Alpina paints for internal and external works (review)

Alpina paints have a strong reputation in both professional and home improvement painting industries. Preferred for both interior and exterior projects, Alpina paints are renowned for their superior quality and adaptability. This review examines the salient characteristics, advantages, and factors to take into account when applying Alpina paints to diverse surfaces and circumstances.

Alpina provides a large selection of indoor painting supplies that are made to provide outstanding coverage, long-lasting quality, and a visually appealing finish. All of Alpina’s interior paints are designed to provide a smooth application and long-lasting, vibrant colors, whether you’re updating your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. They are an excellent option for families and individuals who are worried about indoor air quality because their environmentally friendly products guarantee a healthier atmosphere within your home.

Alpina paints are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as strong sun and torrential rain, for outdoor projects. These paints shield surfaces from weathering and damage in addition to improving the visual appeal of your house. Alpina exterior paints have a strong formulation that resists peeling and cracking and lasts for a long time, making them perfect for a range of outdoor surfaces like walls, fences, and trims.

This review will focus on particular products from the Alpina line, emphasizing their special qualities and benefits. Whether you work as a professional painter or are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, knowing the advantages of Alpina paints will help you finish projects more successfully. Let’s examine why Alpina is still a reputable brand in the paint sector.

Review of products

The products that Alpina offers are diverse in many ways. Two categories’ colors can be emphasized:

  • For internal work. Such compounds can be applied to the walls, ceilings from different materials. Also, products can be used in the decorative design of the premises, there are enamels for metal, including rust.
  • For external work. This is mainly facade paint for applying mineral surfaces, wood and metal products (roofs).

Since the company values its reputation and image, strict adherence to quality standards is maintained throughout the production process. Every material completely satisfies all standards and qualities around the world. Interior paint, facade dyes, acrylic and water-based LKM, roof compositions, and much more are available for purchase.

For internal work

Alpine interior paints are separated into two categories: latex and dispersion, which is based on water. Examine the features of a few of the products the company represents in greater detail. They come from various series.


This category includes water-based paints, which are safe and environmentally friendly to use for painting walls and ceilings in residential buildings because they don’t contain any hazardous materials or solvents. Think about a few well-known items:

  • Practical paint. This is a matte dispersion paint designed for staining walls and ceilings. There can be any bases: concrete, drywall, brick or plastered surfaces. Such paint has a high hiding place and resistance to abrasion, suitable for any type of room, whether it is a bedroom, a living room, a hallway or a children"s room. The material is economically consumed and affordable in price.

  • Durable paint. It is also dispersion paint, which creates a strong silky-dental coating, resistant to multiple cleaning. It can be painted with walls and ceiling, as well as wallpaper. The paint has a classic white color, however, using a tint system, you can achieve absolutely any shades you need.

  • Paint for the kitchen and bathroom. The product is designed specifically for rooms with a high level of humidity, ideal for walls and ceilings in bathrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The paint is resistant to moisture and has dirt -repellent properties.

  • Highly ecological paint. This product is ideal for painting walls and ceilings in children"s rooms, does not contain solvents, due to which there is no unpleasant odor. The resulting coating is wear -resistant, withstands heavy loads and frequent cleaning.


Among the hues meant for interior use, the "Megamax" series stands out. This is the highest class interior paint job for Alpina. The product is universal, made with latex, and can be used to color a range of surfaces. Furthermore, this option is perfect for very small-scale internal work. After drying, the surface will have a silky dent.

The ability to apply the dye in thin layers, strong adhesion, high surface spreading, attractive texture, lack of hazardous solvents, wear resistance, and good water-repellent indicators are a few of its key qualities.

The base of the flowers can be either transparent or white. You can get tinted versions of the required shades. Additionally, color enamels from the same series are available in the line for internal use, and they can help you achieve excellent results.

How to pick interior paint is covered in the video.

For external work


This covers exterior products intended for use on facades and walls. The walls for walls can be applied to walls made of ceramic or silicate brick, as well as to both new and old concrete surfaces. Additionally, the material adheres to metal, gypsum, and cement plaster flawlessly. The mixture is designed in a way that ensures the finished coating will consistently shield the wall from the growth of mold and fungus.

Among the primary characteristics, one can differentiate:

  • high environmental friendliness;
  • simplicity of application;
  • stability of the coating to wear;
  • stability before moisture;
  • The paint for the walls will not fade under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Alpina Expert paint is one of the most vibrant representatives of colors for outdoor work. The dye is intended to apply vapor permeable surfaces and to produce veins that are resistant to different types of coatings. Application results in the formation of a strong protective film.

The product stands out for its superior covering and UV resistance. The surface is matte and the base is white. However, because tinting is an option, the manufacturer provides a large range of colors.

Additional products in the facade color line include paint for roofs, wood facade, and "super-resistant" paint.


This brand’s acrylic paint not only has a great surface appearance but also shields wooden structures. It can be used on the outside of fences, arbors, facades, and other wooden structures. The product is acrylic enamel, which adheres to plastic and metal surfaces flawlessly.

Among the paint’s characteristics, the following stand out:

  • good resistance to atmospheric influences;
  • high characteristics of vapor permeability;
  • water -repellent abilities;
  • resistance to wear;
  • simplicity of application;
  • High adhesion with any materials.
  • Possibility of use for internal work.

Although there isn’t much variation in the palette—white serves as the base color—you can manually create any shade you’d like with the aid of a sizable tint palette. The paint has a low consumption rate, quick drying time, and high hiding place. In just two hours, the first layer is completely dry, allowing you to apply the second. The approximate cost is 120 ml/m^2.

Alpina paints are a great option for both interior and exterior projects because of their well-known adaptability and dependability. This review focuses on the salient characteristics of Alpina, like their easy application, remarkable durability, and wide range of vivid colors. Alpina paints provide premium solutions for all your painting needs, whether you’re looking to update your living room with a contemporary color or shield the exterior of your house from the elements. Find out why DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike rely on Alpina for their painting projects.

Feature Description
Color Range Alpina offers a wide range of colors suitable for both interior and exterior painting projects.
Durability Alpina paints are known for their durability, providing long-lasting protection against weathering and wear.
Application These paints are easy to apply, whether you"re painting indoors or outdoors, making them suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.
Finish Options Alpina paints come in various finishes, including matte, satin, and gloss, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your project.

Alpine paints provide a dependable and adaptable option for projects involving the interior and exterior. They meet a variety of functional requirements and aesthetic preferences with their extensive array of colors and finishes. Alpina’s products are engineered to yield superior outcomes, whether your goal is to restore the interior of a room or shield your home’s exterior.

The simplicity of application of Alpina paints is one of their best qualities. These paints are easy to use for both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters. Excellent coverage and consistency mean fewer coats are required, saving time and effort. Alpina’s eco-friendly formulations also guarantee that you can finish your painting projects with the least amount of environmental damage.

Alpina paints also have the important benefit of being durable. Specifically, exterior paints are designed to endure inclement weather, offering durable defense and preserving their aesthetic over time. Interior paints are perfect for family homes and high-traffic areas because they are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and extremely durable.

Alpina paints are generally a great option for people looking for durability, quality, and ease of use. Alpina is still a reputable brand in the paint and coatings industry because of their wide selection of options and dedication to environmental responsibility. Alpina offers the ideal paint for any project, big or small, around the house.

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