3 video instructions for the manufacture of a spray gun: Simple and efficiently!

When painting furniture, a car, or any other project, spray guns are a need for getting a uniform and smooth coat of paint. Building your own spray gun can be an enjoyable and affordable project. It enables you to fully comprehend the tool’s mechanics and tailor it to your own needs.

Three video instructions that will walk you through the process of building a spray gun are included in this article. These videos are easy even for beginners to follow along with because they are simple and effective. Every video provides a clear breakdown of each step, including material gathering, final assembly, and spray gun testing.

These tutorials provide insightful information for anyone interested in spray painting mechanics or DIY enthusiasts looking to save money. You’ll discover how to upcycle everyday objects to make a working spray gun that outperforms ones purchased from stores. Watch these videos to see how easy and satisfying making your own spray gun can be!

Title Description
DIY Spray Gun from Household Items Learn how to make a simple and effective spray gun using common household items. Perfect for quick and small painting tasks.
Homemade Spray Gun with Recycled Materials Create a functional spray gun using recycled materials. This video guides you through the process step-by-step, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your painting needs.
Professional-Style Spray Gun on a Budget Discover how to build a spray gun that mimics professional equipment without breaking the bank. Ideal for more extensive projects requiring a smooth finish.

Advantages of using a spray gun

We begin by hand-making a spray gun and list the primary benefits of airbrushing as opposed to manual staining. Among them are:

  • better and uniform staining;
  • The appearance on the surface of foreign objects, for example pile or bristles is excluded;
  • Acceleration of the staining process.

Use instructions for the spray that was independently made:

  • for painting furniture, wooden structures;
  • for painting a car and other metal surfaces;
  • for whitewashing ceilings and walls with the lime.

Types of spray guns

Learn about the various types and features of spray guns before creating one with your own hands. In theory, there are numerous variations of them:

  • manual sprayer;
  • Pneumatic spray for paint;
  • an airless spray gun;
  • combined spray of paint;
  • Electric spray gun.

Directions in application

Every one of them has a specific function. Allow us to briefly describe:

  • The best option for beginners is a manual device. It is not bad for more experienced masters. Although, it should be noted that the surface will not be perfect, but better than painted with a brush.
  • Pneumatic equipment supplies paint by means of compressed air. Painting with such a device is performed at industrial enterprises during operation, both with small products and with large areas.
  • Very convenient in work is a spray gun with an airless system that provides spraying of paint. Its essence is that in the process of staining due to the pressure difference, the flow of paint is slowed down, unlike the pneumatic spray. This provides certain advantages:
  1. increases the savings of coloring substance;
  2. allows you to accelerate the performance of work;
  3. Simplicity of use.

Crucial! One drawback of this equipment is that when we use an airless spray gun, we end up with a very thin layer of paint.

  • The combination of the pneumatic and airless spraying system is widespread in the furniture and aviation industry.
  • The electric spray gun for whitewashing is driven through a special pump, which contributes to the supply of paint. This is a practical option for domestic staining products.

With the correct advice, building your own spray gun can be an easy and satisfying project. This article will provide you with three simple video tutorials that will walk you through the process of building a functional and straightforward spray gun out of everyday materials. These videos will assist you in getting professional-quality results without the hassle, whether you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast or just want to save money on paint tools. Take a look and learn how to transform commonplace objects into a working spray gun, ideal for your upcoming painting endeavor.

Instructions for the manufacture of dispersal mechanisms

We then move on to discussing our options for creating paint sprayers by hand. You can obtain a device that is no worse than what comes from the factory and without having to spend a lot of money on details if you are persistent and creative. Thus, there are various uses for a homemade spray gun.

Sprayer of paint from improvised details

Using supplies that are found in practically every home, you can make a spray gun by hand using the following algorithm:

  • Any bottle that has a fairly wide neck can serve as dishes for filling the paint.
  • Further in accordance with the size of the neck of the polystyrene foam with high density, the part is cut out. For the convenience of use and to ensure the desired pressure in the functioning of a home -made spray gun, the size must be increased by several millimeters.
  • We proceed to the arrangement of holes in the part of the foam. There should be two of them. The first is located strictly vertically, the other is horizontally, in such a way that they cross.

Crucial! Despite the foam’s suppleness, we take note of the necessity of drilling the holes. Simple piercings run the risk of future tightness violations, making it impossible to use the sprayer for the intended purpose.

  • Next, we take the usual helium handle, the rod of which is released from the contents and place the parts in this way: the rod from the handle is threaded into the vertical hole, and its case is in the horizontal hole.
  • At the final stage, we combine the parts of the minicracopult is ready to use.

This type of small spray gun is adjustable. All you have to do is move the handle’s details relative to one another to accomplish this. It can be used to simulate a different texture or apply a fairly thick layer of paint to a painted surface.

Counseling! You can manually replace the handle details with metal rods of comparable diameter sections to increase the manufactured mini paint’s service life.

An instruction video on how to make a spray gun.

We use an aerosol spray

The next option that is being considered will address the issue of how to DIY a spray gun out of a basic aerosol cylinder. We end up with a basic hand-held home spray. Assemble all the information in advance:

  • plastic bottle;
  • pump for bike;
  • directly aerosol cylinder from any perfumery used.

In the video: a spray gun creation option.

Instructions for creating a homemade version of this kind of spray are as follows:

  • Remove the nipple from the bicycle tire. We try to form the base of the nipple with a diameter of at least 3 cm.
  • A hole is made in the plastic container and the nipple is fixed from the inside. He plays the role of a pump that will provide air pressure.
  • A spray is removed from the aerosol cylinder. To do this, use a hacksaw.

Crucial! The spray’s diameter section can match the dimensions of a plastic bottle.

  • Using cold welding, we fasten the spray to the bottle lid. It is necessary to ensure a high degree of tightness of the connection.

By using this method, a spray gun can be manufactured that is similar to an airless spray gun. Paint, water-based paint, and lime composition can all be poured into it.

The use of a vacuum cleaner

When whitewashing, staining the walls or ceiling surfaces of large sizes, the use of sprayers of the above is problematic. We will try to answer the question of how to make a spray gun at home more powerful. In this case, it is necessary to create a mechanism with automatic air flow. You can make a spray of this type with a vacuum cleaner or compressor part from the refrigerator. Old type of production vacuum cleaners are best for these purposes. You can easily attach a hose to them, both to air output and in the input. With this device, belish is billed with water -based paint or a limestone -based solution. Powder compositions are not suitable.

In the picture: A spray gun that was damaged by a vacuum cleaner.

Here are the steps to creating a spray gun out of a vacuum cleaner:

  • We determine the direction of traction by changing the position of the terminals on the starter and rotor.
  • We select a plastic or glass container with a fairly wide neck, at least 50 mm. The volume of the dishes should be about 2 liters.
  • Equip a plug for a foam tank in accordance with the diameter section of the capacity neck. The cork should have a small ledge, in the lower part of which the case is inserted from the handle or part of the tube from the dropper.
  • In the traffic, two holes are done by drilling. One of them is designed to receive lime, and the second to supply compressed air.
  • It is necessary to think about an additional hole that will ensure the flow of air into the container, and with a decrease in the amount of lime, it will ensure air release.
  • Then we make another large foam plug. Its purpose is the connection of the spray gun and the hose for the vacuum cleaner.

An illustration of a DIY vacuum cleaner paint is shown in the video.

Building your own spray gun can be a fun and useful project, particularly for professionals and do-it-yourselfers who value economy and customization. Using easily obtained materials and tools, the three video instructions we highlighted show that creating a spray gun is not only possible but also simple.

Regardless of your skill level, you can follow along with ease thanks to the step-by-step instructions provided in each video. Whether you’re looking to tackle small touch-ups or larger paint jobs, these tutorials cover a range of needs from basic designs to more complex models. You can obtain professional-quality results without making a significant financial commitment thanks to the process’ accessibility made possible by these videos’ clarity and simplicity.

You can obtain a better understanding of the workings and mechanics of the tool by building your own spray gun. With more control and accuracy, this knowledge can improve your painting projects. Furthermore, using a device you built yourself gives you a sense of accomplishment that elevates your work to a new level of enjoyment. Take on the task of creating your own spray gun with enthusiasm and inventiveness, and reap the rewards directly.

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