“Communal apartment” Anastasia Melnikova: Features and design of housing

There’s no better example of communal apartment design than Anastasia Melnikova’s imaginative and inventive approach. In her vision, multi-residential homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional are created from shared living spaces. Melnikova combines comfort and style in her designs, emphasizing harmony and functionality.

The ability of Melnikova to combine individuality and unity in group settings is one of her most notable artistic qualities. The design of each room reflects the individual’s style while preserving the apartment’s overall cohesive aesthetic. This harmony makes sure that each resident has a sense of belonging while still being a part of a wider, more connected community.

Melnikova’s design philosophy places a strong emphasis on the value of premium paints and paintwork supplies. The ambience of a communal apartment can be greatly improved, becoming cozier and cozier with the appropriate color and finish choices. Her careful choice of textures and color schemes not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also takes maintenance and durability into account.

The astute use of space in Melnikova’s designs is another important feature. Her tips for making the most of storage, streamlining layouts, and guaranteeing effective traffic flow are invaluable in communal apartments, where every square meter matters. She creates gorgeous and incredibly livable living spaces by fusing functionality and aesthetics.

Anastasia Melnikova shows via her art that living in a community doesn’t have to mean sacrificing elegance or quality. Her designs are a source of inspiration for making well-thought-out, expertly crafted shared spaces that are ideal for today’s lifestyle. Melnikova’s approach provides a plethora of ideas and solutions, regardless of whether you are looking to build a new communal apartment from scratch or renovate an existing one.

"Kommunalka" Melnikova in St. Petersburg

Growing up in an old house on the sink embankment, Anastasia Melnikova lived in a small apartment. She discovered about ten years ago that a number of communal services are offered in this building, which has windows that provide a stunning view of the Temple of the Spas-on-Blood. Because there are so many happy memories associated with the father’s home, the idea of moving there emerged once more.

Melnikova first purchased one room, and then she was able to relocate five more families totaling twenty-four individuals with the help of realtors working together. It took roughly three years to complete, and things did not always go as planned. For example, some families only agreed to "threek" instead of small rooms. Anastasia Melnikova consequently possessed 11 rooms in a single apartment. In the city’s historic district, the early 19th-century building house is located 4 minutes’ walk from Nevsky Prospekt.

Project development

There was a grandiose repair waiting for Melnikov in the communal apartment because most of the rooms were in terrible shape. The refurbishment and interior design of the rooms took several years, and certain areas were modernized when the owner and her daughter were already residing in the apartment.

The house was built many years ago by architect Adamini, whose drawings Melnikova was able to locate. The main project, which aimed to recreate the actress’s childhood environment, was based on the old sketches.

Of course, contemporary trends were also considered in the design and reconstruction process, though Anastasia Melnikova rejected a lot of them. She objected, for instance, to the concept of building new partitions out of foam blocks. Rather, the hostess opted to create four enormous rooms and accentuate a second open floor featuring a screw staircase. This was made possible by the tall ceilings (4.2 meters) and the large open space (220 squares).

Interior design in Melnikova"s apartment

Anastasia Melnikova loved painting, was exposed to classical music and literature at a young age, and had a general appreciation for the arts and creative expression. Her ability to decorate the apartment in a stylish yet comfortable manner was made possible by her good taste. Anastasia Melnikova looked at the work of multiple designers to create a design project before finally discovering "her." The actress designed a large portion of the new apartment’s decor, with her daughter Masha making some tweaks.

Living room

It makes sense that a large living room, measuring 80 square meters, would take center stage in a house. Initially, Anastasia Melnikova replaced all of the double-glazed windows with environmentally friendly wooden ones that were darker brown in color and had extra sound insulation, rather than the more contemporary plastic windows. Mirrors with ornate gold frames stand between the windows, and the mirrors themselves are dressed in dainty white curtains adorned with lambrequins.

Glass inserts adorn the doors in Melnikova’s living room. A lovely nut parquet was chosen for the floor and laid like a "Christmas tree." Light olive paint was used on the walls, and classic stucco molding was applied to the white ceilings. In Anastasia Melnikova’s apartment, hanging pots and live plants in pots "respond" to the design of the main room.

Melnikova has created multiple useful zones in her living room:

  1. Library. This area of ​​the room is quite large. There is a whole collection of books and a real picture gallery. Books are posted on low open shelves and wood racks. Near the library there is a white piano for the daughter of Melnikova.
  2. Rest zone. Soft light sofas were placed here, a large ottoman with a carriage screed for a relaxing vacation after a difficult day. A central chandelier with light lamps and gilded trim hangs right above the soft corner. By the way, you can relax in the living room at the windows – on wide window sills or on chairs with high backs.
  3. Study. His role is played by a small bureau in the corner, where Melnikova is engaged in the study of texts, roles or other professional activities.
  4. Kamin zone. A luxurious wood fireplace, decorated with gilding and stucco molding, immediately attracts attention. Tiles, unique columns and other elements copy the fireplace of the baron of Stieglits, which was taken as a basis for design. The decoration for the fireplace zone are expensive old candlesticks, carved tables and paintings in gilded frames, as well as a “hidden” TV. Here Melnikova and her daughter love to arrange gatherings and even fried meat.

Kitchen and dining room

Anastasia Melnikova’s apartment has a tiny kitchen that is only 8 square meters in size. Every square meter of space in this place has been thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality. The following items fill the kitchen’s interior:

  • Snow -white set of valuable wood with patining;
  • modern storage systems with closers, spacious boxes;
  • Dark Malachite stone countertop of a rounded shape;
  • kitchen apron made of tiles in the style of "under Gzhel";
  • Elder hours built into the floor;
  • Two shells – standard white and decorative in the form of a copper pelvis.

The dining area of the bar, where you can sip coffee and unwind in high chairs with friends, is divided from the kitchen. Unlike the kitchen, Melnikova’s apartment’s dining room is enormous, seating up to 50 people at a time at 80 square meters!

A large metal and dark wood table, arranged like the letters "P" or "T," was set up in the dining room to host guests. The dining room also has a small buffet with a TV hidden behind the doors. Paintings, mirrors, plates, columns, soft textiles, a sofa with pillows, and fresh flowers were used to style the space.

The bedroom and the nursery

Anastasia Melnikova’s bedroom, which is roughly 50 square meters in total, is on the second floor. The bedrooms have snow-white painted walls that are heavily embellished with gold. The bed is concealed by an opulent dark green blanket, and the set of pricey dark shade woods is crafted by hand. Beneath the pristine white storage system doors are numerous mirrors and tables. An exquisite arch with glass inserts adorns the entrance.

Melnikova’s apartment has a Victorian-style children’s room. In the bedroom, antique furniture complements a beautiful, delicate rose-painted canopy. There are a ton of dolls and bears in the gaming area that match the rest of the furniture in terms of style on the racks and vitrines.

Anastasia Melnikova does not restrict her daughter’s ability to express herself; in fact, Masha’s room is filled with pictures, CDs, and installations that she personally selected or created. The bedroom also has a "working area" with a table and a sizable library, but the giraffe wallpaper is hilarious.

Anastasia Melnikova’s "Communal Apartment" provides an intriguing look at the special qualities and architectural components of shared living areas. This article examines how Melnikova successfully blends historical charm with contemporary utility to capture the spirit of communal apartments. We learn how these shared houses can be made into lively, useful areas that value privacy and community by looking at her creative use of color, design, and materials. Learn how well-thought-out design can revitalize this classic home style, making it both aesthetically pleasing and livable.

Feature Details
Author Anastasia Melnikova
Title Communal Apartment: Features and Design of Housing
Key Concept Design and layout ideas for communal living spaces
Design Tips Maximizing space, incorporating shared and private areas, using multifunctional furniture
Challenges Balancing privacy with communal living, managing shared resources
Inspirations Historical communal apartments, modern co-living trends
Conclusion Creative and practical solutions can enhance the quality of communal living

The "Communal Apartment" by Anastasia Melnikova is proof that original ideas can make even the most communal areas genuinely one-of-a-kind. Her methodical and inspirational approach to communal living demonstrates that everyone can live in a peaceful and attractive space with careful planning. She successfully reinvents the idea of communal housing by fusing modern and nostalgic elements.

The use of color in Melnikova’s designs is one of its most notable aspects. The apartment’s rooms are all tastefully decorated with color schemes that capture the individuality of the occupants while still maintaining a unified aesthetic. A shared living situation requires a sense of unity, which can be maintained while defining individual spaces through the thoughtful application of paint and finishes. Her selection of paint colors and materials shows that communal areas can be both elegant and useful.

Additionally, Melnikova’s design highlights the value of multipurpose furniture and clever storage options. These components are essential in communal apartments where space is frequently limited. Each resident has their own private space without taking up unnecessary space in the common areas thanks to her creative use of furniture that saves space and deftly concealed storage compartments. This deliberate strategy improves the quality of life overall while making the most of the available space.

Finally, Melnikova combines aspects of individual expression and camaraderie within her design. She knows that living in a shared apartment fosters relationships and is more than just a place to live. She creates a cozy and welcoming environment by adding communal spaces that promote social interaction and unique accents that each resident finds unique. The blending of private and public areas gives the residents a feeling of belonging.

In conclusion, Anastasia Melnikova’s "Communal Apartment" design demonstrates how well-thought-out design and imaginative use of materials and paints can improve communal living areas. Her work demonstrates how communal apartments can be functional and aesthetically beautiful, improving everyone’s quality of life in the process. Her creative method is a useful manual for anyone trying to make communal living spaces better.

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