B7000 – the best glue for displays and touchscreen

Choosing the appropriate adhesive is crucial when fixing touchscreens and displays. B7000 glue is a highly recommended option for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. The preferred option for guaranteeing a stable and long-lasting repair is B7000, which is renowned for its robust bond and adaptability.

B7000 glue has been specifically designed to function with a range of materials, such as plastic, metal, and glass. Because of this, it is perfect for use in delicate electronic repairs where it is necessary to securely bond various components without causing damage. Its transparent, clear finish guarantees that your repairs will appear tidy and expert.

The simplicity of use of B7000 glue is one of its main advantages. You can apply the adhesive precisely where it’s needed without making a mess thanks to the applicator tip’s precise placement capabilities. Because of its quick-drying formula, the process is quick and hassle-free, and you won’t have to wait long to handle your repaired device.

The durability of the B7000 is another benefit. The adhesive creates a flexible and strong bond that is resilient to the rigors of regular use once it has cured. Given how frequently touchscreens are tapped and swiped, this is especially crucial.

B7000 glue provides the dependability and performance required for a successful repair, whether you’re securing a loose tablet display or repairing a cracked smartphone screen. It’s the greatest option for anyone who wants to keep their electronic devices in optimal condition because of its strength, versatility, and ease of use.

Topic B7000 – the best glue for displays and touchscreen
Description B7000 is a versatile adhesive ideal for bonding displays and touchscreens. It provides a strong, flexible bond that resists shocks and vibrations.
Features Flexible, durable, and resistant to vibrations. Suitable for various materials like glass, metal, and plastic.
Usage Apply a small amount on the surface, press the parts together, and let it cure for optimal bonding.
Benefits Ensures long-lasting repairs, easy to use, and highly effective for electronic devices.

What can be glued

The multipurpose glue for touchscreens functions similarly to a bilateral tape and has a gel-like consistency. The clutch in this instance has the surface above.

  • glass parts;
  • metal surfaces;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic;
  • wires, cables and other electrical elements;
  • tree.

After a day, the B7000 part is fully operational, with a grasp time of 10 to 15 minutes.

A thin metal tip, dosing the adhesive mass, explains why working with small details is so accurate. The rod on the cap ensures that the tube shuts securely and prevents the mass from drying out. The mass’s transparency explains why handcrafted items are so simple to use: It is not stained by the object itself, in contrast to a superglue moment.

Advantages and disadvantages of glue B7000

The B7000 is simple to use and quite handy. The attached materials adhere more firmly to the transparent composition. The popularity of the composition in needlework, such as joining pebbles or rhinestones, can be explained by its accuracy and ease of application.

The benefits additionally comprise:

  • practicality, since the excess is easily removed from the surface, becomes plastic when heated to 80-100 O C;
  • lack of harmful toxins in the composition;
  • Easily removed from hand, which cannot be said about the supercroll;
  • does not spread on the surface;
  • the presence of anti -vibration function;
  • result in the form of an elastic soft seam.

The product is affordable; three displays can be reliably adhered to with just one 15 ml tube. Moisture is the finished seam. For this reason, glue works well for shoe repairs.

Among the drawbacks, the necessity of wearing gloves and a respirator when heating an epoxy mixture must be mentioned. The outcome will be trustworthy as long as it follows the guidelines.

How much dries

The glue drying time can take anywhere from three to fifteen minutes, depending on the layer’s thickness. The optimal B7000 dries at or above +18 °C.

You must wait for the part to be fully ready for work for at least 24 to 48 hours after gluing.

B7000 adhesive’s strong bonding capabilities, flexibility, and ease of use make it the best choice for repairing touchscreens and displays. This multipurpose glue is perfect for fragile electronics because it dries clear and holds up well in a variety of environments, guaranteeing long-lasting repairs. Whether you’re a skilled technician or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, the B7000 offers a dependable way to replace cracked screens without harming delicate parts. It is the preferred option for touchscreen and display repairs because of its precision applicator, which enables clean, precise application.

Instructions for use

In order to apply glue correctly, you must first clean the surfaces and let the product sit at room temperature for one to two days.

  1. It is better to clean parts and surfaces with acetone or medical alcohol.
  1. Details should be dry.
  2. The mixture is applied directly from the tube through a thin metal tip.
  3. As soon as the mixture is evenly located at the joints, it must be left in this position for several minutes so that it begins to harden (the polymerization process). Only after that the parts need to be tightly pressed together, fixed in this position for another 3-5 minutes. This will protect from the formation of subclasses on displays.
  4. Extra particles, until they hardened, can be easily removed with a thin sharp blade, needle or toothpick.
  1. If you need to remove the already frozen mass, it needs to be heated at least to 80 o.

Because glue is a dielectric—one that does not conduct current—it can be used to fix electrical networks. The tool can be used to braid cracks on mirrors if it is user-friendly. Parts of leather are firmly joined with glue.

What can be replaced

Other compositions can be used in place of Glue B7000 one. Their operational and marking characteristics are different. Every analog is also made worldwide and in China. The level of adhesion, the solidification time, and the setting level may vary amongst analogs.

For replacement, E-7000 or T-7000 adhesives work better.

E-7000 and T-7000

E-7000 glue can be used expertly to add rhinestones to jewelry, accessories, and decor pieces. Nail technicians use them for shoe gluing, equipment repair, and electronics maintenance. The surface is clean and the glue is transparent. Suitable for neoprene and wool. Similar to the B7000, the analogue T-7000 is black in color.

T-8000, E-8000 and B-8000

Touchscreen is the exclusive application for T-8000 sealant. With gentle surface rolling and initial heating, residues can be eliminated. The grasping and total hardening times are comparable to those of the B7000. Acrylic makes up the majority of the E-8000’s compositional differences. As a result, the mass becomes more viscous and resistant to outside influences. Though useful when working with brick, vinyl details, ceramics, metals, and fiberglass, it is not appropriate for use with porous surfaces. It must be heated to +100 o C in order to remove a dried seam.

The B-8000 is in high demand among experts who fix Apple devices. After heating with a hairdryer, it can be removed with ease and doesn’t damage the surface. The accuracy and purity of the outcome are guaranteed by the composition’s transparency.

E-6000 and B-6000

Both in industry and for small home repairs, the E-6000 brand is utilized. The mixture adheres surfaces made of stone, metal, and plastic. Stitches take two to three days to manufacture in the jewelry and decoration industries. The composition has a distinct smell due to the component difference in the form of acetone. The glued product is elastic, vibration-resistant, and waterproof. B-6000 is utilized in jewelry repair and for mobile phones.


Glue B-5000 is no longer available for purchase and is not available almost anywhere. The composition works better and is more dependable with more novel variations. The glue itself had a medium density, transparent consistency. Taking a hold of something took about twenty minutes.

B7000 glue has shown to be a highly reliable option for repairing touchscreens and displays. Its special composition creates a strong, flexible bond that is necessary for the fragile electronic component parts. Whether you are a skilled technician or a do-it-yourselfer, the B7000 provides the dependability and user-friendliness required for accurate and long-lasting repairs.

The versatility of the B7000 is one of its best qualities. It sticks nicely to many materials, such as glass, metal, and plastic, that are frequently found in electronic devices. Because of this, it can be used as a one-stop shop for various repair situations, saving time and effort in comparison to the use of several specialty adhesives. Because of its clear finish, repairs are guaranteed to be both visually appealing and robust.

Another benefit of the B7000 is its applicator tip, which makes precise application possible without creating a mess. This is especially crucial when working with tiny, delicate parts because too much glue could break them or impair their functionality. The curing process of the glue is effective, allowing ample time for adjustments while solidifying to guarantee long-lasting repairs.

All things considered, the performance, usability, and versatility of B7000 glue make it stand out. It is a favored option for both experts and amateurs, confidently meeting the demands of contemporary electronic repairs. Having a trustworthy adhesive like B7000 on hand can be crucial to achieving successful and long-lasting results when repairing touchscreens and displays.

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