Advantages of Vika Auto Emali and its individual types

Selecting the appropriate enamel is essential for automotive painting in order to produce a finish that is both long-lasting and visually appealing. Vika Auto Emali is distinguished in the industry by its superior formulations and remarkable results. With the variety of products this brand offers, professionals and enthusiasts alike are sure to find the ideal fit for their projects.

The superior coverage offered by Vika Auto Emali is one of its main benefits. Because these paints spread evenly, a solid and vibrant color can be achieved with fewer coats. Many users find this to be a cost-effective option because it saves time and requires less paint. Furthermore, the flawless application reduces the possibility of flaws, producing a finish that looks more polished.

Durability is yet another important advantage of Vika Auto Emali. These paints are designed to survive the challenging circumstances that cars frequently encounter, such as UV rays, shifting weather patterns, and normal wear and tear. Because of its longevity, the paint job on the car will stay flawless for longer, requiring fewer touch-ups or repaints.

Vika provides a range of auto enamels, each catered to individual requirements and tastes. Their one-stage enamels, for example, are ideal for simple, fast applications and offer a glossy finish without requiring a clear coat. However, their two-stage systems, which include a base coat and a clear coat, provide better protection and depth, making them perfect for show cars and luxury projects.

Water-based enamels from Vika are another option for those seeking a greener paint. These paints are made to reduce the emission of dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while maintaining the same high performance. They are therefore a fantastic option for consumers who are concerned about their impact on the environment.

All things considered, Vika Auto Emali offers an unrivaled blend of quality, dependability, and versatility. Discovering the various Vika auto enamel types can help you, whether you’re a professional painter or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, accomplish the best results for your automotive painting projects.

Advantage Description
Durability Vika Auto Emali provides long-lasting protection against weather and wear.
Easy Application These paints are easy to apply, ensuring a smooth finish for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
Variety of Colors Vika offers a wide range of colors to match any vehicle"s original shade or create a custom look.
High Gloss Finish Achieves a shiny, attractive appearance that enhances the vehicle"s aesthetic.
Resistance to Chemicals Resistant to chemicals like fuel and oil, maintaining the paint"s integrity over time.
Cost-Effective Provides excellent quality at a reasonable price, making it a great value for money.

Vika Auto Emali is a premium option for car painting because of its remarkable quality, robustness, and vivid color selection. Vika offers a variety of enamel types suitable for different applications, ranging from high-gloss finishes to quick-drying options, whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourself enthusiast. This paint is renowned for being simple to apply and providing durable defense against weather and wear, which helps to preserve the value and aesthetic appeal of your car over time. A showroom-quality finish is attainable and dependable with Vika Auto Emali.

Varieties of paints

The Vika campaign offers a wide range of automotive paints and varnishes. There are mixtures based on acrylic, autoemal, and alkid in this line. Especially well-liked variations include:

  • Acrylic-Uthan enamel 1305. Has 14 color shades. The main advantages are high viscosity, low consumption and rapid drying. The coating after facing also acquires a gloss, so the additional application of a layer of varnish is not required.

  • Alkid -based enamel Vika 60. Has excellent protective characteristics, high level of elasticity and strength, as well as shine.

  • AK-1301 Auto Eamal based on acrylic. Is a fairly popular variety, as it has as many as 95 color solutions. The solution is suitable for painting in poor conditions for processing the bodies and areas of the machine made of plastic.

Any products that are taken into consideration can be ordered online or bought in the automotive or construction markets. You should carefully review the features and verify the material’s shelf life before making a purchase.

Acrylic enamel Vika AK-1305 is seen in the video.

Features and advantages

Car paint is frequently painted using acrylic paint. Its superior surface resistance and color brightness give it several advantages over other dyes. The following are some of Vik’s paint’s primary benefits:

  • For the facing of transport, the amount indicated by the container with the paint is enough, the excess of revenge is absent.
  • The paint lies smooth, there are no stories. The process of painting itself is also quite simple.
  • The shade of the mixture is fully consistent with the declared, so the selection of tonality can be carried out without problems.
  • Partial or full staining can be carried out under any circumstances.
  • High life of the material. No defects, provided that the rules of painting are formed, is not formed.

Based on the countless user reviews, Vika paint functions flawlessly. Long-lasting color retention is achieved with the benefits of acrylic presence.

The following diluted paint solutions from the same manufacturer can be used with Vika paints:

  • Hardener. The basis of this material is also acrylic, so it is completely compatible with the dye.

  • Dlower. A universal mixture for all paintwork of this manufacturer can use for different purposes.


The following are the primary technical attributes of the Vika color palette:

  • High -quality autoramal mixture can be used for painting a large automobile agent or for facing certain sections of the machine.
  • The solution retains its shade under any conditions, and also guarantees the shine of the coating for a long time. Such a characteristic applies to all varieties of dye.
  • Vika"s mixture is not necessary to varnish in order to ensure protection, since it already has good protective properties.
  • The paint does not leave the drones, quickly enters all the cracks and holes, and is also suitable for almost any coating, including metal, plastic and others.
  • The time of complete drying of the cladding will not take much time, this indicator is one of the best among other colorful mixtures. Drying of dye is carried out for half an hour (at a temperature of about 20 degrees).
  • An excellent characteristic of hiding place, only a small layer of new paint will be enough to hide the old color of the machine.
  • The surface polishing should be carried out after a day after staining.
  • After applying a layer of paint, in front of the next layer, you need to make a small pause, about 6 minutes.
  • The thickness of the applied finish can vary from 35 to 40 mm, depending on the number of strata applied.

Preparation of the surface for painting

Vick paint should be applied on the following surfaces:

  • Polished, manufactured in industrial conditions. If it is planned to paint enamel -based coating, it is better to replace the grinding with antilonic compounds.
  • Surfaces after priming and putty. These procedures will help to significantly increase the level of adhesion of the paint, and, therefore, increase the service life of the coating.

The following steps need to be taken in order to get ready before painting:

  • A metal surface that will be painted should not have fat compounds. To get rid of them, they use the so-called White Spirit.

  • After the coating is treated with putty on a polyester basis and acrylic primer. Similar solutions are also available in the assortment of Vika manufacturer.

Crucial! Utilizing products from a single manufacturer—Vika in this instance—will produce superior outcomes.

Vika Auto Emali is distinguished by its outstanding quality and adaptability. Vika offers a variety of products made to satisfy different automotive needs, whether you’re working on a complete car restoration or just touching up a few spots. Their paints offer outstanding durability and coverage, guaranteeing a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

The simplicity of use of Vika Auto Emali is one of its main advantages. With these products, auto painters of all skill levels can produce results worthy of a professional. The paints shorten the time needed for each project because they spread evenly and dry fast. Because of its ease of use, Vika is a recommended option for both professionals and enthusiasts.

The wide range of color palettes that are available is another benefit. With the large selection of shades that Vika provides, it’s simple to find the ideal match for any kind of car. This is especially critical for touch-ups and repairs where it’s imperative to blend in seamlessly with the existing paint. Vika Auto Emali’s vivid and reliable colors guarantee a faultless finish to any paint job.

Additionally, Vika offers specialty paints like metallic and pearlescent finishes. These choices make it possible to create more imaginative and striking designs, giving any car a distinctive touch. These specialty paints are of the same excellent quality and offer the same degree of usability and durability as their regular products.

In conclusion, Vika Auto Emali provides a thorough solution for any needs pertaining to automotive painting. Their wide color selection, easy application, and high-quality products make them a dependable option for gorgeous, long-lasting results. Vika offers the appropriate paint to guarantee your car looks its best, whether you need it for small fixes or a complete repaint.

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