you can select the best option from the compositions that are offered. Certain species undergo color changes during the drying process. Children prefer to use certain color types. As a result, the creative process gains even more allure.

A dependable and adaptable adhesive that is frequently used in office and educational settings is Erich Krause clerical glue. This glue, which is well-known for its reliable quality, is a necessary tool for jobs involving paper because it forms a solid, long-lasting bond that keeps papers and projects intact.

Polyvinyl acetate, or PVA, is the primary ingredient in Erich Krause clerical glue. PVA is a common choice for adhesives because of its exceptional adhesive properties and non-toxic nature. This makes it easy to clean up with water in the event of spills and safe for use by both adults and children.

This glue’s short drying time, which enables users to handle glued objects soon after application, is one of its primary features. It also dries clear, keeping any project’s tidy appearance without leaving any unsightly stains or marks behind. The glue’s packaging, which frequently comes in convenient bottles with precise tips, adds to its user-friendliness by enabling controlled application.

Erich Krause clerical glue is notable overall for striking a good mix between usability, effectiveness, and safety. It continues to be a go-to adhesive option that satisfies a variety of daily needs with dependable performance, whether for office work, school projects, or minor home repairs.

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