Body 950 anti -grades – reliable bottom protection

Selecting a dependable option is essential for safeguarding your car’s undercarriage. Everyday exposure to harsh elements, such as chemicals, moisture, and road debris, can cause rust and corrosion in the underbody. This is where Body 950 anti-gravel coating comes in, providing your car’s bottom with strong and reliable protection.

Body 950 is a specially blended substance that offers protection against scratches, blows, and other harm by creating a strong, long-lasting layer. It prolongs the life of your car and preserves the structural integrity of the metal surfaces by forming a strong barrier that blocks damaging substances from getting to them.

Body 950 application is simple and requires only simple tools, making it suitable for both experienced mechanics and do-it-yourselfers. Because of its adaptability, it can be applied to the car’s wheel arches and sills, offering complete protection. As a result, the car rides more smoothly and quietly and maintains its better over time.

Selecting Body 950 to protect the undercarriage of your car is an investment in its functionality and lifespan. You can avoid expensive repairs and maintain the like-new appearance and performance of your vehicle by preventing rust and corrosion. Experience the comfort of knowing that your car is covered from top to bottom with Body 950 anti-gravel coating.

Anti -gravel – what is it?

Usually, tiny particles of sand, gravel, and stones, as well as frozen snow, collide with bumpers and walls beneath them, as well as the bottoms of doors, machine thresholds, and the machine itself. It is advised to apply anti-gravity, an auto chemistry product that shields body parts from mechanical harm, to these areas. These mixtures shield the paint job from dings and fissures, preventing corrosion. They are based on rubber, polymers that enhance additives, phenol, and urea, as well as synthetic resins.

The integrity of the machine’s weaker areas is effectively safeguarded by "anti-gravel" polymer coatings. Following application, they create a matte film that is robust, resilient to temperature changes, scratch-resistant, and unbreakable without cracking. In addition to preventing the effects of moisture and harsh chemicals, anti-gravity truly increases the service life of parts and provides additional soundproof protection (lowers noise level).

The most well-known anti-gravity brands are Tectyl, Dinitrol, Novol, and UBS, but Body is the industry leader. A whole range of funds are produced under this brand; the following are the most well-known:

  • HB Body 951 – black composition based on rubber, especially resistant to salts;
  • HB Body 900 – colorless or brown wax composition that has high noise -insulating properties;
  • HB Body Proline 650 – Anti -grades with sealing qualities.

The field of use

The most common methods for processing the bottom from damage sustained on the road are mastic, gels, compounds in spray cans for handguns, or aerosols of the "anti-gravel" kind. They are also excellent for shielding bumpers, arches, and thresholds; however, some auto owners think anticoros and mummies work better in this regard because of their superior anti-corrosion qualities.

Antigravia is not just for body processing; it can also be used on yacht, boat, and other water transport components that come into contact with water. Because of its extreme strength, the coating will offer dependable protection from damage and keep its integrity for an extended period of time.

Expediency and features of application

For individuals who frequently drive on rough roads, go hunting or fishing, or travel, the Body 950 anti-grades composition is advised. However, it’s crucial to ascertain whether the anti-gravel layer was applied during the production process before applying it. For instance, Russian cars have the final layer of LKP applied to them. This lessens the possibility of chips, tiny cracks, and scratches and enables trouble-free machine operation in challenging circumstances.

Body 950 anti-grades are made in three colors—white, gray, and black—under various articles. Aerosol is the form in which it is produced for ease of application. Following a specific body preparation procedure, the composition is applied in two layers and allowed to dry completely in between applications. Some users point out that sandpaper No. 350 must be used on the foundation’s base in order to impart a Metalik-like shade.

HB Body 930 Anti -corrosion composition: characteristics

Bitumen, tar, rubber, and corrosion inhibitors make up the liquid Body 930 Bitumen composition, which is applied with a brush or specialized gun. According to the usage instructions, it needs to be diluted with a nitro-engineer in a volume of 10–20% before beginning any work. This mastic offers a soundproofing effect, anti-corrosion qualities, and protection against rust and mechanical damage to the car’s bottom.

The product is practical and long-lasting, resistant to deterioration from salt reagents and temperature changes, and appropriate for both the interior and exterior of an automobile. The following are Body 930’s primary attributes:

  • black color;
  • density – 1 kg/l;
  • The proportion of the dry residue is 65%;
  • layer thickness-0.5-3 mm;
  • Flaw point – 0 degrees;
  • Tixotropic – high;
  • The possibility of staining is there;
  • Resistance to UV radiation-high;
  • volume – 400 ml, 1 liter.

HB Body 950 Anti -grades: characteristics

The Body 950 anti-gravel coating is textured, elastic, and simple to paint using any kind of automotive paint (even the "wet in wet" technique, which eliminates the need for grinding and drying in between coats). Because of its sealing qualities, the product is highly noise-absorbing, comes in black or gray, and provides excellent protection against cabin noise.

The following are the composition’s qualities:

  • The operating temperature range is -30 … +95 degrees, the limiting temperature of the short -term exposure +110 degrees;
  • layer thickness – up to 1000 microns;
  • drying time with the indicated layer thickness – 16 hours;
  • dry residue-40-45%;
  • density – 1.05 g/ml;
  • Point of fire – about +9 degrees.

Mode of application

You must prepare a car, buy all required supplies and tools, and familiarize yourself with the composition instructions before beginning work.

Tools and accessories for working with anticorus

Any room can be used for anti-gravity work; the only requirement is that the temperature inside not drop below +8 degrees during the winter. If not, drying times will lengthen and protection quality will decline. It’s important to take care of your personal protection equipment. Wear gloves, a respirator, glasses, and a densely woven suit. The headpiece is also necessary because the composition is severely lost from the hair.

The following is a list of tools for using anti-gravity:

  • sprayer or brush (if the composition is not in the aerosol);
  • a device for installing a machine to one side (when there is no observation pit or lift in the room);
  • Deafer.

Additionally, the garage’s lighting needs to be adequate; otherwise, the layer might appear uneven and some areas wouldn’t be conducted. It is important to have well-organized ventilation during work that is free of air drafts and gusts. A dry, wind-free day is chosen if the composition is to be completed outside.

Surface preparation

Carefully preparing the base is necessary before proceeding with the coating. If not, the protective film will quickly deteriorate and the dirt beneath it will start to corrode metal even more quickly. Corrosion will therefore be more likely to occur on the body than it would be in the absence of anti-gravity processing.

The subsequent are the preparatory actions that need to be taken:

  • Rinse the processed area using detergents;
  • Passed the colored parts (processing with sandpaper to create a relief in order to enhance adhesion) or completely clean the paint;
  • If necessary, sandblasting can be carried out for the bottom;
  • Burn dents with autoshpaklevka, putty, fiberglass;
  • The places of already existing corrosion are treated especially carefully, having polished the entire rust;
  • Cut the forefront areas, weld the “patches” of metal;
  • do degreasing (immediately before the application of anti -gravity).

Work with the composition

In addition to being inconvenient, using a brush will take a long time to complete. Using a sprayer or buying a composition in aerosol form is preferable. Two even layers of the product are applied, and everyone is allowed to dry "for the cast." Use small brushes to reach areas that are difficult to reach. The automobile needs to be kept for 16–24 hours prior to operation.

Product Description
Body 950 A durable protective coating for vehicle underbodies
Application Easy to apply with a spray gun or brush
Features Waterproof, sound-dampening, and resistant to rust and impacts
Uses Ideal for cars, trucks, and other vehicles
Drying Time Fast-drying, ready in a few hours

It’s important to protect the underbody of your car, and Body 950 anti-gravel coating provides a dependable answer. Its superior protective capabilities, which shield the undercarriage from rocks, debris, and other road hazards, make this product stand out. When applied, it fortifies the surface to fend off damage and lowers the likelihood of corrosion, thus prolonging the life of your car.

In addition to being user-friendly, Body 950 anti-gravel coating is accessible to both professional mechanics and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. You don’t need specialized equipment or a lot of experience to achieve professional results thanks to the simple application process. Its effectiveness and ease of use make it a sensible option for anyone wishing to improve the underbody protection of their car.

Furthermore, because of Body 950’s adaptability, it can be utilized on a range of vehicles, from regular cars to off-road vehicles that must endure harsher environments. Because of its versatility, you can depend on this product to offer reliable, superior protection in any driving situation. Because of its versatility and established toughness, Body 950 is a prudent purchase for car upkeep.

To sum up, Body 950 anti-gravel coating provides a thorough underbody protection solution. It stands out from the competition in the market thanks to its versatility, effective shielding qualities, and ease of application. You can protect your car from everyday driving-related wear and tear and preserve its excellent condition for many years to come by using Body 950.

"Car underbodies can be reliably protected against road debris, stones, and inclement weather with Body 950 anti-gravel coatings, which effectively block wear and tear. This long-lasting and simple-to-use solution keeps your car’s underside in excellent condition despite everyday driving obstacles by preventing rust and corrosion. You can drive with confidence knowing that the foundation of your car is protected by a strong, durable barrier when you use Body 950.

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