Characteristics and varieties of the adhesives of the brand “Titan” (Titan Wild)

Titan paints are well known for their high caliber and long-lasting products, with a broad selection suitable for a variety of surfaces and uses. Titan Wild adhesives are unique among their products because of their effectiveness and adaptability. These adhesives offer solid bonds and dependable outcomes because they are made to meet the demands of various projects.

Titan Wild adhesives stand out for their versatility in handling various materials. There is a Titan Wild adhesive that is appropriate for any surface, be it plastic, metal, wood, or another material. Because of their adaptability, they are a preferred option for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, providing a one-stop shop for all bonding requirements.

The dependability of Titan Wild adhesives is another important feature. These adhesives, which are well-known for their strength and resilience, guarantee strong, long-lasting bonds that hold up over time. Titan Wild adhesives give reliable results, so you can be confident throughout the process whether you’re working on a small repair or a large-scale project.

Titan Wild adhesives provide a range of options to accommodate various needs and preferences when it comes to variety. There is a Titan Wild product for every need, ranging from fast-drying formulas for emergency repairs to specialty adhesives for particular uses. Because of this variety, customers can select the adhesive that best suits their requirements, guaranteeing both satisfaction and top performance.

Characteristic Varieties
Water resistance Standard, Waterproof
Strength Regular, Extra-strong
Application surface Wood, Metal, Plastic

Description and features of the glue "Titan"

The Russian "Titan" brand of adhesives has been in production since 1992 and is regarded as universal due to its wide range of action. You can mix homogeneous and heterogeneous materials with their assistance; in any scenario, a high clutch force will result. "Titan" adhesive compounds are used for connecting:

  • wood;
  • linoleum;
  • laminate and parquet;
  • wallpaper;
  • papers and cardboard;
  • foam;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • concrete;
  • ceramics;
  • gypsum;
  • skin;
  • fabrics;
  • aerated concrete;
  • ceiling tiles.

"Titan" will have the ability to replace an entire line of adhesive construction supplies, including tile glue, compositions for porcelain tile installation, and tile blocks. This brand’s mounting foam is used to install PVC windows, and liquid nails and universal glue are used to fix mirrors, cabinets, and other household items. Testan sealants aid in the processing of kitchen and bathroom joints and seams.

Titan’s composition is safe for various types of plastics, non-toxic to humans and the environment, and it doesn’t degrade materials. Adhesives are appropriate for both exterior and interior projects, as they are weatherproof and resistant to changes in temperature and UV rays. The adhesive seam transforms into a plastic that is elastic, frost-resistant, and heat-resistant up to +100 degrees.

Glue characteristics "Titan"

The specific technical features of each type vary depending on the substances that are used. Transparent universal glue is the most widely used; its specifications are as follows:

  • the thickness of the adhesive layer – up to 4 mm;
  • mass 1 m2 glue – 4.5 kg;
  • explosive force in the transverse/longitudinal direction – 600/400 N;
  • heat resistance – up to +140 degrees.

Due to the characteristics of glue, the completed seam can bear heavy mechanical loads and does not weaken or collapse over time. It also dries quickly. Titan brand fires are suitable for use in any type of humidity and can even tolerate sporadic direct contact with water.

Varieties of Titan glue

Supermarkets, home and building supply stores, and construction supply stores all carry the most common types of glue. Additionally, there exist several specialized compositions that are considerably more intricate, such as:

  • Titan Professional EV W (Anchor Chemical Professional Winter) -a two -component composition for use at minus temperatures (up to -18 degrees);
  • “PVA Titan D3” – PVA construction glue with increased moisture resistance;
  • Titan Thermospray – polyurethane sprayed thermal insulation;
  • Power Flex Metel Method-silicone sealant with enhanced strength.

Universal glue

Titan SM ("Titan cm") and Titan Wild Premium ("Polymer Universal") are versatile adhesives with many uses. They are conveniently applied through the dispenser and come in transparent plastic bottles. Because adhesives can be used for purposes other than adhering to a surface’s color, the seam becomes completely transparent after drying. Most frequently, money is bought to glue these materials together:

  • wood;
  • PVC;
  • polystyrene;
  • wood-based materials;
  • carpet;
  • glaze and ceramics;
  • leather.

To what extent does universal glue set? The composition only needs to dry completely for one hour before the product is ready for use (as long as there aren’t any heavy mechanical loads). The seam maintains its flexibility and doesn’t break down when subjected to vibrations. It can withstand heat and moisture and regains its full properties in a day.

Glue Pen "Titan"

Several glue penes are manufactured under the Titan brand: "Titan 60 seconds," "Professional 65 UNI Titania," "Titan Professional Europe for laying blocks," and t. D. These methods are known for their excellent adhesion to mineral surfaces, low consumption, and perfect filling of pits and cracks. After two hours, the maximum clutch level with surfaces is noted. The compositions can be handled at a temperature of -10 degrees. They are employed in the installation process:

  • thermal insulation;
  • foamy blocks;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • silicate brick;
  • gas -wire blocks.


Mastic "Titan" is made to work with glass, plywood, gypsum, brick, and both real and artificial stone. Additionally, drywall sheets, chipboard, fiberboard, skirting boards, and décor elements can all be adhered to with glue. Aligning the bases with mastic can seal any imperfections.

The composition endures for a long time, is resistant to heat and frost, and is not destroyed. It can be used as early as +8 degrees Celsius. Although the mastic can be grasped in 20 seconds, it takes 12 hours for the adhesive seam to dry effectively. Solvents are not present in glue; only safe ingredients make up this substance.

Liquid Nails

The Titan brand’s liquid nails stand out from their counterparts (like "moment," "epoxy-Titan 6 BL," and others) thanks to their excellent adhesion, economical consumption, and reasonable price. They are made in 200–310 ml tubes, and the large packaging comes with a glue gun in addition. These are the glues in this series that are most in demand:

  • “Titanes of rubber glue for the roof”-a roofing composition, reliably fastening metal sheets, tiles, tiles, PVC waterflows;
  • Installation Classic Fix (“Classic Fix”) – a rubber -based tool for any internal and outdoor works;
  • Installation Hydro Fix – a general -state glue that has a water base is used in interior work and for gluing porous materials;
  • Installation Heavy Duty – a universal tool for finishing work in construction.

Because liquid nail surfaces on clutches are so strong, they can be a great substitute for screws and metal nails. Tiles and stone, polystyrene and polyurethane, gypsum, cement, brick, corks, and other materials are attached with them. The compositions are not limited to products composed of polyethylene, polypropylene, and wet bases; the adhesive will remain moisture-resistant even after drying.


The three types of "Titan" wallpaper adhesives—for paper, non-woven, and vinyl—are recognized as the dry powder. All the information required for the dilution of funds is contained in the instructions for use. They are easily dissolved in water in the prescribed amounts, combined, and used as intended after five minutes. The mixture includes mold and fungus additives in addition to unique elements that make it easier to move the paintings around on the wall.

In this post, we examine the wide variety of adhesives that "Titan" (more especially, Titan Wild) has to offer. By delving into their distinct qualities and variations, we hope to offer a thorough manual for novices and experts alike when it comes to paints and paintwork supplies. Readers will acquire important insights into how Titan adhesives can improve their projects with dependability and efficiency, from knowing the various types of adhesives that are available to learning about their unique applications and benefits. This article is a useful guide for understanding Titan adhesives, whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Classification according to the composition

Titan adhesive products are separated based on the primary ingredient. Each glue has pros and cons, and varies slightly in other application-specific aspects, even though the fields of application are similar. The primary kinds of adhesives are as follows:

  1. Rubber. This includes the line of “Titan Professional” tools, which is convenient to use for wood, chipping -type plates, gluing tiles, skirting boards, baguits. Adhesives of the rack to pressure drops and temperatures are distinguished by excellent elasticity. The so -called “metal liquid nails” include the same line, which glue mirrors and glass only indoors. Rubber contains universal liquid nails “Titan 601”, designed for finishing and insulating materials, cornices, sockets, panels.
  2. Polyurethane. STYRO 753 glue, having polyurethane in the composition, is a representative of this group of adhesive. It can glue almost any material, even bitumen, mineral wool and is often used to fasten thermal insulation plates, roofing coatings. Polyurethane glue has antiseptic properties and does not allow the fungus, mold.
  3. Acrylic. Glue “Titan Express” is an excellent tool for gluing stone, wood, ceramics, glass, it freezes very quickly, therefore it is used for urgent work. The glue of the “stucco molding decor” also refers to acrylic, has excellent quality characteristics, suitable for cork, glass, can glue any decor in the interior.
  4. Polymeric. The scope of such a tool is extensive, but more often it is used for unusual materials that it does not harm – amalgams, alloys, fiberglass, etc. D. At least this remedy fastens different types of insulation, ceramic tiles, moldings. Glue has powerful sealing properties, is not exposed to sunlight.

Funds are also allocated based on the mode of release. They can be packaged in dispensers that use an adhesive gun, nose-and-sump tubes, plastic buckets, or metal buckets. Another type of "titanium" is offered for sale in tiny tubes and plastic bottles with removable lids.

Instructions for use

To ensure that the glue precisely matches the materials being used, you must first select the appropriate glue. The most convenient method for applying polyurethane glue that dries more quickly. When using glue, it’s important to have a well-ventilated area free of drafts, as these can affect the adhesive’s quality and accelerate the composition’s drying process.

The way you should use glue is as follows:

  1. Make qualitative preparation of the foundation. From the wall, ceiling, other surfaces you need to remove all the dirt, dust. Remove the dumped pieces of the old coating, apply plaster, all pits and defects also cover up. Metal products, plastic, skip, degrease. Use the primer if possible. Immediately before applying glue, the base should be absolutely dry.
  2. Apply the “Titan” glue on one side (for complex or large surfaces, you need to process all the glued bases, for tiles – apply glue with a snake). Firmly press the materials to each other, do not tear off the hands or fixing the device for at least a minute (if we are talking about ceiling tiles, it must be held with a hand for 60 seconds, then you can release). Leave the products alone until the glue dries completely.

If the product weighs a lot, glue-mother is applied continuously or pointwise with a spatula. "Liquid nails" are used to finish surfaces with drips and flaws. They are applied with a glue gun in stripes and waves with a thick layer.

It’s advised to remove the dried glue leaks right away because they are visible in strong light. If the glue hasn’t frozen yet, polystyrene foam and other soft bases can be cleaned with a moist cloth. After drying out on a hard base, the glue is removed by ripping off his hands and pissing off a sharp spatula. Additionally, organic solvents like acetone and white spirit can be used to clean surfaces.

Than to dilute the glue

The glue will eventually dry out and become more viscous. If it gets thicker, you can dilute the mixture with easy steps. You must take regular medical alcohol, add a small amount to the glue, and give it a good shake. Although the diluted agent takes a little longer to dry, it enters the smallest pits and cracks more effectively. How can glue that has thickened in tubes be diluted? Because of how tightly the tool is packaged, it won’t work to return it to its original consistency; however, it won’t get excessively viscous until after the expiration date has passed.

Titan adhesives provide a flexible solution for a range of bonding requirements, especially the Titan Wild range. These adhesives have a variety of qualities that set them apart in the market, from industrial uses to home repairs.

Titan adhesives stand out for their strength and longevity. Users can rely on Titan products for dependable adhesion when bonding wood, metal, plastic, or other materials. This strength guarantees that bonded surfaces hold fast even in the face of severe strain or stress.

The adaptability of Titan adhesives is another important aspect. With options made for various surfaces and uses, customers can locate the ideal adhesive for their unique requirements. Titan supplies adhesives for high-temperature settings as well as quick-drying formulations, so it can solve nearly any bonding problem.

Titan adhesives are not only strong and versatile, but they are also easy to use. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers will find these adhesives convenient due to their simple application, minimal mess, and fast curing times. Making solid, enduring connections is easy and clear when using Titan.

To sum up, Titan adhesives—especially the Titan Wild line—provide a dependable, adaptable, and simple-to-use solution for a range of bonding requirements. These adhesives stand out in the market thanks to their strength, adaptability, and simplicity of use, giving users the assurance they need for successful bonding projects.

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