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Products from Cosmofen are renowned for their adaptability and efficiency in a range of bonding and repair applications. Cosmofen offers a variety of solutions to suit your needs, whether you’re working on a professional construction project or a do-it-yourself project at home. Their products, which range from adhesives to cleaners, are made to be easily used and to yield robust, long-lasting results.

The second glue in the Cosmofen line is one of their best-selling items. This adhesive is a mainstay in many toolkits because it works well for both temporary fixes and permanent bonds. When time is of the essence, it provides a dependable solution for quick repairs on a range of materials.

An additional cutting-edge product that works well for forming smooth connections between plastic materials is Cosmofen liquid plastic. It’s especially helpful when building or repairing windows because a precise and durable bond is essential. This product fills in the gaps and fissures to form a strong, invisible join that improves the material’s look and strength.

A specialty adhesive made for more demanding applications is the Cosmofen 345. Because of its exceptional strength and resilience, it can be used in industrial settings where bonds must be able to endure high levels of stress and environmental variables. For extensive projects, this adhesive offers a long-lasting solution.

The Cosmofen Duo glue is an adaptable adhesive that provides both instant hold and long-term bonding properties for individuals in need of a dual-purpose adhesive. This product is ideal for jobs that need a firm grasp at first but eventually benefit from a more long-lasting solution. It is a very useful option for a variety of applications because of its dual action.

Cosmofen offers a variety of cleaners in addition to adhesives, which are necessary for maintaining instruments and prepping surfaces. These cleaners work well at getting rid of residue, leaving surfaces prepared for bonding and tools in good shape. To get the best results, proper setup and upkeep are essential, and Cosmofen cleaners are a big part of this.

In general, Cosmofen products provide dependable and efficient solutions for cleaning and bonding requirements. Their selection of cleaners and adhesives is made to satisfy the needs of professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, guaranteeing consistently robust, long-lasting results.

Cosmofen Product Description
Cosmofen CA 12 Second glue for quick and strong bonding of various materials.
Cosmofen PMMA Liquid plastic for sealing and repairing plastic surfaces.
Cosmofen 345 Versatile adhesive suitable for bonding different types of plastics.
Cosmofen Duo Two-component glue for a strong and durable bond.
Cosmofen Cleaners Effective cleaners for preparing surfaces before gluing and removing residues.

The scope of application

"Cosmofen" has a broad range of uses:

  • It is used when working with various types of plastic (including PVC and polypropylene surfaces). When installing windows, the adhesive composition is used to connect sealing profiles. It is not used for gluing porous plastic, since the adhesive composition when absorbed by pores cannot give the necessary strength to the connection.
  • "Cosmofen" is indispensable in plumbing works.
  • The adhesive composition has been widely used in the production of toys and the manufacture of various jewelry.
  • Used in sailing modelism.
  • Without “Cosmofen”, not a single assembly of products of the electronic and electrical industry is complete.
  • Used in the production of optical devices.
  • The adhesive composition manifests itself perfectly when working with glass, rubber, metal.
  • Medicine worthy of appreciated the quality of glue – it is widely used in the production of equipment for orthopedics, dentistry.
  • "Cosmofen" is also intended for the installation of stretch ceilings.
  • Polymer is applicable in the production of cars, aircraft and ships.
  • Used in the woodworking industry to connect wooden products, wood-bearing, wood-fingering plates.
  • When mixing “Cosmofen” with a primer, a composition is formed, gluing products from silicone and thermoplastic elastomer.

One -component rapidly snapping cyanoacrylate gluing adhesives Cosmo CA-500.200 (Ca 12), not containing solvents made by Weiss are highly versatile and effectively support you in all processes where there is a need for quick and powerful gluing. The most complex compounds of the materials that in the past could be achieved only with the help of complex gluing processes, with a long pressing time, can now be performed within a few seconds, with modern adhesives Ca 12 (Cosmo CA-500.200), and immediately ready for the next production process. Almost all ordinary materials, leather, wood, metal, many types of plastic, ceramics, stone and much more can be glued with high strength. Only a few drops of ultra -fast instant glue are necessary to solve most problems and get a reliable connection. Practical polyethylene bottles make it possible point application of glue, in the form of points on glued parts.

In the industry, techniques that do not require the drilling of extra holes are frequently employed to join profiles composed of plastic. As a result, both the part’s overall strength and aesthetic appearance are maintained. Cosmofen glue is among the best compounding materials.

"Cosmofen" is primarily utilized for the installation of PVC window structures, polymer pipe connections, and seam sealing. The glue is capable of handling all tasks entrusted to it, can be used throughout the year, and has rightfully earned respect from both experts and enthusiasts involved in repair.


Because "Cosmofen" is composed of components and materials that are specifically resistant to the effects of climate and atmosphere, it can be used extensively in external work. It is crucial that, unlike low-quality analogs, the substance does not disintegrate and take on a yellow tint during application. When the seasons change and the temperature changes, glue does not lose its properties. He does not fear the sun’s UV rays and can withstand rain, hail, and snow with ease.

You have the option to select from a variety of modifications that vary in consistency and viscosity and are meant for use in various technological processes; Please read each model’s description to find out more specific information about its purpose.

You can purchase Cosmofen glue in Moscow and have it delivered anywhere in Russia.

By calling 8 (499) 390-36-94 or 8 (916) 190-28-84, you can obtain a free consultation and find out if the goods are still available in the warehouse.

Some storage requirements must be met for the glue to maintain its original properties beyond the expiration date:

  • Glue should not be stored in places where direct sunlight can fall on it;
  • The recommended storage temperature is below +5 degrees, then the shelf life will be 1 year;
  • If the material is stored at room temperature, then its shelf life is 4-6 months;
  • The less air humidity, the greater the shelf life;
  • If the glue packaging was damaged, then the shelf life is reduced to 5 months.

If these straightforward guidelines are adhered to, liquid plastic will not lose its properties and will last until its expiration date.

Types of Cosmofen brand

The cosmophene manufacturing facility generates a range of spectrum fluids.

  • Cosmofen policemen solvents are used to clean PVC, removal of gross pollution. As well as for special preparation of surfaces for gluing and removing marking. They are suitable for cleaning various opaque thermoplastic and thermoreactive plastic surfaces. These cosmofen purifiers have markings 5, 10, 20, 60 and differ in the degree of activity. To achieve the optimal result, their use is combined. Therefore, if you have a problem how to clean a plastic window or window sill, for example from mounting foam, you can safely purchase these professional tools.
  • One of the most popular products is the adhesive of cosmofen SA instant action.
    Unique recipe of this second glue allows you to glue the metal and plastic surfaces. The full setting time is only 16 seconds.

Cosmofen plus liquid plastic glue

Diffusion second glue, Cosmofen Plus, is used for fast structural bonding of hard PVC components.

For quick, structural gluing of hard PVC plastic components, such as castings, extra profiles and strips, roller story components, gutters, or pipes, liquid plastic for Cosmofen windows is a great option.

In specialized businesses, Cosmofen plus liquid plastic is used to quickly and constructively glue hard PVC elements. For example, in the window production process, it is used to glue additional profiles like window slopes, castings, and blind plane strips.

In the fabrication of advertising shields for constructive gluing integrals made of hard PVC; in plumbing work for attaching pipes, rain gutters, etc. The addition of UV stabilizers, as is typical for window profiles, improves this PVC glue’s resistance to weather.

Cosmofen Plus plays a leading role in the production of windows and doors and is a guarantee of the level of security you require. This is confirmed by more than 25 years of real-world experience, a certification certificate, and advisory reviews from multiple renowned profile manufacturers.

When installing metal-plastic windows, slopes, and window sills, liquid plastic is typically utilized. In this case, the material’s composition and all surrounding materials are identical. The outcome has a smooth transition between the planes and a beautiful structure.

Apart from caulking joints, other components are adhered to. These could be castings with cornices, plastic profiles for mounting panels, and ornamental platbands and corners.

The material’s resistance to rusting is one of its key characteristics. They are used as an anti-corrosion coating because of their composition, which has good adhesion to metal. Therefore, shield drainage channels and hinged structures.

Plumbing work has made use of liquid plastic’s technical properties, among other things. This area can be used for pipe connections, rebuilding, and fixing components that have low external loads and relatively low internal pressure.

The guide suggests installing PVC panels (81 photos), decorating the interior surfaces of the space, installing plastic panels, and choosing the best fastening methods.

Adhesive mixtures should be actively used when assembling advertising shields and installing stretch ceilings. Because they aren’t maintained very often, liquid plastic’s strength, resilience to water, and durability were important factors in this case. The same holds true for plastic toys and jewelry, as well as for radios, computers, and other equipment. The composition finds application in the modeling of sailing, the production of optical, orthopedic, and dental devices, as well as in the automotive, aviation, and shipbuilding industries.

Varieties of Cosmofen glue

There are various types of Cosmo glue, each with unique characteristics. You must consider the study of each option in order to select the best one. Cosmofen Ca 12 is a cyanacrylate-based adhesive used to join plastic components.

Although it can be used as an adhesive solution for other materials, plastic is the only material for which it works best.

Useful for attaching polyvinyl chloride or EPDM seal profiles to aluminum panels. The purpose of Cosmofen CA12 is to seal elastomers, silicone, polymers, and rubber materials. The entire surface is applied, the clutch happens in fifteen seconds, and it takes sixteen hours to dry completely. The seam appears particularly durable and has a transparent color. The small tubes with the long, narrow tips are used to sell super glue.

Cosmofen Ca 12 is a cyanacrylate-based adhesive used to join plastic components.

Bottles with a tip are available for Cosmoplast 500, making it simple to apply the product precisely. suitable with a variety of materials, including plastic and rubber.

Used frequently in the following domains:

  • For repair work with electronics;
  • In the production of window products;
  • Production of advertising banners and other;
  • In the medical field;
  • In mechanical engineering.

Since the hitch is executed instantaneously, you must promptly place the components correctly when pressing them.

The seam is strong and resistant to moisture. Following drying, it exhibits resistance to temperatures as high as +80 degrees; significant indicators will cause the seam to collapse. resists the effects of harsh substances as well.

Bottles with a tip are available for Cosmoplast 500, making it simple to apply the product precisely.

The species that are most common were already mentioned. However, Cosmopher also makes other products that are just as successful. Among them are:

    Cosmoplast 500, Cosmo Ca 500.120 differ in a short period of curing. You can get an increased degree of strength by mixing the composition with a primer solution of the same manufacturer. Suitable for gluing polyamides, polyolefins, oilcloths, silicone seals, rubber and plastic parts. It is popular to use shoes, working with leather material;

By combining the composition with a primer solution from the same manufacturer, you can obtain a stronger result.

The goal of Cosmoplast 515’s design is to produce a long-lasting seam between decorative film and various materials.

Rubber seals, plastic items, and metal can all be adhered to with Cosmofen CA 140.

You can establish a robust connection between porous surfaces with Cosmoplast 564.

Suitable for repairing a wider variety of materials.

Cosmofen Plus is distinguished by its white color and strong seams.

The aerosol form of the special substance, the AC-12 activator, will determine how much of an impact it has on the solution.

Products from Cosmofen, such as liquid plastic, 345, second glue, Duo glue, and cleaners, provide strong, dependable bonds and efficient cleaning solutions for a variety of industrial and do-it-yourself tasks. These products are perfect for repairing, assembling, and maintaining a variety of materials because they are easy to use and produce professional results. Cosmofen offers a product to suit your needs, guaranteeing accuracy and durability with each application, whether you need a strong adhesive for intricate tasks or a fast fix.

Storage rules

It is essential to follow the storage guidelines for the glue in order for it to keep its qualities and be fit for use. This is how Cosmofen’s list appears:

  • The composition will last the longest if it is stored at a temperature of 5-6 ° C, but an indicator of up to 20 ± 5 ° C is allowed – however, then the shelf life will be reduced by about two times;
  • The product really does not like high humidity – both during operation and during storage, it should not exceed 60%;
  • Direct sunlight must not be allowed on the packaging;
  • unacceptable violations of the tightness of the bottle;
  • Children and pets should not be allowed to the place of storage of glue – they can get dirty or swallow toxic substance.

Under ideal conditions, glue kept in factory packaging can last up to a year. However, it has to be used for five months after opening.


Think about this material’s technical attributes. One material with a low viscosity is cosmofen. When the glue fully crystallizes, the ethyl cells in it allow for a transparent seam that is completely undetectable to the naked eye. Such a seam is impervious to atmospheric precipitation and is not afraid of temperature fluctuations. The use of liquid cyanacrilate glue is possible at +5 degrees.

The glue hardens the surface in a matter of seconds after it is applied. Press the pieces against each other and wait five seconds to glue them together.

In 14–16 hours, the surface will be glued as consistently as possible. If we take a similar composition and compare the time for gluing, it comes out to be roughly 24 hours.

After sixteen hours, Cosmofen hardens if the air temperature is above twenty degrees. If air humidity rises, drying time will also rise. 60% humidity is the ideal level for glue to dry quickly.

Work with the mixture between +5 and +80 degrees at various temperatures. High-temperature material adheres strongly to surfaces, making it ideal for joining metal. It’s true that metal surfaces need to be degreased before handling.

The composition and properties of the glue "Cosmofen Ca 12"

The liquid glue is transparent. It quickly joins surfaces made of different materials to form a robust, non-elastic compound that is resistant to the effects of temperature changes and sunlight. However, it is not advisable to use moisture-resistant glue for details that are frequently in contact with water.

Glue creates an invisible, transparent seam that doesn’t yellow or crack with time. The components’ sizes are irrelevant. "Cosmofen" is different from its counterparts in that it can be grasped in 4–20 seconds, and it takes 16 hours to fully cure. Analogs solidify after a day.

Numerous one- and two-component products with varying technical features and application areas are made using liquid plastic derived from ethyl cells (cyanoacrylic acid) and marketed under the Cosmofen brand. The well-known glue type "Cosmofen Ca 12" is included in the first choice. This is an instantaneous action composition that is universal. It comes in handy little tubes that are easy to use on a daily basis.

The characteristics of the product

Cosmofen glues are one-component adhesives based on cyanacrylate. This material lets you refer to glue as a "superclly" since it dries quickly and adheres to even your fingers. It can be difficult to remove the product by hand, so exercise caution when working. The only two-component glue that is less common in daily life is polyurethane glue Cosmofen Duo.

Fundamental characteristics of adhesives:

  • fast and high -quality gluing products;
  • high strength of the seam;
  • ease of application (using a comfortable bottle);
  • Easy to use – it is enough to press the parts for a few seconds;
  • practicality and economy;
  • finished composition, different packages (from small -sized bottles of 20 – 50 ml to industrial containers).

The instructions list the technical specifications of the Cosmo adhesives. The product has a transparent gel-like appearance, with certain compounds having a white hue.

  • Density – from 0.99 g/cube. cm;
  • viscosity – medium (composition is quite liquid);
  • The life cycle after application is 15 – 60 seconds, maximum setting – in 2 – 4 minutes;
  • the period to final hardening – 16 – 24 hours;
  • The temperature during use is above +5 degrees, for the fastest drying the temperature should be higher than +20 degrees;
  • Air humidity during work – up to 60 %;
  • The color of the seam after crystallization is transparent, colorless or white.

All glues have the ability to solidify rapidly due to the presence of cyanoacrylate in their composition. It is preferable to get started on a quick job right away because you won’t have time to adjust the parts’ positions.

The brand’s products are all extremely dangerous. Adhesives cannot be used close to an open flame, according to the handbook. It ignites at 212 degrees. Keep compositions between +15 and +25 degrees for a year.

Products from Cosmofen provide adaptable and efficient solutions for a range of bonding and cleaning requirements. Cosmofen’s product line is made to easily and effectively satisfy your needs, whether you’re searching for a durable adhesive, a plastic repair solution, or a trustworthy cleaner. Every time you use the brand’s products, you’ll get consistent results because of their focus on quality.

Cosmofen 345, a product that stands out for its capacity to securely and swiftly bond materials, is one of the best. This makes it the first option that many professionals and do-it-yourselfers turn to when they need a trustworthy adhesive. Comparably, the Duo glue provides a strong two-component system that strengthens the bond and qualifies it for use in more demanding applications.

The cleaners from Cosmofen are equally amazing; they offer strong cleaning solutions that efficiently get rid of residue and get surfaces ready for more work. Your materials will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for any further procedures thanks to the formulation of these cleaners, which is strong on dirt and gentle on the surfaces they clean.

To sum up, the glues and cleaners offered by Cosmofen are dependable and adaptable. Cosmofen offers the tools you need to confidently accomplish expert results, whether you’re taking on a challenging repair project or just need to make sure the surface is clean and ready.

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