All about acrylic enamel – what is it where it is used

Popular acrylic enamel paint is prized for its longevity and adaptability. Acrylic enamel is water-based as opposed to traditional enamels, which are oil-based, making cleanup simpler and less damaging to the environment. With little effort, this paint produces a professional-looking finish that dries quickly to a hard, glossy finish. It’s a popular option for a variety of projects because it comes in an extensive array of colors and finishes.

The strong adherence of acrylic enamel to a wide range of surfaces is one of its primary benefits. It works well on glass, metal, plastic, and wood. It’s the best choice for both indoor and outdoor applications because of this. Acrylic enamel works well when you want to update furniture, shield metal surfaces, or give everyday objects a pop of color.

Because of its long-lasting and appealing finish, acrylic enamel is frequently used in the automotive industry to paint cars. Additionally, model makers and hobbyists who require a dependable, superior paint that is resistant to handling and display use turn to it. Furthermore, acrylic enamel is appropriate for exterior house trim, fences, and garden decor due to its resistance to chipping and fading.

Whether you use a brush, roller, or spray gun, applying acrylic enamel is simple. You can apply multiple coats in a short period of time due to its quick drying time, which will expedite the completion of your project. Because of its water-based formula, spills and errors can be simply cleaned up with soap and water, which lessens the trouble of cleanup.

Acrylic enamels – what is it

The type of LKM that forms a thick elastic film is known as enamel. Because of acrylic, enamel dries quickly and has excellent strength, moisture resistance, and long service life. There are white mixtures that can be colored. If preferred, you can select traditional hues and coatings with a pearl sheen. Depending on the chemical system, the enamel can form one of three types of coatings:

  • Semi -water and semi -water with light roughness, gleam a little;
  • Matte, scattering light;
  • Glossy with good reflective ability.

Be aware that enamel paints can be thinned before using on a surface. The film-forming coating components acquire operational properties following their polymerization.

Because of acrylic, enamel dries quickly and has excellent strength, moisture resistance, and long service life.

Composition and properties where they are applied

Water-soluble and organic acrylic enamels are available in different compositions for use in both interior and exterior applications. The combination must exist:

  • Sickatins that retain the period of drying of the layer;
  • Polymers that make the coating more durable;
  • Inhibitors that improve mechanical properties;
  • Antiseptic components if the compositions are designed for surfaces exposed to humidity;
  • Modifiers forming a thick layer;
  • Fillers necessary to give uterine.

Numerous universal organic acrylic enamels, like LKM, can be applied to any surface. Products from Nefteochemistry work just as well on concrete, wood, plastic, and metal.

A plastic structure made of special resins is resistant to breaking from impacts and mechanical wear.

The main varieties of acrylic enamel, description and characteristics, which is better to choose

Open the can and LKM aerosol. Unlike polymer alkyd paint, acrylic is multicomponent, dries faster, and polymerizes for a longer time. More information about the primary categories of enamel products containing acrylic is needed.

Unlike polymer alkyd paint, acrylic is multicomponent, dries faster, and polymerizes for a longer time.


Water brings non-toxic water-based enamel to the appropriate consistency. It is used for hospital and children’s institution interior decoration, and it is different in that it is more environmentally friendly. All kinds of mold are prevented from growing on the covered surface by antifungal agents. White enamel does not turn yellow when exposed to UV light, and colored enamel does not lose its original color. Light-resistant pigments readily dissolve in water mixtures, and after two to three hours, the paint is easily removed from tools and clothing without causing skin irritation.

Fire retardant

The mixtures have ingredients that expand in the presence of heat. A new component is added to the composition:

  • Graphite powder;
  • Antipyren.

The coatings don’t look any different from regular enamels; they only alter the structure under specific circumstances. Gloss Resssten to become an unconsolidated mass. The resulting swollen layer stops the flames from spreading.

Not only are fire retardant paint emulsions essential for wooden floors, but they are also utilized in buildings and other spaces where large numbers of people frequent.

Water -based

Enhanced moisture resistance is a distinguishing feature of water-based acrylic enamels over conventional water-based paint. Because of acrylic, the film that LKMs form is safe, environmentally benign, and resistant to burnout. It also has good technical characteristics and can withstand mechanical loads.

Enhanced moisture resistance is a distinguishing feature of water-based acrylic enamels over conventional water-based paint.


Even on rusting metal, two-component enamel creates a dependable layer of protection. Ideal for painting the heating system’s pipes and floor. The pieces are used without fear of contact in an industrial interior:

  • With oil products;
  • Ferry;
  • Low -aggressive reagents;
  • Exhaust gases;
  • Fats.

Metal frames and bridge structures are protected against corrosion with acryluretan enamels.


Styrene, vinyl, or latex mixed into a dispersed mixture produces a stable gloss with good reflective properties. Pollutants are repelled by vapor permeable films, which also wash and dry quickly.

Pros and cons of use

All enamel paints with acrylic have several advantages because of a stable polymer film:

  • Safe for humans and animals;
  • Differ in moisture resistance;
  • Used in a wide temperature range;
  • Retain color;
  • Contain antiseptics that prevent the spread of mold;
  • Form breathing coatings under which condensate does not accumulate;
  • Produced in a large assortment;
  • Tint, you can achieve the desired shade.

In addition to advantageous traits, there are drawbacks:

  • Mmalo of ready -made colored enamels, you have to additionally choose a kner;
  • Water paints cannot be stored at negative temperatures, it is necessary to clean in heated storage rooms;
  • Until complete strength, the film hardens within a few days, before that the mechanical properties are weak.

Several LKMs lose their suitability for use after crossing the properties of enamel.

Acrylic enamel is a multipurpose and long-lasting paint type that combines the hard, glossy finish of enamels with the quick-drying qualities of acrylics. Because of its resistance to chipping and fading, it is frequently used for furniture, appliances in the home, and automotive applications. This kind of paint is well-liked for both professional and do-it-yourself projects because it is simple to apply and clean up. Its glossy, smooth surface offers a beautiful, durable finish that is resilient to normal wear and tear.

How to use universal acrylic enamel on water -based

Water and a specific diluent for the water base can be used to dilute paints that are water-based. The completed piece is utilized in any manner possible:

  • Spray gun;
  • Foam roller;
  • Brush.

There are no peaks or valleys in the mixture. For painting, one layer is typically sufficient.

Six to eight hours after the first layer has partially set, the second layer is applied. Lump formation occurs when there is a technological violation.

Both domestic and foreign manufacturers’ products have a significant presence in the market.

  • You can distinguish the Dulux brand with original products for various surfaces;
  • The enamel "Sniezka Ultra Biel" contains optical silencers, differs with white.
  • Consumer demand is high on enamel production of Lacra;
  • A wide range of acrylic paints is produced by Oreol;
  • Under the brand "Expert" you can find a special room for radiators;
  • Heat -resistant products are produced by Tex;
  • The universal mixtures of the company "Oreol" are valued;
  • Novbythim produces a high -quality composition for the floor.

When working inside, it is preferable to use specialty paints on particular surfaces.

Enamel’s polymer acrylic imparts a gorgeous glossy finish. With the advent of additives, paint manufacturers are now able to produce paints with different levels of sheen. The resistance, ease of application, and environmental friendliness of acrylic paints make them highly valued.

Topic Details
What is Acrylic Enamel? Acrylic enamel is a type of paint that dries to a hard, glossy finish. It combines the durability of enamel with the versatility of acrylics.
Uses Acrylic enamel is widely used for automotive painting, home appliances, and furniture due to its durability and shiny finish.

Among paints and coatings, acrylic enamel is a popular and versatile option. It combines the best qualities of enamel and acrylic paints to provide a glossy, long-lasting finish that is resistant to abrasion. This makes it a great choice for many applications, such as home décor projects and automotive finishes.

Acrylic enamel’s short drying time is one of its key benefits, enabling quicker project completion. It is also renowned for being extremely durable, withstanding scratches and chips better than many other paint kinds. It is also highly color-retaining, which makes it perfect for locations exposed to strong sunlight or inclement weather.

The automotive industry uses acrylic enamel extensively due to its resilience and high-gloss, smooth finish. It’s also preferred in home improvement for painting trim, cabinets, and furniture because of how simple it is to use and how well the results look. Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers value its adaptability and the variety of finishes it can produce.

In conclusion, acrylic enamel provides both expert and novice painters with a useful and visually beautiful solution. It is a popular option for numerous projects due to its high-quality finish, rapid drying time, and durability. Acrylic enamel offers a dependable and appealing solution for updating home decor or revitalizing the look of your car.

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