Aluminum paint BT 177 and its characteristics

BT 177 Aluminum paint is a multipurpose coating material that is well-known for its exceptional protective qualities and eye-catching metallic finish. Because of its resistance to harsh conditions, this kind of paint is especially well-liked in industrial and marine settings. Because of its special formulation, it works well on a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, metal, and wood.

The remarkable resistance of aluminum paint BT 177 to weathering and corrosion is one of its primary characteristics. The paint’s aluminum pigments form a reflective shield, shielding surfaces from chemicals, moisture, and UV radiation. For structures like bridges, pipelines, and outdoor equipment that are subjected to the elements, this makes it the perfect option.

BT 177 is easy to apply and works well with a variety of painting methods, such as rolling, brushing, and spraying. Because of its rapid drying time, maintenance projects can be completed with less downtime and more effective application. Furthermore, the paint offers a glossy, smooth finish that adds to the surface’s durability and improves its aesthetic appeal.

The fire-resistant design of aluminum paint BT 177 adds an additional degree of security to the coated surfaces. This quality is especially useful in industrial environments where fire safety is a concern. Furthermore, the paint’s composition guarantees a robust bond, obstructing peeling and flaking over time.

All things considered, aluminum paint BT 177 is a dependable and efficient way to enhance and safeguard a variety of surfaces. Professionals across various industries choose it because of its unique combination of resistance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. This paint delivers the performance and adaptability required to produce long-lasting results, whether you’re working on a substantial infrastructure project or a smaller do-it-yourself project.

Characteristic Description
Base Aluminum powder and synthetic resin
Application Used for protective coatings on metal surfaces
Drying Time About 24 hours at room temperature
Finish Metallic, silver appearance
Durability Good resistance to weather and chemicals
Usage Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Composition and paint consumption

BT paint is a two-part solution that is made right before use. The mixture of BT varnish and silver powder is roughly 1: 4. Each viscosity is different and is dependent on the coating that will be painted. Chips of aluminum powder with varying grinding fractions (pap1 or paps2) may be included in the composition.

You can buy ready-made silver at specialized points of sale. Prior to the banks being opened, the silver is thoroughly shaken for four to five minutes to ensure that all of the settled components are thoroughly mixed with one another. In spray cans, it is also known as a primer.

Also, oil alcohol solvents (white spiteen and equivalents) can be used to thin the paint on the Serebryanka BT 177 to the appropriate consistency.

The amount of paint used in BT 177 depends on multiple factors:

  • Textures of the painted material (when painting wooden, porous plastic and concrete surfaces, the consumption is always 2 times greater than when painting smooth metal products);
  • Used solvents and consistency;
  • Malyar"s skill.

When staining even, properly prepared surfaces, one should use between 120 and 135 grams of coloring composition per square meter on average.

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The scope of application

Because of its technical qualities, silver paint BT 177 can be used for finishing projects both inside and outside. Because of its excellent refractory qualities, it is frequently used to paint flaws on furnaces, boilers, and other household utensils that frequently come into contact with high temperatures. However, such paint should not be used in a child’s room because BT varnish and aluminum crumbs aren’t thought to be the most environmentally friendly materials.

Because silver BT paint has a high resistance to the effects of humidity and almost never burns in direct sunlight, it was used extensively. It is therefore advised to use it for painting gates and external communications (pipes, columns). Car discs, cottage inventory, and other materials can be used to paint it.

Products made of metal In addition to adding a noble, organic shade of silver, BT paint extends life. Furthermore, moisture-repellent qualities make painting a painted surface easier to maintain. The paint does not chip or peel when exposed to prolonged friction or abrasive or soapy cleaners.

Serebryanka typically looks good for two to three years before the coating needs to be changed.

The correct technology of painting

Both ready-made mixtures and packages containing aluminum powder or BT varnish have usage instructions and a brief product description. In the absence of such information, there are a few fundamental guidelines that you must follow when painting with silver:

  • The stained surface must be completely cleaned of previous coloring compositions;
  • It is necessary to remove the rust;
  • All defects must be treated with a primer.

If you need to work with large areas, you can use both a brush and a special roller. The paint is applied in a single layer and allowed to dry completely. Paint can be applied in multiple layers if needed; the first layer dries in about a day at an average temperature of 24-27 degrees.

You can utilize household heat-tents to quicken the coating’s drying process. Because the paint itself has an unpleasant odor, it is important to keep in mind that the room should be kept open while the window dries while performing interior work.

Once the composition has been diluted and dried following application, it can be reapplied after being previously adjusted to the appropriate consistency using the solvent.

BT 177 Aluminum Paint is an exceptional coating solution that is both durable and adaptable, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Its composition, which combines bitumen and aluminum pigments, provides exceptional protective qualities. This paint is highly prized for its capacity to offer a robust barrier against moisture, which makes it perfect for surfaces exposed to inclement weather.

The reflective quality of aluminum paint BT 177 is one of its main advantages. The pigments made of aluminum aid in reflecting sunlight, which lowers heat absorption and increases the longevity of the coated surfaces. For roofing and other outdoor applications where temperature control is essential, this feature is especially helpful.

BT 177 is renowned for its simplicity of application in addition to its protective properties. It requires little preparation for application, and it sticks well to a variety of surfaces, such as metal and wood. It is therefore a sensible option for both professional and do-it-yourself projects. In addition, the paint dries rapidly, enabling quicker project completion.

All things considered, aluminum paint BT 177 is a dependable and effective option for anyone wishing to improve the toughness and aesthetics of their surfaces. Its blend of reflective qualities, user-friendliness, and protective features guarantees that it can be used in a variety of settings, from residential to commercial. BT 177 provides a strong solution for both preventing corrosion on metal structures and increasing a building’s thermal efficiency.

Aluminum paint BT 177 is a multipurpose, long-lasting coating renowned for its superior reflective and protective characteristics. This kind of paint is frequently applied to metal surfaces, like industrial equipment, roofs, and pipelines, to stop rust and corrosion and to reflect sunlight and cut down on heat absorption. It’s a well-liked option for both industrial and do-it-yourself projects due to its quick drying time and simplicity of application. Furthermore, BT 177 is prized for its durable finish, which contributes to preserving the coated surfaces’ structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

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