B-7000 brand glue is the best analogues and instructions for use

The B-7000 brand adhesive is a highly regarded option for dependable adhesives suitable for an extensive variety of applications. This glue is a favorite among professionals, crafters, and do-it-yourselfers due to its strong bonding power and range of uses. B-7000 offers a stable solution whether you are doing complex repairs, making jewelry, or repairing electronics.

The flexibility of B-7000 glue is one of its main benefits. B-7000 stays somewhat elastic after drying, unlike certain adhesives that break down, so it’s perfect for materials that can bend or flex. It is ideal for use on fabrics, plastics, metals, and other materials because of this feature, which guarantees a strong bond that can resist normal wear and tear.

B-7000 glue is valued not only for its flexibility but also for its accuracy. An applicator with a fine tip is included with the adhesive, enabling precise and thorough application. This is particularly helpful for delicate tasks where accuracy is essential to the project’s success, like repairing tiny electronic components or assembling miniature models.

Even though B-7000 glue works incredibly well, there are a few similar options that might work just as well for you. Similar bonding strengths and features are offered by brands like E6000, UV6800, and Super Glue, giving you options based on the needs of your particular project. Making an informed decision can be aided by knowing the features and distinctions of these adhesives.

Although using B-7000 glue is simple, getting the best results requires that you follow the right procedures. Make sure the surfaces to be bonded are dry and clean before starting. After lightly coating one surface with B-7000, press the parts together and hold them in place for a few minutes. To ensure a solid, long-lasting bond, let the adhesive cure for a full 24 to 48 hours. This easy procedure ensures that your projects will hold up over time and continue to be dependable.

To sum up, B-7000 glue is a trustworthy and adaptable adhesive that works well in a range of situations. Many users choose it because of its precise application, strong bond, and flexibility. You can approach your projects with confidence and produce results of a professional caliber if you comprehend its advantages and know how to use it appropriately. Investigating substitute adhesives can also yield more choices to meet your particular requirements.

Description and use of glue B-7000

Zhanlida’s B-7000 brand glue is an all-purpose adhesive that can be used to bind a vast array of materials together. If not, it is referred to as "Chinese Superclles," but its composition differs greatly from that of an ordinary supercliem or moment.

The product’s foundation is epoxy resin, a liquid polymer that produces a stable, flexible mixture. The created seam can be peeled off without the need for special compositions and without causing damage to the base, which sets it apart from superglide. Functions similarly to double-sided tape, but much more robustly. Glue appears as a transparent mass that overlaps the snake’s base.

B-7000 is available in tubes with various capacities: 25, 50, 60, and 100 ml. More recently, a glue with a 110 ml capacity has started to be produced.

According to the description, the primary attributes and traits of the material are:

  • softness, elasticity of the glue seam;
  • anti -vibration functions;
  • lack of spreading due to optimal viscosity;
  • ease of work;
  • quick surface setting – 3 – 6 minutes (drying time – 24 – 48 hours);
  • Economics – 15 ml bottle is enough to glue 3 smartphone displays.

As a sealant, transparent glue B-7000 can be used to bind ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, and wood. The product can hold items made of neoprene, leather, bamboo, rubber, paper, cardboard, fabric, and stone just as tightly. Use of it on porous surfaces is permitted. The details of computers, laptops, other devices, and electronic components can be adhered to with glue. Glue is used for needlework, jewelry, crafts, and minor repairs.

There are some drawbacks to the remedy. It is essential to closely follow glue usage instructions and keep an eye on safety measures. Toxic vapors are released by the epoxy, a substance that contains solvents, in the composition. When the product heats up during polymerization, this happens. Humans can safely use the glue once it has dried, but you must handle the composition while wearing gloves and a respirator.


According to the instructions, the tool is used to repair touchscreens. Any touch screen or display that responds to pressure from fingers, styluses, special handles, or sticks is referred to as a touchscreen. Apart from phones and smartphones, touchscreens find application in the medical field and industry. They can also be found in tablets, gaming consoles, and payment terminals. They reduce the number of devices and are incredibly convenient—they can replace the keyboard, mouse, and joystick.

Much like any other component of technology, touchscreens can break. This occurs when there is a fall, negligent use, high pressure, or a mechanical effect that is friendly. B-7000 glue or its equivalents are frequently used to replace screens.

The following are the specifics of using a tool to fix touchscreens:

  • In most Chinese phones, the screens are glued to the B-7000, which will simplify the work on the removal of the module, touchscreen;
  • To replace the damaged screen, you need to warm the glass of the phone a little and raise it with a sharp object;
  • It is impossible to apply a large amount of funds, it is distributed with a thin layer;
  • Before work, you need to apply a drop of glue to an inconspicuous area, evaluate the reaction of the material.

Below are general instructions for using the B-7000.


They can glue the rhinestones on any fabric, even the most delicate ones, thanks to the product’s transparency and dependability. Ideal for arranging patterns and securing other jewelry.

Don’t worry about finding a replacement—superglue stains fingers and gloves and causes them to adhere to one another. B-7000 is a better option. The ability to eliminate extra material by simply rolling it into balls or using a sharp object is a huge benefit for needlewomen. Even workshops that make jewelry use this glue.

The following are some characteristics of using glue for rhinestones:

  • Perform tiny droplets of the product along the contour of the drawing in places where rhinestones should be located;
  • The size of the drop is such that it protrudes slightly beyond the edges of an individual element;
  • It is necessary to take crystals a slightly placed sharp tip of the candle, and then apply them to glue;
  • you can grab rhinestones with tweezers, dip in glue, put on fabric, but this method is technically more complicated.

Other goals

There are products that can be glued with this material in every home. Glue is used for kitchen and bathroom repairs because it acts as a sealant. They are frequently sealed with a mirror on the cabinet and broken glass in the window. After the product has solidified, you can affix a wooden rail to the mirror in case the defect is on the corner.

They work with real leather goods and B-7000 glue to help:

  • belts;
  • belts;
  • purse and wallets;
  • bags;
  • hairpins and hair rims.

Not only can you fix completed items with glue, but you can also create jewelry by hand. How long does leather take to dry? The procedure is 24 hours long; it cannot be completed sooner. If necessary, you can create new jewelry blanks during this time. After glue, the leather portion is heated above the flame to give it volume. Sandpapering the glue area is a must if you want the composition to adhere better.

Numerous needlewomen craft gorgeous flowers, plastic jewelry, and ornamental clay. Acetone or another solvent is used to degrade the parts after they have been cut. Depending on the seam area, give the glue at least 24 to 48 hours to dry after applying it.

Instructions for use

How should glue be applied for its primary use, which is to install a new touchscreen? A room that is between 18 and 30 degrees should be the ideal temperature for working in, with adequate ventilation. The first thing you need to do is purchase a screen that perfectly fits the matching smartphone model.

Here is the work procedure:

  • wash your hands, thoroughly clean and degrease the surface of the phone and new touchscreen – there should not even be the slightest particle of dust (use a special napkin or ordinary alcohol for degreasing);
  • Apply the B-7000 with a thin layer, wait 1 minute;
  • attach the part to the place;
  • Remove the excess material with a napkin or assemble with your finger in a lump, remove small influxes with a toothpick;
  • Press the screen tightly, hold for 3 – 5 minutes;
  • Do not operate the phone 24 – 48 hours.

In the event that the screen needs to be removed after the glue has solidified, a UV lamp can be used to heat the product to 80 degrees. This makes removing the part for maintenance or replacement simple.

Analogues of glue

The same company in China produces similar adhesives that are named differently and have different technical features.

E-7000 and T-7000

E-7000 glue is intended to be used with jewelry and rhinestones. It costs roughly 440 rubles for the largest packaging, which comes in tubes ranging from 10 to 50 ml. It is one of the newest generation of epoxy resin-based glue compositions and exhibits good adhesion indicators on a variety of substrates. E7000 is completely undetectable, even on thin, light textiles.

The instrument is useful for adhering various materials, among other things:

  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • wool;
  • metal;
  • neoprene;
  • Ceramics.

You’ll find glue to be useful around the house. Additional applications for it include:

  • nail design;
  • repair of electronics, equipment, shoes;
  • gluing photo frames and telephone screens.

The glue is easily served in tiny portions through a thin needle-toastic, preventing the appearance of influx. The material is waterproof, non-flammable, elastic, and has a finished seam that is flexible. It takes 24 to 48 hours to dry.

The glue T-7000 can be used in place of the B-7000 tool because their primary functions (gluing touchscreens and mobile modules) are identical. Black is a distinguishing color, which is useful for fixing dark structures. T7000 racks to mechanical exposure and humidity action. You can use double-sided tape or fixation with any handy object when gluing. The cure is a full analogue of the B-7000, but it is only available in black.

T-8000, E-8000 and B-8000

The T8000 glue-mixer and the B-7000 are nearly identical. Although it is frequently used in daily life, its primary function is to adhere to the touchscreen. Much stronger than a bilateral tape, the product functions as such. The T-8000 can be easily removed for repair by heating and rolling. 3 to 5 minutes is the grasping time, and 24 to 48 hours is the final drying period.

Because E8000 glue contains acrylic, it is more viscous than B-7000 glue. Although it is more resilient to outside influences, it penetrates the porous surfaces slightly worse. Additionally, glass, metal, fiberglass, brick, and ceramics can be connected using the E-8000. Fit for rubber, wood, vinyl, and skin. One unique quality of the material is that the adhesive seam becomes soft, plastic, and easily removed when heated to +100 degrees.

Another tool, model number B-8000, is available for sealing and gluing touchscreens with frames. Promised not to corrode the surface, designed for iPhone part repair. After using a hairdryer to warm it up, glue B8000 is completely transparent. Adhesive shares many of the same characteristics as B-7000. Time needed for polymerization: 48–72 hours.

E-6000 and B-6000

The 6000 series materials are the forerunners of the new adhesives with the indices 7000 and 8000. The following items can be glued with E6000, an all-purpose glue for use in the home, workplace, and other settings:

  • rhinestones and metal fittings;
  • felt, wool, other fabrics;
  • Stone and plastic.

The most well-liked model among hand masters, the E-6000 is available everywhere. It is produced in three convenient sizes: small, medium, and large. The 110 ml size is the most economically advantageous package. The product has very little consumption, does not flow, and leaves no trace. Since it solidifies quickly, it is advised to glue the pieces together to prevent future movement. Within 24 to 72 hours, the final polymerization takes place.

The crystal clear glue B-6000 is intended for use with jewelry, cell phones, and other accessories. contains acetone, as indicated by a distinct aroma. Although silicone is present, the product’s composition still contains epoxy resin, which strengthens its adhesive properties. The glue seam will be elastic, vibration-resistant, and waterproof. In 48 hours, the polymerization process is finished. Improper storage can cause B6000 to become severely dry.

Outdated glue B-5000

The B-5000 brand is no longer in production; newer materials have taken its place. The B5000 was previously meant to be used for frame-gluing touchscreens. 110 ml transparent tube in release form. The tool’s unique feature was that it required a longer fixation period—up to 20 minutes—while maintaining similar other characteristics.

Product Instructions
B-7000 Glue Apply a thin layer, press surfaces together, wait 24 hours to dry
E6000 Glue Apply to clean surface, bond materials, let cure for 24 hours
UHU All Purpose Adhesive Spread evenly, join parts, leave to set for several hours
Loctite Super Glue Use sparingly on one surface, press parts together, hold for 30 seconds

All things considered, B-7000 glue is a very good option for glue because of its strong bonding power and adaptability. Its versatility in adhering to plastics, glass, and metal makes it a dependable choice for a variety of craft and repair projects. Because of its versatility, users can use a single product for multiple tasks, which makes the repair process easier.

The B-7000 is simple to use. Make sure the surfaces you want to bond are clear of dust and oil by cleaning them first. Press the two surfaces together, lightly coat one with adhesive, and hold them in place until the glue hardens. The first setting time is usually a few minutes, but give the cure a full day for the best effects. This perseverance will guarantee a solid, long-lasting connection.

When looking at B-7000 substitutes, it becomes evident that although some adhesives might have comparable qualities, very few can match the blend of durability, adaptability, and user-friendliness that B-7000 offers. It is perfect for both functional and aesthetically pleasing applications because of its transparent finish, which also guarantees that it does not take away from the appearance of your project.

All things considered, B-7000 glue is a useful addition to any toolkit due to its dependability and ease of use. This glue is a useful answer for a range of bonding requirements, regardless of your level of experience. You can get good, long-lasting results for your projects by simply following the usage instructions.

The best option for an adhesive that is dependable and adaptable, ideal for a range of DIY and repair tasks, is the B-7000 brand. Its exceptional flexibility and bonding strength set it apart from other adhesives on the market. This guide will explain the special benefits of B-7000, contrast it with similar products, and give you detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to use it to get the best results. B-7000 is the glue you can rely on for tasks like crafting, mending broken phone screens, and other home repairs.

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